Thursday, 31 December 2009


Well, it’s the end of the year. 2010 is a strange sort of a number it sounds like ‘the Future’ and brings with it all sorts of expectations. As we know tho not a lot changes, small steps lead us from one future to the next.

Second life isn’t about to look like Avatar (which I haven’t seen yet as I’m waiting for it to come round to the cute little cinema near me) neither our computers or ISP are ‘man enough’ as yet.

I do think, and, as you know, I’m an optimist, that the art of SL will start to have an effect on the RL art world more in this coming year. We saw the start of this already this year and that will grow. Art magazines and media in general are always looking for the next big thing, and we are that.

A movie like Avatar has a more powerful effect than we currently can envisage. I have already spoken to one man who has come back to SL after having seen the movie. He knows SL isn’t like that, but knows that one day it will be.

LL could do well to remember that too. I have very strong doubts that the prospect of recreating RL in SL is gonna wow anyone. It is surely all the things, experiences and events that can’t happen in RL that are gonna, in the end, be what draws people to, and holds them fascinated in VWs.

Building housing ghettos, roads and dodgy landscapes is not gonna wow anyone. Business uses are not gonna save SL. The core is the creativity. If LL concentrates on the talent it has and smoothes the way for those creating content it will continue to flourish. Business users come and go, there’s no real investment, no soul, that a company puts into SL that can’t have the plug pulled from one day to the next.

Losing Orange this last year is a case in point. We lost good friends connected with that too, but Orange can make a board room decision, and, byeeeee.

I was sad to see the end of Angelgate in 2009 too. The work that White had put in, and I loved the layout of the gallery, well, we still have White..

UWA arrived tho in 2009 and have been an unexpected bonus. Neither they, nor us, could have foreseen the huge popularity of their monthly competitions. It’s become like the biggest “show and tell” in SL in very few months. .... and their ‘secret’ is... well, just let creativity shine. Simple..... oh, yes, and be pleasant...

Koinup has surprised me too, Pier has really decided to go for it. It’s become a fairly comprehensive blog and I’m happy to play a small part in it. While still mourning the loss of the NPIRL blog, which will never be replaced, I fully understand the huge commitment Bettina would have needed to put into it on a daily basis. It needed a sponsor really.

And Bettina’s ‘travels’ are quite symptomatic too. There are many people I know now who are looking around, not to escape, but to expand... It seems the question is, if SL is gonna take another 5 years to get to where I want it to be, what can I do in the meantime? Friends of mine are looking to RL now, not for inspiration but for new sales opportunities.. we have become expansionists. Today SL, tomorrow ...The World... hehehehe.

So, 2009 has been a ‘slow’ year, both in terms of sales in SL and expansion of SL, life in RL has been hard for many. Hopefully we have turned a corner and ‘the only way is up’... as long as LL don’t shoot themselves in the foot too often, I am looking forward to a bright new year.

...and, the thing that fills my life with joy ... my friends, and you, dear reader ... may the metaphysical sun shine down on you all and brighten and warm your sweet souls.

I love you all


Monday, 28 December 2009

Dusan Writer

Well, one of the signs of a masterpiece is that nothing can be added to increase it's beauty or taken away without diminishing it.

This post by Dusan is really that good.

I have nothing to add, except, what a great thing to take into the New Year.

All joy, hope and good things to you dear reader for the coming solar cycle.



Sunday, 27 December 2009

La Madeleine

Yesterday, Boxing Day, so called because the poor got boxes of food from the rich on this day rather than the day you beat up your relatives, saw the first Salon hosted by Isabella at her home.

La Madeleine is the name of a group of people invited around for polite conversation, very good cakes, cigars, unlimited alcohol and a little dancing after the intellectual pursuits.

The conversation continued after a small contribution by me, loosely titled "Why Jung would have loved SL", and was brought to an end by the RL duties of some and the need to 'cut a rug' by others. All in all a successful start to this venture which we wish Isabella all the best for.

Earlier around 30 people gathered at Alizarin Goldflake's gallery to hear the talented Seba Sideways play the sax, it was a truly delightful performance, the mood very much suited the day and was thoroughly enjoyed by all I would think.

For those who haven't had the chance I can highly recommend a tour around Ali's work... more details on her website

Otherwise I hope to start building a new show today at Pirats, I have a load of new textures made especially for the show and 4 or 5 new trees that have not been shown before... I will, of course, keep you updated, dear reader, ....the date for the opening will be the 5th January.... details later.

Well, having now eaten enough calories to climb Mount Everest I am looking forward to a more normal diet and a few days pure SL before I start back to work....nice..


Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas theology

About 4 million years ago some bright spark had the idea to climb down out of the trees and start a second life on the ground.
For the following 999,999 years the arguments raged....

“ugggg..... good idea”
“ugggg ..bad idea.”
“ugggg..... good idea.”
“uggg....bad idea..”

Some people voiced an opinion of this discussion... “uggg... you all pain in the bum’ and took off to see the world.

As they travelled north, (the south was too hot) they noticed at certain times of the year that the sun was in danger of falling out of the sky.
“uggg.... me very worried”
“uggg... sun going too low.”
“uggh (nods).”
So...they called in the witch doctor....
“uggg...give me all your food and I make sun go up again.”

And for the next 2,998,000 years the witch doctors got all the food in mid winter, stuffed themselves stupid and gave the left-overs the gods couldn’t eat to their fans.

Having also, by this time, started a festival to ensure the proper procreation of the tribe a few months later by which time they had digested all the food and were ready for some serious procreation.

Now, seeing that this state of affairs was really rather beneficial, with two good holidays every year, one for food and one for sex, some bright spark decided that they rather fancied being the god keeper.

After being turned down for the job on many occasions the upstart decided to start up his own god, who some say was called Brian, others Jesus.
Well, he never looked back... and over the next 2000 years this upstart and his followers managed to discredit the old witch doctors and get all the grub and gals for themselves.

The religious entrepreneurs spread their net fairly rapidly around the globe moving into card manufacturing, panattone and brussel sprout farming, followed up by chocolate egg production and chocolate bunny sales.

Things looked good for a while.....

...but it won’t last....



Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Recipe

Well, if I get any more advice on how to bake the perfect roast potatoes from the radio and TV I will probably scream, and I really don’t need to know about some idiot who has made brussel sprout ice-cream which tastes like crap, but, hey, it’s Christmas.... and in an obviously slow news week I am informed that my turkey this year should:
1. be free-range
2. organically fed
3. have been on holiday for two weeks expenses paid
4. have had the benefit of a private education
5. be humanely killed, though I seriously doubt that the turkey is in any state to care, I mean, really, that has to be one of the decades oxymorons.

In other strange events I was given another panettone, this one is bigger than my kitchen, I smiled and said thank you, it’s not good form to say, “Wow, what a crappy present.” I might save up for a few years and build the worlds first panettone house.....

This all might sound like a bit of a “Bah, humbug..” but really, I have honestly ended up in bed one year on Christmas day from exhaustion and that is never gonna happen again, likewise spending several hours in a car is not my idea of a I will be chilling..:))

I had cause to read last years Christmas blog, which is slightly more intellectual for those of you that missed it... it’s here.

..and I would, of course, like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, but some years you have crappy ones so don’t worry, enforced jollyness can drive you insane......oh, yes and fuck the roast potatoes, make some sandwiches.


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Troll etc.

Well, my 423 prim troll is finished and now seen occasionally wandering The Companion. Better photos of it here...or in my Flickr favs....above right.

Frigg Ragu is holding a photo competition for The Companion... (which is in Hot Spots).... L$ 10,000 first prize.

"The Companion Photo Contest
In the folktale/Storytelling sim The Companion there is a laterna magic. For those of you have been there, I am sure you have seen that this one is empty of images/illustrations/photos/pictures. It is waiting for being embraced by the story.

We need pictures, so therefor are you invited to participate in a ”The Companion photo Contest”. Up to 10 pictures will be chosen. These pictures will be shown in the laterna and in a book visitors can bring with them when they leave ”The Companion”." get snapping.... the rules are here

In other news....went to see the build above, China, by aston Leisen, and one of Bettina's picks... I thought the clouds were inspired and the distant mountains done very well. AM used 3 sims to get this feeling of space so it's worth a visit..... here

...otherwise... erm...well, I have been a little slow in blogging this last week, dear reader, but I am starting to prepare for a new show at Pirats. Should open the 5th Jan, if my memory serves me well, which it doesn't......I would go to memory improvement classes but would probably forget which day they were Clement Freud once said.... (more or less..)...."As you get older your memory fails you also as you get older your memory fails you." Not that I have that excuse as it has been terrible all my life, I can't remember most of my childhood, which is probably a blessing..... and I have always made a point of forgetting everyone's name. I need all the spare bioRAM I can muster... no upgrades yet available..... passwords are a nightmare and I have been locked out of more sites than I even care to remember, if I could.

Anyway, it seems like Christmas is happening soon, from the radio and general quantity of snow seen around SL, but I do remember candles melting off the tree in Australia where the Winter Solstice, hijacked by fascist Christians in the North sits unhappily in mid-summer, how surreal is that, really?

