Thursday 31 May 2007


well, what can I say, I went crazy and bought some land in Wahoooo

Haven't been shopping for days

I'll tell you all about my new job (part-time) when i get some time to some serious writing, for now lets say that my old place was getting rather built up what with everyone building and I went land shopping... and got a good one I think...we'll see, neighbour seems nice.

Wednesday 30 May 2007


Well, I got to do a bit of gardening and sorted out some textures
also you dont fall through the swimming pool into the gallery any more
which is useful,
unfortunately more and more prims go on plants
and my bonsai (20 prims), oh well, its worth it

busy, busy, busy

Well, first it was the gardener with the long name, he came with the bamboo... then bean was using the studio for her new skin...then i just got distracted i suppose.

Well, now I've got time to get some stuff done and I can't get in.
Can't log on, well, Burton was having trouble, earlier today.

So LL it there a problem?

I got things to do.
Went to see this huge apartment that Carmen, a friend of mine, is renting. Wow, talk about classy...
Huge bathroom and 3 beds! I was really impressed.
And then had to dash.. busy

Anyway haven't done much building in the last 24hours.
Just been logged out again, not really crashed because I didn't get in in the first place...
hello, I'm in,,, hurrah

Tuesday 29 May 2007

Building house 3, Soror's Place

Well, here it is, the first house I have built on my own, more or less

Still obviously a work in progress but I'm pleased so far
Shop/gallery, swimming pool (unfinished), living area, bedroom, and roof terrace
only 14 prim
not bad
for a beginner

that's my new party frock, tried on for the first time

Sunday 27 May 2007

Club le Cimetiere

Another brilliant club
pretty full ... I keep bumping in to people
Midnight invited me... thanks

And now for my regular readers a little shot to show I have gotten over my previous problems and am well dressed on all occasions....


Saturday 26 May 2007

A boost for bean

Well, bean seems to have landed on her feet.
She's already got to work on her second skin, with tons of help, of course, she's no better at building than me.
But then she seems to be very lucky...
Mr Medu Antler has been giving her a hand.
He knows what he's doing
at least

Club Calista, 138, 137, 29

great place to dance a while, great host Burton Munro, the lovely Sapphire Sewell at his side.
lots of very stylish people.
good tunes
and a "sploder" sort of jackpot thing..

Another New House

Here's the new house.
Entharion has been busy
Dragon style

Bit of a silly day really felt like Inspector Clouseau, got shot three times and exploded once "did you order a bamb?"

Got new neighbours, Madelane, probably not spelled like that...
seems nice

Friday 25 May 2007


Well, this is the life

new house, new house, new house

I am so excited I can hardly speak

this is the talented Entharion Lemmon.
Builder Extraordinaire having a chin wag about designs and architecture.


Thursday 24 May 2007

money worries

As you can see i've gone grey with worry, spent all morning trying to get L$
no joy

Then along comes bean and saves my ass
so i paid for my wonderful boots and finished paying for my land.

well done bean

MUZIK HAUS, Braunworth (199,221,666)

Went dancing here again!
last night Midnight Wilde was DJing and now I'm prancing to Mr Wilde.
funky tunes and dance stuff, got no idea what it should be called or if its got a name
good place

Wednesday 23 May 2007

Sculpting prims and twiddling thumbs.

Well, its all very nice to have your prims sculpted I'm sure but 18 hours downtime is a serious business. I, as usual, misread and thought that it was 6 hours!

So after topping up my tan in this glorious sunshine I went to complete a few more money things with bean and kitty, only to find that I've got to be patient for another 12 hours.

The worst thing though thats driving me mad is I HAVEN'T TRIED MY NEW BOOTS ON YET!

and thats really doing my head in.

I'm not complaining cos the lovely Linden Boys are doing their best with whatever it is they do but I'm really really being patient...............

Soror's Place

That just goes to show you
a good PA is worth her weight in gold
bean has just finished lengthy arrangements with our beautiful landlady, (seen below)
and finalised the arrangements so that
I am the Owner of Soror's Place!!!

