Sunday, 30 November 2008

bryn oh

This is bryn, the other day at sinetika, dancing on the ceiling at selavys build...which she's (selavy) still working on....(worth a visit when shes made a few changes, i think its friday night theres music, but will confirm that)...

And this is me looking stupidly into a pram again.....

And all this leads up to the most amazing build by Bryn Oh at Immersiva.
I went there today and didnt see the half of it, i think....stuff down pipes, stuff in the sky and tp's underwater..... all part of Bryn's secret bits and bobs.......
I'm not usually one for games....i get bored easy..and I'm not fast enough or practised enough to care about learning new stuff, but this was great... some was clever, some moving, emotionally, but all the bits are well made and thoughtful, and well textured (vital for me to enjoy myself) was more than a "must see"...I will be going back thats for sure.

The address is Immersiva (116,157,24) or IM me or Bryn...or just seach the sim and land anywhere... and look carefully...:)))



Saturday, 29 November 2008

More OL

Well....just a bit more....this particularly for Mac users, well, old mac can use your current viewer to get into OL....check this out the trouble is that then you cant get into SL

now pasting things into things is not my cup of tea...but I did it.. however......... sculpties still wont pop

The photo is me at 300m in OL trying to will a sculptie to pop. Dealis Widdershins threatened his with a pointed no avail.

:)) patience is a virtue they say...

OpenLife Grid,

Went to Open Life today, again, and continued my uploading, have now got the majority of my tex and sculptie maps uploaded, so now its just a question of waiting for the grid to be sculptie friendly....

I noticed lots more freebies on offer, loads of hair and clothes, skins and shapes, especially, but, of course, i still walk like a duck even tho there are some anims, they don't work very well. Ajax (region name) seems to be quite stable and tho I crashed once, that was in one of the sand boxes.

Now those of you with PC's and Mac(intel) may not have any problems with the sculptie thing, because you can download the OL viewer, but for me and Linux friends we should try to go in on the current LL viewer.......not quite certain how yet, but will tell you when I've cracked it...:))

Happy thanksgiving to all my US friends....have a great wekend, and dont eat too'll only curse yourself on tuesday...:)))))


Friday, 28 November 2008

Second Front

Well, quite a show.... unfortunately my graphics card wasn't quite up to the job, so when the particle accelerator started to explode, black holes emerged and the floor melted away under the intense heat..... I saw lots of grey sheet prims ....oh, well, excellent build and amusing enough to keep me entertained for an hour or so.

Thanks to everyone involved....sorry,.. you know what I'm like with names. It was very well attended as you can see...


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Linden Labs....a word in your shell-like ears....

At 4002 meters over his shop Aliester Enoch has 100 bots.....they are one prim avatars that show up on search and on your radar

here they are filling my chat box as they do their thing...whatever you can do as a one prim being.....

And so STILL LIFE, SLEEK MODERN FURNITURE has traffic of 122000....which may be a bit stupid at first glance..... they aint gonna buy shit from the poor suckers who rent shops nearby.... BUT it gets Still Life to the top of the search list.

So...what has this got to do with me??? well....michael Linden recently admitted to there being around 7000 bots online at any time..., bots are as stupid as a toilet seat but not really as useful.

My problem with this situation is: In a situation where Linden Labs are suffering an immense credibility gap (many don't believe a word they say) doesn't it look a bit like a fraud to say there are xxxxxxthousand people online at any one time???

The concurrency figures must also affect Second Lifes perceived value, as a business and as an investment. Allowing these figures to grow increasingly unreliable is an economically destabilising slip...... spin (lies) we expect from political overlords which is why no-one with any sense believes anything any of them say any more (except the naive and frenzied masses duped by huge 600$M PR campaigns) and that is OK by me.

But what is NOT OK by me is to see my invested time and talent squandered by a series of stupid decisions and lapses.



Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Virtual Blood Donor

Xerdar Oh, giving me a lift.

Ahh... yes... well....I have a very good friend of long aquaintence, Caro, one day expressed a certain interest in my virtual blood, which, to be quite honest, I didn't know I had. Anyway, what are friends for if not to help each other out.....

So, actually having forgotten this conversation, I popped over to see her and a friend she was eager that I met. So I did. Now.... yes.... they were all vampires.... It doesn't take great psychic powers of deduction, really, the uniform sort of gives it away, along with the castle, flaming torches and pentagram on the floor.

Now Caro was very seductively dressed, she's always a smart dresser (having an invent five times the size of mine), and the conversation soon came round to parting me from my blood (couldn't find any in invent, but they knew more about it all than me) and I was asked quite politely really if I was up for It ('It' being the parting of ways of me and aforementioned virtual liquid).

