Friday, 31 October 2008

LL sponsors Openlife

Well, inadvertently, by committing a public semi-suicide and self humiliation, thousands will now move to Openlife, in fact, if you have tried to get in..... its busy.

So, i downloaded the Coolviewer from here and eventually got in


ruthed, and I mean seriously ruthed......see pick.... so, straight to the invent........ not a ting in your invent.... zero, nothing....

but wouldnt you believe it......some dodgy trees on a hill side.... cant get a decent pair of shoes.... but dodgy

anyway, managed to find two friends in the search, change my eyes and hair...... then crashed....

oh.... guess what.... TEXTURE UPLOADS ARE FREE.......YES....FREE


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Linden Boys cock up again...

Well, they know I love em....BUT.......
It seems that common sense is not so common at the Labs. As I have criticised them before for lack of brain cells, it should come as no surprise that they have gone and done it again.

This only applies to Openspace sims...

"Beginning 1st January 2009

We will increase the monthly maintenance fee from USD$75 to USD$125 per month. This price increase will apply to all owners of Openspaces on January 1st as well as new purchases after that date. There will be no grandfathering of Openspace maintenance pricing."

Well, thats one way to stop sales dead in their tracks.... nice one boys. If I put my hourly rate up by 66.6%, I would have a lot of time on my hands.

The reason is.... hmm, get this.... the price was too low... heheheheh, well, but now they will be sooo expensive for what you get.. 3750 prims, for 125US$.... hehehheh, makes me laugh.
I'll stop laughing if they apply it to us all tho...

Monday, 27 October 2008

AuraKyo Insoo

Another great tex.....

The build by AuraKyo at Rezzable 10 is a huge one. "Viva la Vida" its called and definately worth a visit, but its worth noting that it is worth going thro to the end, the poop deck....
There are parts of it that are fairly dark, but hey, that is how life is.... struggle on thro tho and you are rewarded on deck. Some great anims.

The address is Rezzable 10, (197,97,21).

On a more personal note I've been having a lull....:)) after the 64th I have been waiting for inspiration and I have some negotiations going on about a new project, and, annoyingly, and obviously, can't say anything about it, yet.

Well, i have been shopping.... lol.... its still a bit of a chore.... waiting for a shop to rezz only to find its full of crap... hey ho...

So this is the 64th, for those who havent been to see it yet, it oozes chocolate from the roots, a strange phenomenon I know, but these exotics are a strange bunch.


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Artistide Despres

A beautiful tex. this is what SL could look like...

Well, this is me, bless my little immersive socks, in Artistide's crystal. Artistide has put together a beautiful piece, and I didnt want to show it all, so you'd have to go visit.
The Address is.... Caerleon Isle (139,37,1731,). Thats not a misprint...1731. so you have to tp a couple of times if it doesnt work out first time (you end up at ground level with some daft white gridded cubes).
IM Artistide If you get stuck, she's very nice and will surely help.
Her blog is here


Rant Warning: 'Immersive'. Now, several times people have said to me "This is an immersive sim" .....omg. Now, as my regular readers might have guessed there are some misuses of the English language that drive me nuts. This is one.

It would be stupid to talk about an immersive bath, because a bath is, by definition immersive.

A sim that isnt immersive is a web page.

Anyway, having got that of my chest.... I realise that I am a bit behind on my blogging and have quite a few things to write about, and, actually, a few rants. But putting aside the rants for the moment...


Sex was mentioned in an earlier posting this week and attracted a few giggles and laughs from some of you.....well, I didnt quite get to the end of the story..

The young man (who doesnt come In-World much nowadays) was as overwhelmed as I was non-plussed. So began a stange, lengthy and, in the end, decidedly weird relationship.

He was the first of a series of men I have met who have the idea that it is their right to insist on Mutual Disclosure. Mutual disclosure is the weird idea these people have, (mostly men) that because they tell you every minute and boring detail of their RL, that they can ask you, well, demand, actually, that you answer every question they ask.

Well, for me thats like reading an autobiography of the director while watching their movie.

Anyway, this young man pursued me, in his freebie skin, (another rant will hatch at some point about why men think a freebie skin and a pink balloon would tempt a girl to do silly things on little pink balls), without changing his clothes (ever) for months, until he wore himself out with frustration.

The weird part about it was that I was nagging him like a girl friend and grew to like him less and less, and myself less, the more I nagged him...... hmmm... started to get weird. But like many trials and tribulations ... it passed.

Strange how quickly we forget our past mistakes....:)))

But the Further Encouters of Soror Nishi will have to wait for another time...:))


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Planet Mungo

Love this build in a kinda 70's futurist way.
This is Planet Mungo and the sheer beauty of the construction makes it an Architectural Wonder of Second Life. Worth a fly-round... don't think you could take a bad picture of it.