I know bean looks a little confused but thats her natural look. She's lived a pretty sheltered life in the country before coming to SL.

Any way I had to tell everyone and Midnight said come dance the crash
so I went to this fabulous club, give the name later.
Couldn't find my dance in my inventory so sat down and.........found a photographer, possibly and I bought, well, not quite, didn't have enough money, a Fabulous pair of boots.

Mr. Hern Worsley, you are a genius
obviously it takes one to know one, :),
(modesty is another of my many talents)
(though as a maker he's light-years ahead of me.)
(Managed to grow my hair yesterday.)

Still got some litter on the living room floor I dont know how to pick up.......

Life is great.

Tuesday 22 May 2007

the beach and then the backyard

Well the photos are around the wrong way so I ended up at kitty's backyard after i was trying to catch supper, Orka was not to be had, and I almost ruined my new boots. (still dont know how to change the colour). then kitty tp ed me and we chilled.
helped relax a bit...

bean Nishi at last! My PA.

At last!
help has arrived.
Bean, I love you.
Well, bean is my new PA. shes gonna help me with all those things that a girl needs help with. Great.

Shes from japan as well, shes from Haragyan, from the country. Shes been to secretarial college so she should be a great help.

She does look na bit nervous but this is her first day in here so its a bit nerve wracking.
Then she had to talk to O O who has not gotten over herself enough to be friends. So that was a short friendship.
hey ho

Monday 21 May 2007


Well, a bit of a mixed day today.
Bit of excitement and bit of disappointment.

First the good was that i thought I'd found a friend but she was too interested in the real world and wanted to control the world. I think it's called a power complex. She was sweet but when she sent her sister, who was the spitting image ( same face ) I just saw red. Checking up on me and trying to trick me and things and wearing a different name so I gave her the works. You know I have trouble with my mouth. So, that was a short friendship. I cut ruskar and the witch out of my friends list, after all, you cant waste time, its precious....

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5067067904937822066" />

But Mr. Moon brightened my day.
As ususal.
You'll have to check on a previous blog for his real name. something Moonsoo. He's cool, at Lescrow Fields, where I've met him often at the end of the day.
This is him today!!!!

So after I exchanged pleasantries with Mr. Crow/Moonsoo I headed back to Burtons Landing.
Burton and Sapphire were very nice to me, as usual and I feel quite whacked, not literally, tired.
Busy day but no business done.
Must get to work tomorrow.
No time to waste.
Rent to pay.
770L$/month so not bad, but i only earned L$18 so far this month! Ouch, and I lent the witch 200 which she'll probably not pay me back cos she has a bad attitude to life. But enough of that.
Saw some beauty today
and some boring
hey ho


Well, finally met up with OO, after missing her often yesterday. She is teaching me patience which is something I could do with learning. Great.

Went dancing for hours, which was fun, lots of chat and stuff, so I had a great time but I may have pissed O O off cos I got a big mouth. Hey ho, I'm like that, just let my mouth run away with me...

Sunday 20 May 2007

strange sort of job offer

I got offered something, I don't know what. This person who I don't know has offered me a shop, I think, but it was a bank....I don't know, kinda frantic person really.

She got really angry cos she was broke, ruksar get a grip!

Fairly quiet day, making plans, nothing much going on, out of sync with some one.

Saturday 19 May 2007

well well well

a very busy day
and OO

Friday 18 May 2007


I'm stuck in this shopping mall with few clothes, they won't download and I cant teleport out, what i nightmare, I've been here 30 mins already. I got things to do cos I bought a lot of new stuff, some of it not for me but for my sister.

Anyway, I want to get home and make up some out fits cos I IMed photographers so I can get another few good shots of me.

Thursday 17 May 2007

Burton's Landing

Well, I got invited to join an aqua club, dont really know what that is... sounds great so I accepted. Guess you get to go swimming and stuff. We'll see, got the bikini, (not the best I've ever worn, I'm afraid) haven't got wet yet though.

and then I got stuck in a mall, couldnt tp out nothing was moving, half my clothes had been ripped off, and I had a grey face..... not very pleasant so Burton tped me out. 30mins in there. Burton and Sapphire were hammering the beer, never seen anything like that....

