Saturday, 14 August 2010

Snake oil, anyone?

Well, just caught some of Philip's casual coffee in hand chat at SLCC....

For those of you that missed it... Philip is gonna get.. (well...I probably missed some stuff)...

Group chat fixed,
region crossings better,
fast startup, low crash rate,
automatic viewer updates,
'more' avatars per region,
more names floating over your head (yeh, that's a vital
meshes are gonna come (esp. for hair, it seems),
teens are gonna join us as they close the teen grid (saves using Mom's credit card said SecondLie)
..and Search is a complete mystery to all concerned ( promises there).

No mention of scalable prims or builder's tools...

"We do a very good job" of PR, he claims...and, he does...when he's there. It all sounds great.

I am still unsure tho...would I buy a used car from this man?

Has Yosemite Sam turned Snake Oil salesman...??