I miss a bit of the chaos/irrationality that turns a good build into a great one.
I prefer a hand made pot to a machined one, its about 'alienation'..... connecting to the process of the construction. Looking at a hand-made pot, I can see how it was made and to a certain extent I can speculate about or empathise with the person who made it.
I would not, ever (I think), be interested the mechanics of the machine that turned out my machined pot, it is not unique, no manual skill was involved in its production, it is a copy, thousands of identical pots exist, and it therefore has no value and no interest to me.

and that has to do with....???? well, its the repetitive element of design. When you use a large number of identical elements, like bricks in a wall, leaves on a tree, steel beams in a building... its like a visual grid, or set of rules, the eyes reads the geometry and 'understands' the rule..... but that is in itself not a dynamic situation.

Break that rule with an irrational, irregular element...and it becomes interesting.

You'll find Planet Mungo in Search.


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Do you love sexe

No, not a misspelling.... that was the rather direct question I was asked yesterday by a new french man who happened upon me on Avgi, I was doing my invent (3 hours to sort out my tex) and didn't think I looked particularly like someone who loves sexe, but then what do I know.

Well, as you can imagine, I pondered the use/choice of verb and remembered that there had been times in my life when yes would have been an honest answer. Love seemed a bit extreme, however, for any activity nowadays that didnt have very creative or cerebral possibilities, (answering yes would obviously have put me in an tricky situation) and sex in SL didn't really come into that category (more on that later).

I answered "no" and, although we were not on voice, I could almost hear the indignation in his responding "why??". Sex in SL is stupid I replied, but he had already left on his search for a 'sexe' lover.

Well, now, obviously not all sex in SL is stupid, but my experience as a noob with another noob left much to be desired and it is only right I explain....hehhehehe...:))

It was the day after Box Day, ( the day I spent wearing a box which should have been a half-way decent frock) when a young man asked me if I knew how sex worked in SL. I said no and he offered to show me. Now, thinking that this was a skill that, although I had no intention of being an expert, was probably good background information that that I should have to survive SL. So I accepted his offer, thinking more of an explanation than a demonstration.

He disappeared and I accepted his TP only to arrive in a room with dodgy stone tex walls and lots of red drapes. from the photos on the wall it was obvious that he had bought me to somewhere where sex happens. There were lots of pink and blue balls which were scattered around the room.

I had never seen little balls before and when he said click on the pink one, I did......(Now I had no idea how to use my camera)....and suddenly I had disappeared off my screen, with the exception of one foot. My little foot was sticking up over the bottom edge of my monitor. I couldnt see anything.

Take off your clothes, he said, and as I guessed I was getting a full demonstration, I thought this to be a reasonable request. I clicked on my shoe and got the round thing come up on my screen...... detach was how i finally escaped the Box (yesterday) and so 'detach all' sounded like it would do the job. hehhehehehe

Well, I went and got a coffee. When I came back he had written.." hey, try this one". I got the camera under control suddenly, and, could apraise the situation fully.

My demonstrator was humping thin air.

I was bald.

A, hitherto, unknown gentleman was trying to insert a pink balloon which he had fixed to the front of his trousers into the back of my knee.

So, what to do. Well, its obviously not a situation which one is trained or prepared for in any way. It seemed a bit disloyal tho to be being humped by a stranger while a friend was humping thin air. So, although he had no balloon tied to the front of his trousers, (inventories are awful like that).... I joined him..... found my hair eventually and drank my coffee before it got cold.

The stranger a offered me friendship, but it seemed a bit silly really after he'd done my kneepit.

The young man fell in love with me...... but more of this epic another time....:))

Certainly one of the more amusing moments in my first week.


Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I did write a few words of praise about Botgirls work..... but I have to recommend her blog too....

You can find her comic art there.... Night vs human ..and... Botgirl vs. Human both of which i saw at her show. The blog itself tho is totally awesome too,..... makes me cringe at my poor attempt., I loved particularly the item on Shopping at Sears.
Totally excellent.

My poor attempt, "that boring little melodrama", hehehehe, has clocked up more than 5000 page views, which isnt much in the greater scheme of things, but it is very nice cos of the number of people from different countries that have visited these pages, (probably by mistake).

My other fav blogs are, apart from Charlots Web, which I have mentioned before;



Monday, 20 October 2008

My tree house and a Big Day for Avgi

A very Big Day for Avgi.... the sim where I am working.... 3500 people from a real life conference on educational opportunities in SL saw their Keynote speaker talk live from Avgi, after which they got the guided tour and a brief introduction to life in second life.