It's that time of the year though when religious zealots roam the radio and TV broadcasting their bigoted views with impunity whereas, in the real world (and I use that term relatively) the dusty little donkey, laden with emotive anthropomorphic pathos, wanders into a stall in Bethlehem to be hit by an Israeli anti personnel missile, mistaken for a suspected terrorist..... peace on earth to all (except anyone who disagrees with the current world-view)...

hehehehehe, still as I've said before the great thing about hypocrisy is that you don't have to be consequent; that's a great benefit to those of us who are memory-challenged, and of course, the power crazy.


Sunday, 20 December 2009

You gotta laugh, they say.

Well, couldn’t really resist, as everyone else has something to say on the subject, thinking a bit about Copenhagen. It’s pretty obvious to me that having a nice little holiday in Denmark was a very nice break for those thousands of delegates and, as the world sinks or fries, their decision to do it all again was really bound to happen.

The people who make decisions about our lives are, after all, the people who want badly to be our friends. People who’s main talent is baby-kissing are always gonna shy away from telling us to stop spending and reduce our afluent lifestyles. Safest to “keep talking” and leave the hard choices alone as much as possible.

..and, nice for the protesters too, knowing that any windows they break will be recycled and that, as they crumple under the blows of a policemans trungeon that it is almost certainly made from wood from a sustainable Scandinavian forest. “Prevention detention” reducing their hotel bills too ....... double whammy.

The carbon footprint of rioting thus reduced the moral high ground is theirs.

I have an intelligent boiler that heats my house, it's so intelligent it doesn't let me decide when it should come on. It's decided I should reduce my carbon footprint too... and won't listen to me no matter how much I curse or belittle it with sarcastically cutting remarks.... it has the moral high ground too. I am out-smarted by a boiler.

I was told this week by one of my clients, in totally unrelated news, about an incident they had with their young son (8?9?) at bedtime. Always interested in the more macabre sides of existence the talk turned to the praying mantis.

“Yes”, the mum said “the lady praying mantis does eat the man after sex.” Somewhat pleased to be able to confirm educational facts of the natural world to her offspring...

“But, Mummy, if they are lesbian praying mantises......” (mummy blushes and gulps)

"......... who eats who?” the little boy wondered.

Mummy managed to get out of the door before she collapsed in hysterical fits of laughter.

Ahhh...... the benefits of a modern education.


Friday, 18 December 2009

Machinima Competition at UWA

Just announced, a new competition from UWA.

"WHAT: MachinimUWA : The UWA Machinima Challenge

WHEN: Submissions are open 18th December 2009 - 31st January 2010
All entries will be displayed on the University of Western Australia (UWA) Second Life Blog.

Winners will be announced during a ceremony in February

WHERE: In front of Winthrop Tower (Main SIM of the UWA presence) & starting point of all Machinima

THEME: Architecture, Teaching, Research & Arts on the UWA sims

Create a Machinima between 2 and 5 minutes in length that captures the 4 main elements thats make up the heart of the University of Western Australia SIMS. These elements are the RL architecture, the teaching, the research and the arts. The purpose would be to show that UWA's presence in SL is comprehensive and covering all these areas, creating true bridges between SL & RL for prospective students, current students, staff, alumni & the community (this is the snapshot - more details below). Note that there are 3 SIMS making up the UWA presence, namely UWA, Uni of WA & WASP Land, and this challenge covers all 3.

Method of Entry:
* Load the Machinima anywhere, and provide the link to both Jayjay Zifanwe & White Lebed (co-hosts of MachinimUWA)

Closing Date:
* Midnight 31st January 2010 (winners annouced in Mid-Feb 2010)"

so....there follows the basic idea of the machinima for exact Slurls and details get Jayjay or Quad to send you a notecard.....

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a leading Australian research university and has an international reputation for excellence, innovation and enterprise. A member of the Australian 'Group of Eight' research universities, it is also among Australia's leading research universities. Sitting on the banks of the Swan River, the UWA Crawley campus is the oldest in Western Australia and among the most picturesque in the nation with its grand sandstone and terracotta buildings sitting among elegant heritage-listed gardens.

UWA Logo Texture: (get inworld from JayJay Zifanwe or Quadrapop Lane)

As follows will link some of the key areas that could be looked at in the preparation of the Machinima. The Machinima should start with a view of the Winthrop Clock Tower & the Reflecting Pond which is an icon of the state of Western Australia. Graduation ceremonies are carried out here, and it is named after UWA's founder, Sir John Winthrop Hackett.

