Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008....the best of..... lol, how traditional

Well, I thought I would put together some pictures of some of my favourite things....and that turns out to be people, of 2008.

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER....:)) and very aware, as I am, that there are many missing. I have particularly missed Izabella and Charlot....two very good friends who have been abducted by RL. I hope they return in 2009.

....and everyone who bought trees from me should have a special mention too..... particularly those that dug deep into their pockets....particularly, Earth, Alex, Pandaemon, Giancarla, Jade, Sabrinaa, the list would just be tooo long...:))

People like Bettina and Fab amongst others have just been plain supportive too....... anyone I have forgotten will know it is my frail brain that is at fault... xxxxxxxxxxxx

EEEEEK.....I knew it would happen...... I have no photo of Caro Babenco...and she is the person I chat most with, probably, thousands of words we've exchanged in 2008.... Ah well, she knows how much i love her,....:))
Its her spirit, her sense of exploration, as much as her humour that keeps us chatting....
and i dont have photo of Selavy, just her work......

Dorney Vaher, a fairly recent friend, compared to others, but has a heart of pure gold and hair to match...:))

Selavy Oh, probably my favourite builder in SL cos of her scripting abilities and her fertile imagination.. . she and Aliz (and Bryn) really understand (as I have said before...sorry) that SL is a medium... and a cos she's a generally nice person.

Bryn Oh ...... Such a lovely looking being would make anyone swoon, I think. A great builder and imaginative artist she keeps creating good stuff.

Although offline at the moment due to house moving, Pixi Cosmos is one of my friends, and like my others, have kept me happy and smiling....

Betty Rogan with one of my favourite avis of all time... posted earlier.... Yao Ogee's humour and Betty's lovely nature....(she's also a budgie at times, when she's not a bee)

This is an old photo of Mr Widget, tho he hasnt aged at all..... best dance music of 2008, I think.... always have a good bop if I'm online at the right time

The wonderful Wizard Gynoid, talented and witty, a pleasure to know.

Sporadic Flow, here pictured with a likeness of Mr Moonsoo, a welcome return of this talented builder. He was my first mentor and a real gem.

ColeMarie Soleil, another very welcome return... A talented girl with great ears and voice...:))) without you I wouldnt have a thing to wear....:))

Alizarin Goldflake I have mentioned before in these pages... great textures and a great friend. Always a pleasure to see what you are up to.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Consciousness and Second Life.

Botgirl, as usual raises the most pertinent questions in her ongoing interest in SL consciousness. I have posted a lengthy reply to her blog ..........
I repeat it here for those who might be interested:

"This post and previous ones have only reinforced my belief that understanding the shift in consciousness that happens as we become a virtual being can only be understood when we go back to the question of how we understand consciousness.

I resisted writing after watching the Ted Talks clip you posted, because, as he said, everyone has their own particular theory on consciousness, and I felt that mine was really just more virtual space junk. Later, I realised that very few people have a theory about consciousness, and those that do, I like to hear.

I think that a major breakthrough has come for the science community now that it has realised that all that black stuff we see in the night sky is not Nothing, it may not be matter as we know it, but it is Stuff. Similarly, consciousness may be better understood when we we start to look at the Unconscious, (and here I am thinking of the individual unconsciousness).

The decisions we take in forming our avatars “ beneath ... conscious awareness” are, like our dreams and inspirations, coming from a place which is outside our conscious control. Because dreams (and, I suspect, inspiration) are uncontrollable Jung called them autonomous, and postulated that the unconscious was both autonomous and older than consciousness.

This, if applied to Second Life, gives this (Virtual) conscious state a very unusual place in our experience, being a sort of waking dream. It is a hitherto unknown mixture of conscious and unconscious words, acts, and decisions. It is populated by Colonials trying to maintain their old culture ( the “real life” brigade) and by those that have “gone native” and become Archetypes, (dragon, elves and the like).

Those of us living in the land between these two extremes are being formed by the people we meet, the experiences we have, the clothes we buy. My human likes to think they make more rational decisions than Soror. But that is delusion.
A dream is a natural phenomenon, it is real. There is nothing unreal about SL either. It is a frontier land for the psyche."


