Saturday 14 August 2010

Why not us.....??

Well, it's a rhetorical question, "why not us?" this is NOT a video taken from SL where anything from BL (ex) to music events would benefit greatly from being able to have 1000 avatars on a sim. No, SL once again is being left behind, this from ScienceSim...full report and links here.

Then the development of the Hypergrid is gonna be the next big thing, with the possibility to tp from grid to grid being possible already, having a bank account that works in 14 grids already (OMC its called) will turn tourism on it's head. LL could have used the L$ to gain this sort of market reach if they hadn't lost their minds chasing the fictional millions of Microsoft-baseball-capped geeks who think SL is crap...

....and not even a mesh in sight....but hey....big announcements coming up at SLCC where, I predict, LL will throw projects they haven't managed to develop themselves to the Free Workers of Open Source to do the work for them, and meshes might be one...we will see.....certainly Search seems too difficult for Sea Linden and her tiny team..(does she have one, or is she It?)....maybe The Free Workers could tackle that too while they are at it.???

Viewer 2.whatever will be thrown hooklineandsinker to the Freeworkers, but that's not new news. The aim is obviously to remove the stench of rotten code by calling it Kirstens an example...but rubbish is rubbish however it is named (to paraphrase Shakespere)..and Kirstens S20 is crap.... e.g. you can't have camera controls and movement controls in use at the same time....either look or walk??

Anyway the continued push to make a viewer that supports their future plans for selling advertising space and that we don't totally reject will certainly continue apace... I wonder if anything of any importance will be announced...??

Oh, yes, am I the only person who remembers talk of flexible sculpties...or is that meshes...I mentioned them 13 months ago on these pages ..........

"So...thats the Trouble With Linden Labs.... :))) Scientific Survey Statisics steeped in stupidity are called "listening to the community"... DUH! read a few blogs and comments instead!!
Give us scalable mega prims, give us shadows, give us flexible sculpties ....advertise SL in RL ... lower tier.... stop fannying around.... any one of those would be cool......with the amount of (my) money they have ...all of them are possible."

I am not holding my breath.



  1. hehe. what a whiner soror is. ;-)

  2. 1000 avis....all conversing politely and intelligently, of course, as all avis are wont to do.

    \o/ Hooooooooooo!!!!

  3. I agree we are likely to learn that the Lab will abandon active development of some of their many unsupported ‘projects’. Regarding Kirsten's S(20)viewer, (I do not want to be seen as an apologist for the doubious and poorly executed LL Viewer 2); yet, I feel compelled to offer one slight correction… you can indeed use the onscreen movement and look controls at same time. True the buttons on the screen are side by side (I think even that can be changed as part of the many configurable UI enhancements in S(20)'s later releases); however, when the 1st pops up simply drag it to the left or right, and open the second. They both will remain on screen and be usable.

    That said… I too am fearful of what will be left in the tea leaves of the SLCC. Fortunately, as soror quite correct implies, the real future of Metaverse development is not dependent on LL. The only question is how much of their ‘leadership’ with in virtual worlds will they give away in the following months?