Start Point of Machinima : Winthrop Tower & Reflecting Pond (RL & SL location)

The rest of the following areas can be used (or not) as you see fit, and in any order you choose.

UWA Sunken Gardens (RL & SL location)
This is a place of great significance to the staff and alumni of the University. Many many people get married in this location in RL every week, and it is a place of nostalgia, and quite a few people who got married in RL at the sunken gardens, have been here looking at the SL version of the place they exchanged vows.

UWA Sky Theatre (SL only location)
This is a theatre we have created for use by Professor Wade Halvorson of the School of Business and Professor Mark Pegrum of the Graduate School of Education. Profesor Halvorson ran an entire 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce Unit using this as his primary location. It was run for the first time ever this semeter, in a unit called Electronic Communications Strategy.

UWA Square Kilometer Array - SKA (to be created in RL)
Now, these are replicas of telescopes that will be built in the Australian Outback, at a place called Boolardy station. 40 of them will be built for a smaller project caller ASKAP, or the Australian Square Kilometyer Array Pathfinder. Currently the final telescope design is presented in SL and the unique characteristic of these dishes is illustrated, namely the three rotational axes where most telescope dishes only have 2. Australia is in a battle with South Africa to secure the rights to the Main SKA, which will comprise 4000 radio telescope dishes. This will be the biggest land based science project in the history of mankind.

Visualisation Research @ The West Australian Supercomputer Programme (WASP), UWA
Visualisation Research is being run by Tranguloid Trefoil (RL - Paul Bourke). A critical component of this is the automatic representation of data in SL, rather than manually modelling. There are a number of examples of this such as the volume rendering of a human cortex. Among other things, Paul has an interest in fractals and how they may be used to describe and model real world objects. There are a number of fractal objects on the WASP land, one is the famous Menger sponge. For more information see

UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
UWA runs an extremely successful 3D art & architecture challenge, with some of the greatest artists and architects of SL displaying their works for the challenge. This has been one of the most important components of UWA's SL offering, and has been listed as an SL Destination for Arts.

THE PEACOCKS, THE DUCKS, THE GALAHS, THE RAINBOW LORIKEETS, THE PARROTS ad other fauna are a significant part of the RL campus, and these are represented on the SL campus. These are found mainly on the Uni of WA SIM

The Wonders on the Ground of the UWA SIM
Wonderful art by quadrapop Lane, Soror Nishi & Glyph Graves (seek out 'Strangers also Dance'). This is here to give the UWA presence a mixture of the RL aspects of Second life, as evidenced by the recreation of the RL buildings as well as the truly out of this world aspects of SL, as evidenced by what is found here.

The Physics Building:
Hackett Hall:
The building housing Astronomy, HR & Facilities Management:

A first and a 2nd Prize will be awarded for this. These prizes come curtesy of the University of Western Australia and other benefactors.

1st Prize - $8,000L + a UWA T-Shirt
2nd Prize - $2,000L + a UWA T-Shirt

1.Professor Alan Robson (RL) - Vice-Chancellor, The University of Western Australia
2. Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
3. A/Professor Wade Halvorson (RL) - Lecturing in Marketing, Business and Electronic Commerce, The University of Western Australia
4. Colin Campbell Fraser (RL) - Principal Adviser (External Relations and Advocacy),
Vice-Chancellery, The University of Western Australia
5. Kelly Smith (RL) - Director, International Centre, The University of Western Australia
6. White Lebed (SL) - Lead of Burning Life Art Department, Curator
7. Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) - Owner of The University of Western Australia (SL), Creator & co-host of the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge

And, make sure you dont include that dying conifer pictured above....(Tut tut).... with all their contacts surely they could find a decent tree...:)) might need plenty of film for all these shots so make sure you've stocked up...


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Avatar Typist conflict....

My unconscious normally gives me a clip round the ear when I have gone too far, and today it did so, I fell off a ladder and banged my head which I see as me trying to knock some sense into myself. This is a technique I have used several times over the years with limited success.

I have recently had the experience of a moment of 100% immersion. A few actually. Now, it might be assumed from what is written about SL that this is the aim, the goal of our disembodied lives.

I now have to re-evaluate that previously accepted stand-point.... bear with me...

Jung admires Levy-Bruhl for his genius use of the term ‘participation mystique’ to denote a consciousness where the object and subject are not differentiated.

“When there is no consciousness of the difference between subject [typist?] and object [avatar?], an unconscious identity prevails. The unconscious is then projected into the object [avatar?], and the object is introjected [reverse of projection] [back] into the subject, becoming a part of his psychology.” (Jung, for source see below).