Saturday, 27 December 2008

More Christmas

Hmmm.. think I may have run out of Christmas now. If I hear another lame christmas song I may scream.

It was nice, thanks..... lets get on with it and get the occasional decent tune on the radio now, shall we.... :)))

Other breaking news is my 7th dodgy skin, lol, I am making the Lindens rich with my attempts. My clothes I made last year cost me thousands, and the skin looks like exceeding that by a long chalk, at this rate. And my optimistic claims to have cracked Gimp were just that....:)) still.....its all good fun.... mostly...


Friday, 26 December 2008

Mary had a baby boy

If she had had a girl, things would have gone very differently...
(probably better)
and its not as if God wandered around Bethlehem wondering if his first born was a boy or a girl.
So why did he have a boy?

Not such a stupid question, (although mostly hero myths do involve boys) some of the Greek female gods had a bit of backbone.

Well, according to Jung, in his studies of the rise and fall of religious sects in ancient Egypt, as one new religion was trying to take power from the current one.... the current power was (almost obviously) branded as the devil. It seems that this is a universal pattern, echoed a bit in our "democratic process".

The last religion that ruled (or political party) become demonised by the current religious power.

And so we come to the question again, why did Mary not have a girl? The answer may be found in the preceding religion. The preceding religion in much of the Middle East and Europe was the cult of the Goddess. To have had a girl would have reinforced that particular view point, and given power to the priestesses.

And so it came to pass that a totally male dominated religion was born and all 3 of the top jobs were given to men, viz. Father, Son and Holy Ghost, although I suspect the Holy Ghost has (inspite of Mary's impregnation) more female attributes than male.

This unholy holy alliance was reinforced in the following centuries and women were demonised, religiously.....and the world, well, European world, fell down into a dark depression where Dogma was wielded like a blunt instrument, and intellectual activity was basically looked down on. The knowledge of the natural world that women had was hidden, then forgotten.

Well, thats all old history, you might think, but this decidedly dodgy state of affairs continues in our culture and our laws due to the historical influence of the Church. I'm not saying anything really new here, I know, Christmas its good to remember thats Mary's little boy has been a curse as well as a blessing.

Mary could have had a baby girl.


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Pope and the arab.

Now, Michael Faraday (1791-1867) said, and obviously its not a unique observation, "There is nothing as frightening as someone who knows they are right".

and when the Pope and the arab, whose name its best not to type, agree on their attitude towards homosexuality, I think my remarks in a previous post concerning Religion are a little justified:

"Religion..... not a topic to touch on if you wanna make friends they say. Hmmm.... well, my opinion is that religion has been the justification for more murderous activity than any other. If you have God on your side you are permitted to do anything. It is basic form of schizophrenia, where the responsibility is foisted onto an invisible entity, like listening to walls, but more socially acceptable."

After writing the above someone asked me why I didnt just join an atheist group. Well, I have gods, I am not without beliefs, but my gods live in flowers, trees, fields, sunsets, mountains and all living creatures. My gods dont judge you by how "good" you are, or "pure" and they dont pronounce on what is "right" and "wrong". They dont cause wars.

Not that I have anything against the roman catholic Church either; in fact, I like colourful pomp and ceremony more than the dour anti-everything Protestant Churches whose petty-mindedness has infected our laws and culture. But it is, beyond any shadow of doubt, a work of evil for the Powerful to single out any particular minority and judge , condemn or ridicule.

It is done...always has been, of course, to control.
Those in positions of power have, by definition, a power-complex... and dont tolerate any attempt to usurp their Control. As they are normally paranoid-schizophrenics this normally means everyone else.
This is the psychology underlying the Popes recent comment.
Well, he never had a life....


Monday, 22 December 2008

Alizarin Goldflake had a skating party

As usual the environment Aliz had created was wonderful, the snow is just beautiful and the anims for the skaters was super cool.... I had a great time. I made some frozen fish skate skates....and they went down well with Aliz and I who did some amazing synchronised pieces before the guests arrived and Aliz played hostess while I went to bed....:)))

I am currently waiting at Weblin to get my photo done for the little chat avatar at the bottom of this blog...we shall see how it all works out. Interesting.

