Wednesday, 18 August 2010


All new residents are to have Resident as their last name?

So, if I were to sign up today/soon my name will be...sororNishi Resident.

...details of LSL script changes brought about to accommodate the wonderful Display Name tool for truly expressing your creativity are to be found here.

Now, we will have to see, but from what I read here, all new Residents will be called Resident. As you may expect of course I hate being called a resident, sounds like a long term patient at a mental institution. hmmm...makes you think.... still it's hardly an honorary title is it?

So, the idea is that the user name will be unique (?) and so newbies will not have to tax their brains choosing a second name as that will be Resident. Now, some total fool thinks this will increase retention of newbies....which makes you wonder who is the resident and who is running this asylum.

Wonko the Sane springs to mind quite vividly these days.

The 72 hour time lag between someone changing their Display Name and that Display Name being recognised by scripts etc seems like another perfect tool for griefers to have fun with.

....but I would be mental to keep ranting on about this, its been in secret development for ages, so nothing is gonna stop it.

...ah, Wonko....



  1. Wait a sec ... does that mean I could join the band The Residents, and look like this?

  2. Well done, Dividni - you beat me to it. :)

  3. usual I'm confused.
    There was a reason last names were set in groups... while that reason escapes me just now, it had something to do with old sci fi stuff I thot. Something about creating the perception of family.
    What ever the reason...don't we have enough to concern "The Benevolent Monarchy" with all that's broken w/o adding to the pile?

  4. guys are on the ball.

    I have trouble believing that even such a seemingly disorganised rabble as LL would bring out something as stupid as this without a reason, so my conspiracy-theory-type-thinking now begins to speculate if this isn't laying the groundwork for the eventual introduction of Real Names...??...why else go to so much trouble, the last people they would do it for is Us. To believe LL is customer orientated is to make a grave mistake....

  5. Oh that is priceless....

    I've been fighting the urge to download Viewer 2 point whatever ever since the announcement so that I can have weeks of FUN (see, I get it now...) changing my name and now learning from you that new avatars are to have 'resident' just after their display name is like the icing on the cake...... Anyone know if I can buy a straitjacket in the marketplace and a skin to match the look of Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining'? (Here's Jonny!....)

  6. Is there a method in this madness, or just madness in the method? Makes you think....