So, this is how I see the 100% immersion, the self is nowhere to be seen, I am lost in my unconscious-made-manifest and reabsorb my unconscious back as a part of my personality. Like a very small child (which can be irresponsibly nice at times...but not necessarily as a permanent situation).

The situation changes immediately we begin to be conscious of this projection... and I have written of this before and the healing possibilities of SL.

“But if the unconscious can be recognized as a co-determining factor along with consciousness, ... ....then the centre of gravity of the total personality shifts its position. It is then no longer in the ego,which is merely the centre of consciousness, but in the hypothetical point between conscious and unconscious. This new centre might be called the self.”

This is Jung’s Philosopher’s Stone, the “individuation” process leading to the birth of the self. I have talked of it before in these pages.

...”the confrontation with the unconscious usually begins in the realm of the personal unconscious, that is, of personally acquired contents which constitute the shadow [previous posts on shame and fear], and from there leads to archetypal symbols which represent the collective unconscious. The aim of the confrontation is to abolish the dissociation [between the conscious and the unconscious].”

Seen from the point of view of our disembodied existence, it would seem to me that this means the two extremes, typist becoming avatar or typist making avatar into typist, are both lost opportunities in that the confrontation is avoided..
Confrontation is here a positive force for change and I have mentioned it before.

“In order to to reach this goal, either nature herself or medical intervention [or SL?] precipitates the conflict of opposites without which no union is possible. This means not only bringing the conflict to consciousness; it also involves an experience of a special kind, namely, the recognition of an alien “other” in oneself, or the objective presence of another will.”

Now, this is an experience which we almost understand... there are hints and feelings... our avatar is....” different”... I know a few people who think their avatar is more clairvoyant than they are. Jung does hint that the paradox of a consciousness within the unconscious may be real. [possibly the source of synchronicity?]

“The alchemists with astonishing accuracy, called this barely understandable thing Mercurius, in which concept they included all the statements which mythology and natural philosophy had ever made about him: he is God, daemon, person, thing, and the innermost secret in man; psychic as well as somatic. He is himself the source of all opposites, since he is duplex and ‘utriusque capax’ (“capable of both”).

If “capable of both” is Jung’s polite way of saying bi-sexual, then the VW gender issue becomes somewhat irrelevent too.

“As well as being an irrational experience, this confrontation is a process of realization. Accordingly the alchemical opus consisted of two parts: work in the laboratory, with all its emotional and daemonic hazards, and the ‘scientia’ or ‘theoria’, the guiding principle of the opus by which its results were interpreted and given their proper place. The whole process, which today we understand as psychological development, was designated the “philosophical tree”, a poetic comparison that draws an apt analogy between the natural growth of the psyche and that of a plant.”

So, the conflict of avatar - typist could be seen as a conscious - unconscious conflict, and therefore, a potential union, our Opus.

We are among the first people to be facing these issues, there is no previous rules and regulations, no written etiquette, no 'knowledge base' to guide us on how we lead these different lives.

We are making culture,

We are alchemists.


all quotes from C. G. Jung, Alchemical Studies. vol 13 of Complete Works.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday stuff

Yesterday saw the opening of the new Flashman's at Esoterica a great dance joint playing music from the 20's, 30's, etc.

The brainchild of Martin Ren, who is, he says, retiring, it attracted over 40 people and the joint was jumpin'. Echo and Phi will take over the management of the place with Martin hopefully coming in occasionally to DJ... Great couple dances for those of you who like to cut a rug...

Skin by Jeanni Nishi...**TOXX**.... freebies eyes by me..

...In other news.... well, seems like UWA made the list of Showcase and got some extra visitors, and The Companion is one of the LL Hotspots...

On Tuesday, Juanita opens the Treeline Galleries.... here.........

" Please join us on Tuesday December 15th at 2 pm for the opening of this important project .
Virtual Treeline is part of a larger real world Treeline project that aims to raise awareness of local and global environmental issues and encourage action through art.
The work on show in our galleries will be shown in real life galleries and schools and on the internet as well as in Second Life.
We are interested in showing artworks, performances, science projects and any builds that relate to the Treeline project.
Please contact Juanita Deharo if you have a project for Virtual Treeline."

I had a sneek preview and saw great pieces by Alizarin Goldflake, Asmita Duranjaya, Fuschia Nightfire, ....didn't see everything but RAG Randt, Sheba Blitz, Bocan Undercroft are also showing and, if you tp down to earth, I have my Chemist Tree there.

I've been troll building all the spare time I have so may have something to show for my efforts next week...