Other, non vital, news...well, this blog hits the 6000 mark, and I think I have cracked Gimp, well, enough to use it for tex. So all is well with the world ... the squirrel is still burying the birds peanuts, and the birds are annoyed.... all sane...:))

Hope to turn my mind to Christmas these next few days, and made a start at Lalala.....:))

have to get a party frock on...


Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Winters Tale

'Twas Christmas night in the White House,
the snow lay on the grass,
"We may be in trouble, guys,
(verily, it came to pass)
The economy's in the crapper"
Bush to his Twiglets said,
"We'd better get a good idea,
I'll just go soak my head."

some time later

"Let's print loads of Money, boys !!"
The inspiration struck
"so children can buy loads of toys
and bless Me for their luck."....

And so it came to pass that Bush and his Twiglets did buy some ink and set the Mint to work.

And the Archvillain of the People, who's name is Inflation Madeoff was fed at the doors of the white house and charged with the duty of sneaking, silently, into every bank account throughout the land and, moth-like, to nibble at the corners of every Dollar, of rich and poor.

Inflation thrived and Bush and His Twiglets did look out over the land and smile.....

"Well, this may have been my biggest boob
but, Hell it's just good luck,
I'll leave this Cock-up for The Noob,
cos I don't give a fuck."


Saturday, 20 December 2008

Video screen

Well, this is the 360 degrees wrap around video screen at Caerleon, at their Ice skating arena. Vey impressive...the videos look like crystals in a moving kaleidoscope..... neat...

And this is earlier at Madpeas place.... also Ice skating.....

What is this obsession with snow.......I would rather be on a beach, I think, than freezing my bits off on ice. Think I will have a sun-bathing party on Christmas day.....sounds like a much more reasonable idea.


Friday, 19 December 2008

Rescue Package for Nishi Motors

I was gonna ask the Government for a few Million quid to rescue Nishi Motors, well, everyone else is doing it....
But I've been as busy as a termite mound over the last few days. I, foolishly, thought it must be time to upgrade my operating software from Tiger to Leopard....lolol

First I did a complete back-up, well, better safe than sorry, as they say... ("they" say far too much, in my opinion) and that took the most of one morning....then there was the uploading from the CD....fine....but....theres always a but....I didnt have enough space on my harddrive....where had all my GigaBytes gone (sounds like a Donovan song....."where have all my gBs gone...long timmmmme passssing?...")

So I downloaded the excellent Disk Inventory X, which told me they were all hiding in Previous Systems.....well, 16 of the little took hours to delete....120,000 items....

Then....the CD again... that took forever....then the upgrades and patches.....jeez... basically I've been at this for two days, on and off... and ended up without Photoshop cos my version is museum material by now, and no decent OS will support it....and with a new version costing A Lot of Cash... looks like I'm gonna be on the Gimp...( now, now,... the programme...)..and it makes you wonder, really, about all this progress.... its totally cash driven, aimed at getting you spending, just when things had settled down into a workable format...

So, and the aim??? Well, the aim was simply to file my tax returns online.... the govenment claim that its easy is a total mis-selling thingy.....

hey ho..... end of rant...:))) i am still online and smiling...


Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Well, for those who wont make it to my build, this is some of what i did at Caerleon. And there are some good builds there. I have not seen em all yet, but it seems like half of em are OK.

Well, I went off the white pretty quick, thought I might just fade into the background too much.

Betty turned up when Aliz and I were a cool avi. The excellent humour of Yao Ogee coming thro in fine style.

Some nice stuff at Caerleon by....amongst others.....

Poid Mahovlich
Jacque Keruac
Nonnatus Kohonen
Tezcatlipoca bisiani
Phoan Johin
White Lebed....... and maybe more yet to discover


Monday, 15 December 2008

Blessed are the cheesemakers....

