Thursday 5 August 2010


Xenius Revere's response to Qarl Linden being "let ... on Twitpic

Now, I have no real idea of the sort of person Qarl Linden was, I say 'was' because he's been sacked, but from the disbelief and shock that has spread thro the blogsphere I can assume he was both talented and pleasant.

Qarl brought us sculpties, shortly after I joined SL and has therefore changed all our worlds, our clothes, our landscapes etc. and is a lover of SL.

This is the third really bad move that I have blogged about this last few days.

I want to impress that I do not have a negative "Hate Linden" attitude, but, following the messianic resurrection of Philip we are all looking for more than just nice words...

1) The decision by Philip not to attend SLCC is not a good move.

2) Making BUM 2.0 pay tier is not a good move

3) Sacking skilled staff that your customers like is not a good move.

...and as far as getting rid of the Welcome Centres...well, I am suspicious about that move too.I have no idea now how to go about mentoring noobs (an occasional hobby of mine, and many others) as I have no idea about Viewer 2.Crap..... dump them on our doorsteps if you think that will save money, Boys, but will it increase retention...?

Few people now to slog away at the attempt to bring us F.E.F..... we are all watching, The straw that broke the camels back comes in many shapes and sizes. Qarl going has been that straw for some people.

byee, and thanks.



  1. Quarl... What can we say? Darn it, I try to keep faith that Secondlife will be OK... and yes the straws get heavier. They fire a guy that gives us stuff we use...and keep whoever sent me a survey that I've already answered.

    I didn't know about Welcome centers....
    Although since the closing of the Help Islands things have not been easy for nooblets.
    I posted back in April about being perhaps the last independent mentor to leave the HIs.

  2. as i tweeted last night, this is Qarl's announcement:

  3. Takes me tired camel and rests both of us on Taboo a new island magically risen from the seas of iWz.

    Nur Kitteh

  4. Wizzy you are always sooo up to an internet reporter...:))

    Nur...Congratulations.....I look forward to shipping you some foliage....:))

    302 regions, 9200 fast...

  5. 9245 when I logged in at 4:45 pm IWz time :)

    Can't say that I'll be sad to the see the Welcome Areas decommissioned. My SL home is only two sims away from Ahern, where they still seem to dump everybody... to the point that the SLurl map defaults to the Ahern WA when you open the webpage.

    The most beautiful Welcome Area -- Violet -- isn't Linden Land, so it's safe from the virtual wrecking ball. I suspect "Yamato/Shangri La" in Dore is, too. Plum is a museum piece, but who knows if the Lab cares about preservation any more? If they ever did, and places like that lasting as long as they have isn't just inertia...

    "Welcome to Second Life" (a blog post, with link to more photos)