Johnny99 Gumshoe video'd the event and you can see clips here:

SLEducation - 10. 20. 2008. 09:43:43 GMT-0700

click, on Visit Show Page to see the clips from the whole event, unedited as yet....but some good stuff...:))

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Pixi Cosmos

[16:01] Pixi Cosmos: i killed my bats
[16:02] soror Nishi: ohhh
[16:02] soror Nishi: too much love and affection?
[16:02] soror Nishi: drove you batty??
[16:02] Pixi Cosmos: they we re going so fast they kept flying headfirst into my window , ran out of windowleen
[16:03] soror Nishi: hehehehehehhe
[16:03] soror Nishi: bat poo probs
[16:03] Pixi Cosmos: yeah exactly
[16:04] soror Nishi: no joke bat poo
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: also pixis have very sensitive hearing .... the squuking and clicking was defining me
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: gwano
[16:04] soror Nishi: hehehehehehe
[16:04] soror Nishi: uno gwano
[16:04] Pixi Cosmos: he he he

Another of those talented creative people who make me love SL so much. Pixi makes her own clothes and has a great garden that she's always happy to show people around...


Thursday, 16 October 2008

NMC Arts Lab

I love it when people use SL to give me an experience I couldn't get in RL> Well done to this Arts lab.

Its at NMC Arts Lab,(142,30,395)

On the markets, looks like the Dead Cat just bounced over the cliff edge....but alls well here...:)))

My latest analogy with regards to the Financial Disaster is that, US and European Financial Brains decided, (seeing all that money leaking like water down the plug hole), to seal up the plug hole by sending a trillion litres of everyone elses money to keep the bankers money company. Good move.

Nearly finished my 64th, and of course, you will be the first to see it...and a few other things, just as soon as I have time...:)


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Mr Widget

A good helping of fine tunes is a great way to start the day..... Mr Widget, as usual, supplying those in a very intimate setting....:))

Monday, 13 October 2008

Dead Cat Bounce and squirrels

Well, as the stockmarkets all bounce, hopefully not like a dead cat, and things return to normal, I just did a little bit of maths and discovered that if you threw a £1000 out of your window every minute of every day for a year....... you would be half a billion pounds worse off..... so the bankers must have had help to get through all that cash.

The solution we seem to be lumbered with, though, seems to me like taking the air out of your back tyre to pump up a flat front tyre. Not sure about the logic there.

Look forward to having the same fools run the same banks, with my contributions...

But here, things are back to normal, the squirrel is burying all the birds peanuts in my lawn, luckily I can afford that... if they were made of gold I couldn't, the squirrel wouldn't be interested, but my neighbour's a bit dodgy looking ...

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Well, the Madpea game, Within, is now at home on Avgi, thanks to my digging and Madpeas construction...
Its a very professional game by very professional people.....TV interview

Some of you will get to see a lot of Avgi...:)) you might notice that some of the vegetation has been imported from Lifstaen (my beach) as I had a longish commission here earlier in the year.

Avgi is hosting a university conference here and I am currently giving earth Alcott a hand with the preparations etc.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

House for sale

Well, I just sold my first house...(well, the Orchid House was my very first, but that wasnt public/mass housing like this one).. it is owned by Giancarla Loon, a lady of, obviously, good taste and style (it will be no surprise that she's italian), has the house and the sea stack looking out over her property. (copies are available).

In another valiant attempt to show willing I went to the Burning.....couldnt see a dicky bird...nothing.....I have gone off BL...

I got talked about on Brooklyn is Burning podcastnumber 30....hehhehehe..... they were talking about my "early work" hehheehee, I'm only 18 months old...:)))

Started my part-time Sl job with earth Alcott, sort of Girl Friday...:))))) hehehhe designed some logos and built some boxes for a very exciting game to be installed on Avgi, her sim. Will tell more later......

Found a new alien plant species.....havent got the photo ready yet....tomorrow...:))

Thats about it,......lots of land for sale ropund my parts...... cant be the stockmarket crash....well, not SL market anyway...that went months ago...:)).... (that might be libel.....heheheheheh)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wizard Gynoid at Rezzable Visions

Forget Burning Life, its just toooo laggy..... get along to see Wizzy instead... thousands of prims in perfect harmony..

"It came From the 8th Dimension: the E8 Polytope", not a name that falls of the tongue, I agree, but a work of pure genius.

Go. its at Rezzable Visions (126,130,226,)


Saturday, 4 October 2008

pure SL art

I went to a 50's budgie disco.
I joined in the budgie rabbit-hop conga.



Wednesday, 1 October 2008

62nd Ancient One

sorry.....bit of a tease to mention it and not show it...


the shop

Well, had a little tidy up in the shop, put in the 60th Ancient One and the most recent... the 62nd Ancient One..... for sale. I am working on two more, byt havent got em quite right yet....:))

Otherwise, went to the magic bakery, and, there is a lot of work in it.... I loved the lift to the 2nd floor... 7days Magic Bakery. is the SIM name, but the titles were soooo long on the LM that the numbers at the back were cut short..... a sort of typing incontinence.... I know it well....:)))

Probably worth a visit, find in search....