.... if things go well.....


Saturday, 12 December 2009

ColeMarie's record of Magoo

Found myself missing my build at Magoo, so I played this full screen and it helped....thanks Cole you are an angel... xxxx


Friday, 11 December 2009

Manning the life boats...

I got a huge kick today when, following Wizzy's recent success at exporting her stuff I decided to give it a go, too.

I downloaded Emerald which I am happy to say still caters for my neglected PPC Mac, unlike Apple...and within 5 minutes I was exporting like a mad thing. I currently have 33 of my thingies safely installed on my Little Lappy and it feels very good. It's like an emancipation, I can go and plant up any world I want to now, and Nishi Land moves a step nearer to being a reality.

The way things are going we will all be zooming around the Metaverse, only popping in to SL for social stuff, seeing old friends and the like.

Thoroughly behind this new venture Transworlders....see the little thingy at the top...

..otherwise all is quite well really... I'm working on a Norwegian Troll avatar, probably the most sensible northern enterprise this week as the rest of this part of the world has totally lost it...

This week sees thousands of people burn a hole in the ozone layer over Denmark, eating enough food to keep a small nation fed and feeling bad about it as a sort of balance to their rambling self importance. Bet the weather's crap, it normally is... even when the climate isn't changing... (/me tries to think of when climate doesn't change.... draws a blank...)...

Scandinavia seems to be hosting the Ridiculous Front of Reality this week with Obama using a few hundred tons of fuel to get an award for sending 30,000 more troops to rearrange rocks in Afghanistan in a previously unknown definition of the word Peace. Well, the award is given by an explosives manufacturer...

...and they think we are


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Open Letter to Linden Lab.

Well, now excuse me for repeating myself, Linden Lab, Second Life, ...anyone out there????

30,000 sims pay tier monthly, god knows how many residents pay membership, and you Boys don't have the time to spend 15 minutes updating your status.....?

I am, of course, assuming that one or two of your employees can write. ....How hard can it be?

I consider this to be extremely bad manners on your part, and no amount of facile words about how much you care for your residents will ever compensate for neglectful behaviour. Actions speak louder than words.

Do you really think that you can ignore updating the people who pay your wages and explain to them why they can't tp or log in?

As I have said before the stupidity of it is very worrying.


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Get Kissed

200 L$ in the shop now...:)) ...copy/mod.

...check out my profile if you haven't got an LM...or IM me.


Streamlife and The Born Again Pagans.

Well, I don't often go to live music events but was very happy yesterday to have been tped in to Streamlife on the occasion of their birthday.

Life Charron, the sponsor and brains behind the place seemed a thoroughly nice person and the music I heard there, (didn't have time to visit the gallery....sorry), was pure quality.

First up I heard MelodyBlue Melody who has one of those classic voices that ooze smoky night clubs. Strong and evocative of bygone eras, excellent.

But..... Texx Triskaidekaphobia and Madame Amoufhaz really gripped me and I could hardly (and very unwillingly) drag myself away. I hope to hear them again as I am a new fan..... of The Born Again Pagans...

The slurl is here.

The Born Again Pagans website is here


Monday, 7 December 2009

Christmas stuff for snow addicts

.....for sale .... here

Happy planting....


Arty thoughts and stuff

Well, as often happens a couple of comments have had my brain going this weekend... firstly a new friend and customer, seeking to help me get my act together asked me to think strategically about where I was going with my art, and Quad commented on a previous post about copybotting (if indeed that is a verb, seems like everything can be nowadays).

So....hanging behind me, (RL!!!) on the wall is the above painting I did just before encountering SL.

The quote is very very old and actually relates to Alchemy (which used to be known as The Art), and the words basically mean that perfection has to be sought inside yourself before you go chasing around the globe looking for it. Trying to distil gold from goat poo is not gonna work no matter how long you go at it.

So...the rather 'outsider art' image that goes with it shows the old king (talked about this before in one of my "psychology of virtual existence" posts.... here) being cooked up, in an effort to redeem the Old and morph it into something new.

But...the snake has not taken on the form of the Oruborus (pictured below)

.... symbolising the Increatum , and the man is part animal, part human (I had never seen a neko at this point or he would have had ears too) the inference is, that without some sort of completion this poor soul might as well throw his paint brushes on the fire.

Now, that's a pretty extreme statement, mine are still packed away in a box, and not one I would honestly recommend.

BUT..... it does really depict my view on art. Art is a process of individuation, and not to be confused with the bi-product, which is the 'artwork', the 'piece'.

I don't really have any strategic plan or ambitions for my bi-products, hence no fear of them being stolen or copied. End of. other news......