Chatted with OO at Burtons Landing, it was really nice around the fire and Burton and Sapphire are so cool. I have been known to say one word too many....

went shopping

crashed a lot

funny old day

This is going to be the first photo in my portfolio, I have to put one together for the modeling.

Some of you will be pleased that I have to do some glamour poses as well, as you have made clear from your emails. On which note, a word Mr-you know-who-you-are, an email should be composed of more than 4 words. ‘Get em off luv’ is not an email to send to an aspiring girl, you are now Junk.

On a brighter note, although a bit disturbing......well, I had my first (very strong, as it turns out) cocktail today, it was blazing hot and I found one of those beach bars, like in the tropics. I never got around to trying on my new swimwear... I was on my second, and to be quite honest, I was knocking them back and then, nothing.

I must have blacked out for about 4 hours! Well, luckily those Linden boys got me back home and I woke up on the sofa, safe and sound. So, cool.
Rearranged some furniture and went shopping.

Tuesday 15 May 2007

looking for bamboo

well, cos I've got a new place, my first place, I thought I needed some bambooo, well I won't bore you with the details but a landscaping man came to my aid.
Name later.
Paypal getting everyone pissed.
hey ho.....

Didn't get famous today.
Very slow.

Great waterfall though, couldn't get it all in.

Monday 14 May 2007

Linden Boys I Love You

Thank you so much for sorting out my cash flow problems, you dont know what a help it is to have a few dollars so that when I have a free minute from my important stuff I can dash off a pick something up.
Anyway, thanks again.

This is my new house, not much but I hope to plant it up a bit.

So, I did have to tell mr Deverre how aweful I thought the WSE is, I told him I thought it was a dump but maybe should have been more polite about it, he didn't speak to me so he may have been annoyed. But I said it to so many people I thought I would have to tell him or else I would look sneeky saying things behind his back. Oh well. Big mouth.

Bought shares in DOM or DON, some design company.

Sunday 13 May 2007

Delta Centari

this is me looking like a tourist but actually I went up to see if there were any shops and, now come on! You boys up there, let me open a shop if you cant be bothered, because ladies in space need things to buy. Obvious! So get a grip. Anyway not much fun up there, no shops.

If any girls out there like my getup, well, I made it myself which is just as well when those Linden Boys have no inkling of how much money a girl needs and think I can survive on $50 aweek! I wrote those boys an email to tell them, no reply!

Saturday 12 May 2007

Ah ha my first creation

Well, I just made my first top.
orange and yellow.
Not a great shot of it I'll admit but my sl guru tells me help may be on its way re. photographer.
So now I just have to find a dentist, publicist, script writer, estate agent, builder.... the list is getting shorter, a bit.
Funny day really, I wont tell you how long it took to make this it would be embarrassing. Then I coudnt find it.

Went to the Isle of Wyrms today it was great. I bought the BIGGEST thing I have ever owned in my whole life.....a dragons cauldron no pestle and mortar it is huge. So I had to get one for the house, not that I have got myself anywhere, still sleeping rough (thank you Linden Boys for only giving me $50 a week to live on, how am supposed to become famous on $50 a day). AND I lost it in my inventory, found it now though.

Friday 11 May 2007

first job

I know this is a terrible photo, I neeeeeeeed a photographer really badly.

Well, my first job! I''m being paid to dance and although its not much, its a start.
I'll give you the address when i find it out. I've earned my first L$, so.... my career has started!

Not quite sure... Kin great hair

Well I went back to Sin City as it seems to be the only place where people know what they're doing around here, but dont mind me, anyway, I got my hair done by KIN, and what a genius.
I got silver hair for when I model the eyes
I got black hair for officework, which by the way I have had to pass up two opportunities due to not having the right clothes.
I got red hair which I modelled for the blog today.
If I look a bit glum its because I'm not quite sure about the colour.