This is Wizzy and me looking like two naughty school girls. We arent cheesemakers... but it was cheesemakers that I have been thinking about.....
Well, the cheese makers of Italy that is, they just got a government who bought a lot of cheese. They are going to buy millions of euros of cheese and give it to the poor.... Parmesan that is, although more could follow, mozzarella may be next...... maybe they will sponsor the Nishi Tagliatelle......

Well.... i thought that our government could buy up a load of stuff and give it to cars or wine....that would get the economy going..... better than letting all those bankers eat all the cheese...

Did some work today for Pandaemon , tidying up his sim and planting my trees and flowers, very pleased, he was, and me too.

My build is open for visits at Caerleon.... until......hmmm....not sure....anyway. .IM me for an LM if you cant find it... I think that White Lebeds is the nicest I've seen of the bowls, so far, but I havent seen em all yet.
And Bryns may be the zannyiest......(spelling??).....

Also, interesting but not staggeringly so..... Botgirls blog is doing a load of stuff on consciousness......well, she is, not the blog, to be specific... NWN has been covering hot men.... yawn...... oh and....stuff. Cant find anything much interesting.....but will keep looking...:)))


Sunday, 14 December 2008

Spiral Walcher and bunnies

Spiral sent me a tp...and I popped over..... he had built a christmas woodland scene with bunnies. The bunnies looked at you all the time, and i trod on one by accident......he didnt mind...and bunnie stomping became quite amusing... (small minds...etc)...

Anyway I had a serious word with a couple of them, as you can see, about the cabbages. there was an "incident" that could have lead to me having "issues" with them. Anyway we parted friends....:)))

Then I was at Caeleon, where I have a piece on show..... will photo it for tomorrow... pop over and have a look.

Well... I went to a couple of my favourite blogs and found they have this following thing....and its quite interesting to see who reads which I put it on my site so I can follow my own blog.....well...looked pretty stupid with no-one. too..:))


Saturday, 13 December 2008

ColeMarie Soleil, a feast for tired eyes.

Well, in the interests of bringing you some stuff to read, I mixed with the cool people last night/this morning at a big fashion show on Deep Blue Devil the CXIII Lounge Club.

Lots of very dressed avis..... lots of grey people. (54)

And.... maybe more good stuff in the audience than on the (very long) catwalk. So.... 5 o'clock it started, and either it was 10 minutes early or 50 minutes late ...wayyyy past my bedtime, which ever way you look at it. Relatively.

ColeMarie Soleil was the first designer, a talented being, singer, photographer and Porganist extraordinaire, her clothes designs are so steeeeets ahead of the other stuff I saw (well, things were rezzing poorly, the later it got.....hence the dodgy photo).

I have worn her stuff a lot and some of you will recognise it.

ColeMarie now has a shop at soror Nishi beach, its underwater, and has her creations for sale, along with poses and particles.

The exact address is....... Lifstaen, (50,10,5,) or just find it off the beach. A bit of scuba diving......


Friday, 12 December 2008


Well, this is Sporadic Flow, both of them actually... now the one at the top with the hat may remind you of someone called Kaltusaran Moonsoo, if you had met him.... well, they are related.

The cute little fellow at the bottom is how Sporadic appears for the most part recently, I am very pleased to see him back in Second Life.... :))))

And this is my recent Profile pic.

I went to Svarga, cos I heard it was being sold..... and found this great
but there are some dodgy trees there...

And this is just one shot from Auras build at Angels Nest, as part of the Human rights thingy. The address is....Angels Nest (26,75,665) but you arrive at a central tp point and tp from there...:))

And I have a show at Caeleon which opens on Sunday, not Saturday as I have been telling will fill you in with the details.... later.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Real Weirdos

There are weirdos everywhere, not just here, but the weirdest of the weirdos in SL has to be Doreen, I think. She is probably a very nice person, don't get me wrong, but her profile says "If you know me in SL, and run into me on the street in RL, you would recognise me, at least that is my hope."
Now, I'm sorry, but that is Real Weirdness.
I came across her in a piece by NWN where she is complaining that avatars are too tall for her. She's only 5 foot 2 in RL and therefore has to be in SL too.... well, her logic, not mine. (soror immediately goes out to get some blue dye for her human.)