Well, a chill ran up my spine.... oh God...I had to ask (a fear to freeze any young thing to the marrow)..." Do I have to wear black?"
Being reassured that it was not a compulsory uniform, and furthermore that I could do it 'part-time' (I'm lousy at clubs and stuff....I never go...)...I thought it would all be it was.

They drank my blood and I drank their's, very communal it was....and i left with new friends and some fangs in my invent...the only problem worrying me was whether to stash the fangs as body Parts or Clothing....along with an outfit I guess I'm gonna have to create.It won't be black..... Pink would sorta be rather NPIRL vamp.......hmmm


Sunday, 23 November 2008

All quiet on the western front... 2

One of those quiet weekends, where nothing much happens apart from recovering from the previous week enough to hit it again.

I have been building some new stuff, the blender whirring, with some success....and still more to do on others. I will be doing a show at Lalala, and am getting some new stuff together for that.

Went to NMC at Sporadic's suggestion....they have some good sculpture there, outside, its worth a visit.

Sporadic Flow has been around, doing good things, and occasionally being recognised. He was away for a while. Hmmm, must get a snap..

NPIRL post by Alpha Auer is pretty interesting.... the creativity, a thing I have often remarked on, of a good number of very talented people in SL will be noticed more and more as the divorce cases and sex scandals of SL become less interesting to the press.

Botgirls blog is great on that topic. "sex sells and your coverage smells." ....:)))

love it


Saturday, 22 November 2008


Well, bit of a mixed bag of blog stuff, in no particular order.....

This has still got to be my favourite toy of all time, ever, its Selavy's "Nested Cubes" and Sporadic and I spent time there, messing about.....lots of fun.... its at Avendale. Didn't have Wizzy's stamina, she demolished the whole thing....:))

I went to the LALALA Gallery, just to check the place out cos i am going to hold a show there in january, and couldn't resist this photo, an installation by the talented Bryn Oh..... who, it seems is pretty busy at the moment, getting good blog coverage, and very deserved it is too.

If I look confused.....well...its being in that situation...lolol.... staring into a pram..... eeekk!!

And last but not least... Dorney Vaher.... a new friend for me, and aspiring building student of mine.... she is a real ray of sunshine, and a gem. Congratulations to her ..shes engaged to the lovely Dani...!!

Here pictured at Selavy's latest build, relaxing on the wall.
Yes, on the wall.

Otherwise...well, I went to a depressingly boring meeting of architects at Orange, the discussion was about architecture, obviously I guess, but the depressing thing was their determination to make SL as "real" as possible.... Michael Linden (Public Works) was there, seemingly reassuring us that the Lindens were not going to fill the place with THEIR content.

Hmmmm, I think I was the only person there to question the validity of calling road-building an improvement. Petrol heads and planners in perfect symbiosis win again... lol

But not on my beach....:)))))


Friday, 21 November 2008

Artistide Despres ..... un espoir de tolerance

De l'Ombre a la Lumiere

A really great build by Artee..... much to big to photo, theres more floors than you think.....after you fall....:))

I made it to the white floor after having to conquer the spiral, and i really don't like spiral staircases so it was a voyage of determination on my part......

some of my trees are here

the address is

great Barrier reef (108,117,101)

:)))) a bit of french helps but is not entirely necessary...

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Selavy Oh again..... :))

Well, of course, one of Selavy's installations can't really be captured with a photo, and this ones no different, don't see the flashing lights, they move too quick, and you can't see how well I'm dancing either.....
This has to be the ultimate in night-club experience and all club owners have a lot to learn.

But its an installation, not a club, it was designed for a party, and in that respect is a total success.

Its another "must see", sorry, MUST SEE, and its at Sintetika (219,213,79)... go...

IM Selavy Oh, or me for an LM


Monday, 17 November 2008

Architecture in SL

As part of Orange's "Architecture in Virtual Worlds" event, I will be hosting a talk on

"Hand-made textures for Sculpties"

Tuesday at 1:30 pm SLT at the Orange Auditorium, next to their headquarters, if you get lost I can send an LM.

My personal views on architecture in virtual worlds you have probably heard already. I make no secret at all about my view that the (almost) enforced colonisation of this fair land with dodgy textures of dodgy RL materials is second only in its criminality to Linden trees.

if you absolutely have to build with concrete, why can't it be shocking pink, or verdigris copper coloured.? .... where does this fascination with grey and drab brown come from ? ....its not like colours are gonna mess up the place.