I haven't been able to find Kin yet to ask if I can get custom in return for modelling...we'll see

Thursday 10 May 2007

Very Good Sin City

At last I meet another designer, well his work anyway, or probably a group who have some SENSE.
Well, done, I'm relieved from what i had seen I would have had to do it all myself but someone else has got the idea. I spent good money in your shops people and will visit often.

photos tomorrow,

Mr. Darkholme

Well, this is all about my big break so if you get bored move on to the next bit. I know I owe you boy bloggers something a bit saucier but really ... well, I havn't made the quality purchases I would have liked in some areas and I would not be at my best without the finest of silks so you'll just have to be patient.

Ireallyreally need a good script for my face sooo......custom built animation, anyone, L$?

Well, this was to show you that I can make a pretty good model for you once I have my eyes fixed and that I look forward to our working together.
And thank you for giving a girl a break.

eye eye sorry couldnt resist that

Well, it looks like things may have taken a turn for the better. Great earrings from Primwhore (wait til they meet my sister) and now, eyes....great you know how important eyes are for a girl and especially if I want to become famous. So he sounds like a sweety, we'll see, AND he wants me to model!!! so bit of a breakthrough there. oh...Dark something, get back to you on that...

Wednesday 9 May 2007

Kaltursaran Moosoo

Well, a new pendant that I got to model for the famous Kaltusaran Moonsoo, the guy who's helping me with some clothes and can make dragons and stained glass and all sorts. Well I just had to have one because you can change the colour.
So getting better with the photos except
I'm afraid that I've got some you cant see cos they're in my photoalbum
chilling more

Tuesday 8 May 2007

must chill more

Well this is for my fans, I know you like down loading me, I've been watching. Thanks.

I didn't get to write yesterday and so much happened with a dragon and me making a arse of myself and other stuff i was exhausted.

But the next time the Moon makes me stuff I'll photograph it so you can all see.
Also I forgot to photograph me with the Dragon who was very nice but too busy to come out for a cocktail with me. He had a pipe! sorry bloggers.

Also I was in a monastry with beautiful flowers and I found underwear (not there) so I can stop going on about all that now my minds at rest, you'll be relieved to know.

Monday 7 May 2007

good and bad

Well, a bit of a mixed day today.
Bit of excitement and bit of disappointment.

day 7

Well, I thought I'd start the day by going down the stockmarket and picking up a stockbroker.
Fat chance.
Guess wanna buy shares you do it your self!
Not surprised of course.
Anyway talked to two people who didn't know anything.
Nice though.

Still got to arrange a press release but at least I've got a name... Adam Reuters, seems to be the man.

on the shopping front.....
May have had a breakthrough on another issue... watch this space.

Oh, yes... PA. anyone fancy the job?

Sunday 6 May 2007


Well, it seems I got a break at last. Kaltusaran Moonso is going to help me with clothes and I'll do some modelling in return.

Long day.
been stirring it a bit I know but, hey, you gotta husstle.


I've just written a heart felt plea to Jean-Paul for help. I told him I am a maiden in distress which is obvious to anyone who has seen my underwear and I cannot think that he would brush me aside if he has one single compassionate bone in his body...
Well, I guess he's probably a bit busy, but when you're that famous you should have time, what with having 'staff' and stuff, to be able to do a good deed.

day 6

What a disaster. Well, good news as well.
Firstly, I'm learning soooooo much.
Good news first; I found a FREE modelling studio.
very impressed
Got one good shot.. which is all a girl needs to succeed.
But I lost it in here somewhere. Thing is; I never know where I put. Sometimes I'm quite well organised and stuff, but sometime when it asks you where you want to save it, I just press ok. Could be anywhere.
Its on my profile but how to get it to you good people is beyond me.