So.... why?? I was almost speechless. She belongs to a group... "Imitation of Life".... lol

Well, so we should move away from poor Doreen. Its not her, theres a fact, LL may well belong to this group, who knows, it certainly fits their philosophy. It may be a movement...... eeek

Some possibilities...

1) No imagination

2) So self-satisfied that she can't be improved on as a design.

3) Frightened of what might 'open-up' if creativity were to sneek in there somehow. It is common to resist the reality of our multiple personalities.

4) Like the old colonials, a new world has to have Old World culture imposed on it before the colonials feel comfortable.

5) The early innovators of SL were so intent on making things "life-like" that they imbued the whole experience (SL) with an underlying culture of Real, like a cultural ground water. The very idea of land, sea and sky, is confining enough without then adding the moon, clouds...etc.. The Real gets enhanced with every new innovation rather than the tools to alter it. Don't get me started on voice....lolol......thats enough to kill any VW.

6) Real is what people want, and I am the freek.

Well I have been thinking about the future.... and I hope the next (better) world that comes along is run by people who realise that those who sit in boardrooms making our SL lives hell.....have almost zero imagination compared to the artists who live and work In World.
We can only hope we get a second chance at a second life.


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Reality 1

" That pictorial evidence which puts the real world on trial, gives me a belief in the infinity of possibilities as yet unknown to life. I know I am not alone in affirming that their conquest is the sole aim and the sole valid reason for the existence of man."

Magritte said that... he would have loved SL

"Nothing is less real than realism. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis, that we get at the real meaning of things."
O'Keefe 1922

And from the lips of my hero, if indeed I have one at all:

"reality is an anthropomorphism"

short, sweet and always to the point Dr.Jung.... :))))


Monday, 8 December 2008

World Peace and a peaceful piece.

As part of the Human Rights anniversary celebrations New Caerleon has a number of builders presenting their pieces, at New Caerleon, of course. One of the pieces I visited last night is by Artiside, and shown above.
It is a strong statement.
Political art, which is what it is intrinsically, makes a statement, expresses a viewpoint.....but....

I have no quarrel with the concept of world peace, as the Sermon on the Mount... theres little to criticise or disagree with.....but......

Well, thats 2 "buts" to start off with...

I really believe that, to engage me as a participant, art has to address the duality of my (human) nature. I am devil and angel. if I am not able to find both these elements in a piece, I am left outside. The trouble with a political piece is that the statement is so dominant that the ensuing debate (in ones self) dominates the experience. So.. I came away with the uneasy feeling that you get when confronted with people who do charity work. There is a paradox in preaching to the converted, and a dodgy feeling of "doing The Good".

The result of my internal debate goes something like this.... World Peace presupposes that human nature changes completely... that evil is extinguished from our souls.... and that we become emancipated from the struggle of Yin and Yang and become complete. This is Angel status.
So, to be quite honest, I think that sounds terrible, I love the complexes that I live with each day, I love my duality, it is from this dynamic that Art springs like a fresh stream of life-giving water.
I think Angels probably do crap art.

Then..... Aliz.
As I never tire of repeating, Art is a "long, immense and deliberate derangement of the senses"....
That already defines Aliz's piece as Art, but theres more...
I can enter this piece and experience a child-like wonder, an innocence and peace which is all the more beautiful because it is transitory and in complete opposition to the dreadful deadful facts depicted in Artistides statement. Like a butterfly or nymph, fleetingly I can walk in the land of angels..... knowing I soon will return to the world of torture and child soldiers.

But I return to duality with a feeling of hope... the biggest words for me in this context are the words "in spite of.."


Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Nishi Tagliatelle

This is Pandaemon Bombast testing the new Tagliatelle, this version for small people , created at the behest of the budgies.

its available, free, at the beach....see my picks if you didnt get a notecard.


Friday, 5 December 2008


Could be the best music in SL....

A man who knows how to use a 512...