Of all the countries I have visited it is only the so called first world, Europe and US that have this anal fixation on poo-colour and boring grey clothes. I blame the Christians, especially the Protestants, who seem to think the Devil lives in fact, the angels live in the light....:)) and not grey and brown light.


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Alizarin Goldflake, a new piece.

Yes, another great piece by could have sat here for hours. Of course the whole thing is moving and images are rezzing all the time......a photo doesnt do it justice.

Its at Sunfire (226,168,23) or IM Aliz (or me) for a TP.

Its amazing how many different ways you can use textures in SL, and I am constantly in awe of the imagination and flair of people like Aliz, she does have a background in art, and it shows.



Saturday, 15 November 2008

Primitive Flower

My first build in Openlife Grid.... :))

Its made of regular prims, sculpties still won't pop.... patience, soror........


Friday, 14 November 2008

Bots and a squirrel.

Well, its quite spookie to come across a bot farm, or whatever you call this sort of thing. Theres an article about bots in NWN today and apparently theres a lot more than you think....
SL "growth" may be all down to bots, who knows....

Anyway, this is not a bot.
This is Sporadic Flow, a friend of Kaltusaran Moonsoo, (see earlier blog) who is apparently happy and living in OpenLife, which is very nice as he is one of the most talented tree builders in SL.......well, actually, not. he's in OL. ... and a good friend.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Soror's vertical shop

Well, as I seem to be running out of space somewhat on the beach and the shop is quite full, I thought I would try a new style of shop and so I am arranging my new plants vertically.
As you can see from the photo, it should be possible to fly and hover. It gives the possibility of camming around each plant 360.
I would be interested in getting feedback, so .....what do you think?? good idea or not??


Sunday, 9 November 2008


Now spare a thought for the moggies... ..."moggie" is an endearing term English people use for cats of dubious pedigree, the flotsam and jetsam in the great pool of genes...

The moggies have had a bad time with this Financial Crisis. Old people, and people with too much money have, over the years, given money to the moggies via the Cats Protection League.... ... and there is no doubt that this is a wonderful thing to do with the family inheritance, however....

The Moggie Money multiplied with careful stewardship to a massive £12,000,000. They stashed the cash in a bank in Iceland........ you know where this tale of woe is going, now.....

Millions of cans of cat food on ice.

Since the collapse of the banking system of Iceland these well-heeled pussies are now paupers. No more luxury casino nights out....nor more Porche...:((

The cats, I have heard, have no intention of taking this lying down tho... and bankers in general are being targeted by organised cat rings who have vowed to fill their flower borders with waste product..... you know which waste product we are talking about here..... its a revenge of the moggies by terrorist cat cells ...... so bankers will suffer.

Merchant bankers ( a piece of cockney rhyming slang) having totally cocked up the worlds financial system have been given my personal money to go try again. The same people will be doing the same things, but, this tiime I am paying. Hey guys, this one is on me...:))

Cats....go get em !!!


Friday, 7 November 2008


Well, I have been wrong, not news, I know, no earth-shattering announcement.

In particular, I was wrong about Rezzable who have proven themselves, and Rar in particular, to be a true patron of the arts. It is therefore, a sad day to see rezzable dump two sims, high quality builds.....

These words from Rightasrain:

We are very concerned that the Second Life economy from our perspective (not the 67% of growth part that CEO Mark Kingdon sees) is flat and this “void crisis” will have a very negative effect on non-land and non-porno sales inworld. We further, are not convinced, that Linden Lab is doing anything constructive to 1) keep people inworld or 2) market/promote SL to attract new users. Recent announcement from LInden Lab indicate that the company is focusing on enterprise and government markets were it sees better potential.

Well, yes, we couldnt agree more.....

but.... we'll hopefully stick it out until someone with a few brain cells arrives as a new CEO..... or it gets taken over, meanwhile my life boat is pointed OLG's way...:))

This is The House of String Theory, a build in Summer Seale
and well worth a photo or two
its at: summer seale (224,36,27)


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Misuse of the term misuse.

Well, of course I have to mention the U-turn, LL has agreed to moderate the price rises on Openspaces, announcement here

The thing that is a bit annoying tho, is that they are still blaming residents. As far as I have understood, and I am but a blue haired bimbo, THEY are totally to blame. the idea to create Openspaces worked well, all the time they were connected, i.e. 4 owner.... any lag created in one sim could be moderated by the owner, using a low load in the other 3 sims.