Now, this crummy shot above was done by me.
But the good one on the profile was mine as well. Which all goes to prove that I NEED a photographer. Seems like you have to do EVERTHING yourself. Something wrong with earning money?
Get a grip.
Now, I'm sorry but I got started . Service, ha. I had to teleport all the way back to this so-called Advertising Genius who didn't even reply the first time and so I had to "drop a notecard in his postbox"
My God
Who does he think I am, Einstein? Anyway, whats wrong with his eyes? Blind? dumb? deaf? I shouted enough to wake the dead. Bit of a bad habit, I'm trying to quit actually. I walk into a shop and shout "any service around here or what"
Never get a reply
so rude
But I must stop. I am going to be classy. I've got more to tell you on the clothes front. A hairy guy in a leopard print suit who hangs out with us at the gallery field has kindly offered to make me a decent jacket. AT LAST. His name has got something to do with the Moon. Why dont people have short names in sl?
For a few posh bits I found someone in the search and IM ed them. Help. so we'll see. But really I need Gautier so badly you would not believe.
I look like a tramp.

Anyway, I'm still sitting in the lounge at this ad agency, waiting, and the sofa is not very good, if they don't mind me saying so. I've been here over an hour. Are they in church or something.....

Well, anyway, I suppose I've got better things to do than sit here.
Lucky for me Burton told me how to write a notecard, so I told him, very politely, to put me at the TOP of his list.

Oh, and a really sweet girl showed me round a brothel!!!!!! and I found a GREAT swimming pool, didn't go in cos no swimwear as yet. Where is a personal there a personal shopper in rl?
Got to dash now.

Saturday 5 May 2007


well, finally got to manage the camera a bit but my flying is crap still.

Got offered a job and went looking for a job. I spoke to a lady from a modelling agency and she was quite interested. So we'll have to see how this goes.

Burton Munro helped put my mind at rest today about copyright. My lawyer said that "Linden Lab will have an exclusive licence to use and to recreate the creation at their will."
well that got me wound up. Burton checked and his mate said that was crap.
So I got on with the day.
Carmen came over and we chatted
went to a couple of malls. had trouble with downloading dollars.

so ended, well not quite, Day 5.
dear diary


day 5

day 5, .OK first, it was Carmen Zinner who helped me, the girl with the sparkling eyes. And Ciin Babii was my guardian angel, but the first person to run to my damsel in distress call was Luvit More. Now, if anyone sees Luvit, I want to say thanks personally.

So I got an offer of work this morning, not nuclear science research, but it could be a start. Hope to get a personal shopper....sooon.

Friday 4 May 2007

after the beltane fires

well its been a bit mad.firstly shopping takes forever so I still am not fully kitted out.
I went to Harajuku last night to check out my roots. I was born in Japan....but thats another story.
I think I have a sister...?
Anyway, I didn't find anyone. The place was deserted.
I came apon, (the way I walk) a beautiful cherry orchard in full bloom.
I was there with a friend.
And under the edge of the orchard there was a rocking chair which I sat in and thought. I looked so good that I thought I would come back with a photographer.
I couldn't use the camera yesterday (bit better today).
today i went back.
couldn't find it.
So I walked into this little japanese tea room. There were four or five of them. So I saw this seat-light-thing and did me click. wellll
suddenly I'm on my SIDE doing a 50's hollywood film star pose. I'm not fully kitted out yet.
so I IM. Hi, can anyone speak english.
lots of funny squiggles
Well I reaconed, no one home; when i get an IM
soror can you put some more clothes on please.
I said sorry and flew up into the roof space.

thing is I'm not very good at this changing clothes thing
at least I can open a box
wearing them is the pits.

At last I found a good mall, I'll give you the address sometime.
No time to shop
but plenty too much time being wasted on other things. research...ha!
Get back to work you Idle tart.
Very pleased with skin can recommend X2
great eyes, cant remember who.
love my toes.(X2?)
hair is mine, its real.

The service is apppppppppppppppppalllllllllling.
If it wasn't for my guardian angel, cant remember name. will post later
who helped me out
I'd probably be in a box or series of boxes, sleeping rough
well.I AM>
sleeping in a field, dont they have hotels????

Any way loving every moment.
Soror has let herself down a bit though.
bit of a slapper
maybe that a little unfair
she's a penniless orphan having to sleep rough and being taken adv....
no thats not true

What you dont know is that there are suitors, that sounds innocent

Any way I'm shagged