An artist...:)))


Alizarin Goldflake

Well, what more do you need to know?? Its very much worth a visit, Aliz is one of those few artists around that understand that SL is not just an extension of a normal art gallery but a medium in its own right. She has been entranced by digital media for a long while, and it shows. Her textures are fabulous and her imagination is wild. She does things in such a harmonious way too, its never desperate to get your attention, it just sucks you slowly into the experience and you end up lying around, soaking it up. Until way past your bedtime....:))) so.....nothing new... hehheheheh


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Press Release..... Nishi Motors

Nishi Motors, a subsidiary of Soror Nishi Unlimited is pleased to announce the launch of its first totally eco friendly car.... a sports coupe called The Tagliatelle. With a super-structure built of carbon-hardened linguini, and fueled by alcohol extracted from the green apple, it is a car you can eat if you get stuck without a meal.

This vertical take-off and landing craft cuts out all traffic problems and represents a major step forward with its on-board computer.

Designed by our CEO Soror Nishi, this vehicle has Ferrari stylists turning green.

It will be available FREE for a limited period from Saturday, 6th December, from the showstand on Lifstaen Beach (37, 80, 28.)

Come and get a copy...


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Shadows, at last


Check this out... shadows

Now, selavy has done some wonderful photos of some of my trees......but now that there are shadows in SL, my trees will really put the linden trees and other photo replicas of trees to shame.

I didnt make shadows for my trees because of the difficulty of getting a shadow to lay against the terrain properly, and because I knew they were on their way. Well, congratulations to LL for having done will make all the difference to me.

NB!! see comments.....I got this wrong...... LL have NOT managed to get it together......

The motor industry is awash with rumours of the impending launch of Nishi Motors first vehicle. Nishi Motors is a subsidiary of Soror Nishi Unlimited and a press release is expected shortly. it appears that they have, after extensive R and D, produced a totally eco car with vertical take-off and landing, avoiding thereby traffic snarl-ups and pollution at the same time.

Watch this space.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My opinion, religion, politics, freedom and love.

Well, it seems like everyone wants my opinion.

Rezzable wants to know what I think about the future of Virtual Worlds.... OpenLife wants to know what screen size I think is best...... fairly sensible questions.... no doubt their plans are, to some extent, moulded by consumer feedback.

But LL keeps asking me whether I think SL is getting better or worse. THAT is stupid..... according to Mark Linden..."We measure everything imaginable, even love given daily using the Love Machine and we get continuous customer satisfaction data. If you’ve ever seen a Bloomberg terminal on a Wall Street trader’s desk, that’s what it’s like at Linden Lab. We measure everything and have real-time/near real time charts for anything you can imagine." so..... you must know, Boys, whether SL is getting better or worse, leave me alone.

The BBC can't finish any of its news items, on radio or TV without telling me to "email us at BBC and let us know your opinion" care?? Please.... give me a break. Stupid.

There are, of course, plenty of people who have nothing better to do than clog up the internet with their half-baked opinions on what is happening in some distant part of the world where they have never been. I am not one....BUT .....hehhehehe .....nearer to home I have tons of opinions, and am very happy to clog up these pages with them.

Religion..... not a topic to touch on if you wanna make friends they say. Hmmm.... well, my opinion is that religion has been the justification for more murderous activity than any other. If you have God on your side you are permitted to do anything. It is basic form of schizophrenia, where the responsibility is foisted onto an invisible entity, like listening to walls, but more socially acceptable.

Politics..... well, we live in a fascist state (UK) with a Prime Minister (unelected by the public) who belongs to a party that pretended to be Socialist until they got into power. We have no citizenship, we are all "subjects". Democracy, as we know it, and seen recently in the USA is the ability of a candidate to buy enough press coverage (600M$) to convince the public that he is not a person with a power complex, but truly sincere, and able to fight your corner against the multi-nationals and their greed.
Democracy is not a term we use for people who vote for the wrong party, i.e. Hammas, or any party more right-wing than the press.

Freedom...... the right to enslave yourself to multi-nationals and their greed.

Love.... the transference of the autonomous Anima or Animus onto some unsuspecting by-stander, who becomes duly infected.

Well, that just about covers it...:)))

Anyone else wanna know my opinions??