Then, to make matters worse, it seems, as they sold em off individually.... the 4 sims were not even being serviced by the same server....due to some 'localisation" practice. It ended up, and still happens that the 4 sims are on 4 different servers...LOL
The (previously) seemless transition over sim boundries became a thing of the past, ships sunk, people drowned.....etc.... shoes ended up where somethings should never end up, especially shoes...

OK, so they cocked up. BUT the irritating thing is that they blame residents for misuse. No guidance was previously given for the term "Light Use", so no misuse occurred.

LL are guilty of a lack of clarity here .

LL are guilty of gross stupidity too. They currently have thousands of talented content creators who are not working free, but PAYING LL to upload content........ lol......

Content is the only reason SL will survive LL.. duh!!

:)) Having dummies in charge is no big deal I guess, we are all used to it by now.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Openlife Grid, Sandbox Island 2.

Hey, well, I am IN !!!
Openlife Grid... ...excellent
I hope to be building on Saturnia
come see.....well, I wont start til Friday, i guess

If you are having trouble getting connected to a region.... go to your Avatar Toolbox....ON THE WEBSITE....and change your location to:

sandbox Island
Sandbox island 1
ditto, 2 or 3
Saturnia.... its giancarla loon's Region she is a good friend and customer of mine. :))



Monday, 3 November 2008

US election fatigue

Now, I know it is supposed to be interesting, but.....
This election has been going on forever, and thank all the stars that someone is going to put and end to it.
Its been even more boring for those of us who live in one of the colonies in Europe, than for you poor Citizens.
God, I bet you know what colour their underpants are by now, (no stone being left unturned by the investigative journalist nowadays).

Now, there is a common illusion, a trick, played by all candidates, in all countries, all over the world.
The trick is to make you believe that your lives will be materially altered by them getting their hands on Power.
Like a boastful lover their performance seldom lives up to expectations. Unlike a lover they are usually not the ones who have the Power, but are figureheads.

Cynical? or realistic?

Its only human to hope for the best, especially after the worst...... but if the UK is anything to go by...... hear our tale of woe....

I was in Hong Kong when the hard years of Mrs Thatcher came to their end and the shining light of Tony Blair blessed the little up-turned faces of expectant TV viewers across the country. People came back to HK from England telling me of the lease of life Tony would give us all.

But Tony was not what he seemed..... he was a Thatcherite in red tie. He was more of a fascist than Mrs T. ( a tradition, now, that Mr B has happily continued, e.g. taxing the poor and locking up people forever without trial).

Sooo....... dear American friends, the money has the Power, and either candidate will work for Them. This is not a bitter, or pessimistic view of Democracy, just the way things are......... strangely similar to SL.

so dance dear friends who ever wins, even if its taxed....


Sunday, 2 November 2008


Day 2 on Openlife grid.....hehehhehe.....crash all the itme...:))

Spent most of the day as a small white cloud, but may get some more done on my appearance later, see if I can un-noob a bit.
lots of people from SL there, somewhat unhappy about the recent stupidity in the brains of those in power.

I have the feeling that, like London or any major city, SL will be like the central hub of the future Virtual Worlds, and the various grids that develop and mature as sub-urbs. The centre of major capitals are normally too expensive for ordinary people to live, and are left for the rich and tourists.
Fine, a destination for day-trippers, but not a place where the creative gather, except for the odd art show, (many galleries will be feeling the pinch), nor a place of manufacture. High-end retail will be the money earner, but if you can get stuff for free, out in the sticks........

Quite a few of my friends have been to visit, which is nice, its good to get out and about. I am quite charged by the idea of new New Worlds. The total lack of shops and things will, hopefully, bring out the creative in the old adage....blabla mother of invention....:))

Certainly has got me thinking....

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Tuna Oddfellow

Well, many thanks again to the party king, Tuna Oddfellow..... if all his parties were at this time of day I would be there more often, but a time zone or two separates us...

greatest quote of the day.... " An unblown mind is a wonderful thing to waste " ..... nice one Tuna....:))))

Much in evidence as you see from the photos was the staggering work by, surely one of our greatest builders... Mad Cow.

But generally, there were more genius per square meter than I have seen for a long while....

Thomtrace Otoole just blew me away with his last toon.... I was zoned all evening from it, and am still smiling 12 hours later...
It was a blast from the past, excuse dodgy cliche.

great Halloween... then.... I went off to see another genius, Selavy Oh, and her amazing piece..... shown below

Ahhhh, what can I say that I havent said before.... hmmm... visionary, brilliant, well, this aint the TV ...thats enough superlatives for one person...:)))