Have had a massive shopping spree at Alpha Auer's place, went dancing at Alienspeaking , then turned up for the UWA awards......very well documented here

My Koinup piece was good enough for NWN to link to it, (a feather in my cap) and just before Magoo got returned I had two sims in Search > Showcase > Hot Spots..... all good.

Wizzy again amazed me with her travels to Ancient Archeological Sites.... pictured .. here at the oldest place on the grid... Da Boom, or Great Zero. She likes to sit on things.

...and loved Ravenelle's new images here and here...

Sort of a mixed week really, like a lot of arty types I get a bit of post-natal depression so the blogging has been slack....sorry (not very sorry)... oh, yes, made a new's in the UWA December Competition.... only place to see it so far. Pop over if you are dying to see it...hehehhhehehee

...and Happy Rezz Day Lalo


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Mark Linden (scoop)

Your intrepid virtual explorer/reporteress has once again got her little fingers (well, ears actually) on a tasty little morsel....

In a pleasantly surprising move, to be announced tomorrow at the UWA November Awards party, and intimated in my Koinup post Mark Linden and I....Mark Linden will join the judges panel at The University of Western Australia for these, much praised, awards. This confirms my deep held belief that this university is doing more for the arts than anyone else in SL, a view that Mark Linden maybe agrees with, and, hopefully, learns from (re. LL).

Jayjay Zifanwe (yes, I know I spell his name differently every time I blog...) was extremely pleased at the move and, well, he and Quadrapop have worked hard to achieve what they have in these few months and deserve all the support they get. 59 artists have submitted for the November competition, and this alone tells a lot about the 'management'.

For those of you who don't have this event firmly marked in your diaries its 5am SLT (well, yes, it's one event the West Coast does have to get up very early for...) on Sunday 6th December, i.e. tomorrow.'


Thursday, 3 December 2009

Watering down the wine

Well, the Companion has opened as those reading my last two posts will obviously know. There's a fair few nice shots of it on

...and, look hard and you'll find my flying goat with an anim by Frigg Ragu that's a freebie, it's in the stall by the wooden castle...

Anyway, the story is about a young man, they always are, on his path to individuation (a Jung word)... and the first part of his journey takes him to the Vintner (wine-maker) who is frozen in ice outside the church, dead but unburied. Anyone who is so mean spirited as to water down wine before selling it to friends and neighbours is gonna be met with the same meanness as he showed others. So, only right that they should be as penny-pinching as he was and not pay for his funeral.

All good morality tale stuff, do unto others and all that. Luckily the young traveller has a different take on it. Justice is one thing and love another....(Brand is my fav. Ibsen drama, a story of the god of righteousness vs the god of love)...and shells out the few Kroner that are needed to get the old sinner interred in Mother Earth. ....and all good things flow from this act of generosity.

Now I couldn't help wondering if I was watering down my wine,.... wine in these contexts often used as an image of the blood, or generally, passion. ...and of course we are all a little guilty of "suppressing the sound of our own breathing', i.e. not living life to the full, being a party-pooper at our own festival. We have as many excuses as the Vintner probably thought he had, and more, probably. ......and our souls can get rather encase in this frozen mass of inhibitions....

Which is why I thought it was a very fitting tale for SL. Obviously if you are a pain in the arse in RL you will be the same in SL, and generally rain on everyone's parade in all worlds, but if you are held back (as we all are) in RL by conventions, norms, taboos, education, culture etc etc...then... SL is such a wonderful opportunity to "let your hair down". .... and there are a few people who have said how much more confident or assertive they feel in SL...and hopefully that seeps out into RL......

So let's make some full-bodied rich wine, and have a ball... bring your RL personna with you if you must but leave your preconceptions at the login page...or you'll never dance with dragons.


Monday, 30 November 2009

The Companion, the complete story.......

ONCE on a time there was a farmer's son who dreamt that he was to marry a princess far, far out in the world. She was as red and white as milk and blood, and so rich there was no end to her riches. When he awoke he seemed to see her still standing bright and living before him, and he thought her so sweet and lovely that his life was not worth having unless he had her too. So he sold all he had, and set off into the world to find her out.

He went far, and farther than far, and about winter he came to a land where all the highroads lay right straight on end; there wasn't a bend in any of them. When he wandered on and on for a quarter of a year he came to a town, and outside the church door lay a big block of ice, in which there stood a dead body, and the whole parish spat on it as they passed by to church. The lad wondered at this, and when the priest came out of church he asked him what it all meant.
"It is a great wrong-doer," said the priest. "He has been executed for his ungodliness and set up there to be mocked and spat on."
"But what was his wrong-doing?" asked the lad.
"When he was alive here he was a vintner," said the priest, "and he mixed water with his wine."
The lad thought that no such dreadful sin.
"Well," he said, "after he had atoned for it with his life, you might as well have let him have Christian burial and peace after death."
But the priest said that could not be in any wise, for there must be folk to break him out of the ice, and money to buy a grave from the church. Then the gravedigger must be paid for digging the grave, and the sexton for tolling the bell, and the clerk for singing the hymns, and the priest for sprinkling dust over him.
"Do you think now there would be anyone who would be willing to pay all this for an executed sinner?"
Yes," said the lad. "If he could only get him buried in Christian earth, he would be sure to pay for his funeral ale out of his scanty means."
Even after that the priest hemmed and hawed; but when the lad came with two witnesses, and asked him right out in their hearing if he could refuse to sprinkle dust over the corpse, he was forced to answer that he could not.
So they broke the vintner out of the block of ice, and laid him in Christian earth, and they tolled the bell and sang hymns over him, and the priest sprinkled dust over him, and they drank his funeral ale till they wept and laughed by turns. But when the lad had paid for the ale he hadn't many pence left in his pocket.

He set off on his way again, but he hadn't got far before a man overtook him and asked if he didn't think it dull work walking on all alone.
No, the lad did not think it dull. "I have always something to think about," he said.
Then the man asked if he wouldn't like to have a servant.
"No," said the lad; "I am wont to be my own servant; therefore I have need of none. And even if I wanted one ever so much, I have no means to get one, for I have no money to pay for his food and wages."
"You do need a servant, that I know better than you," said the man, "and you have need of one whom you can trust in life and death. If you won't have me as a servant, you may take me as your companion. I give you my word I will stand you in good stead, and it shan't cost you a penny. I will pay my own fare, and as for food and clothing, you shall have no trouble about them."
Well, on those terms he was willing enough to have him as his companion. After that they travelled together, and the man for the most part went on ahead and showed the lad the way.

After they had travelled on and on from land to land, over hill and wood, they came to a steep mountain spur. There the companion went up and knocked, and bade them open the door; and the rock opened sure enough, and when they got inside the hill, up came an old witch with a chair and asked them, "Be so good as to sit down. No doubt you are weary."
"Sit on it yourself," said the man. So she was forced to take her seat, and as soon as she sat down she stuck fast, for the chair was such that it let no one loose that came near it. Meanwhile they went about inside the hill, and the companion looked round till he saw a sword hanging over the door. That he would have, and if he got it he told the old witch that he might let her loose out of the chair.
"Nay, nay," she screeched out; "ask me anything else. Anything else you may have, but not that, for it is my Three-Sister Sword; we are three sisters who own it together."
"Very well; then you may sit there till the end of the world," said the man. But when she heard that, she said he might have it. He took the sword and went off with it, and after a while the stool set her free.
When they had gone far, far away over naked mountains and wide wastes, they came to another steep mountain spur. There, too, the companion knocked and bade them open the door, and the same thing happened as happened before; the rock opened, and when they had got a good way into the hill another old witch came up to them with a chair and begged them to sit down. "You may well be weary," she said.
"Sit down yourself," said the companion. And so she fared as her sister had fared; she did not dare to say nay, and as soon as she sat down on the chair she stuck fast. Meanwhile the lad and his companion went about in the hill, and the man broke open all the chests and drawers till he found what he sought, and that was a golden ball of yarn. That he set his heart on, and he promised the old witch to set her free if she would give him the golden ball. She said he might take all she had, but that she could not part with; it was her Three-Sister Ball. But when she heard that she should sit there till doomsday unless he got it, she said he might take it all the same if he would only set her free. So the companion took the golden ball, and left her sitting where she sat till the stool suddenly let her go.
So on they went for many days, over waste and wood, till they came to a third steep mountain spur. There all went as it had gone twice before. The companion knocked, the rock opened, and inside the hill an old witch came up, and asked them to sit on her chair, they must be tired. But the companion said again, "Sit on it yourself," and there she sat. They had not gone through many rooms before they saw an old hat which hung on a peg behind the door. That the companion must and would have; but the old witch couldn't part with it. It was her Three-Sister Hat, and if she gave it away, all her luck would be lost. But when she heard that she would have to sit there till the end of the world unless he got it, she said he might take it if he would only let her loose. When the companion had got well hold of the hat, he went off, and bade her sit there for some time more, like the rest of her sisters, and so she did till the stool set her free after some time.
After a long, long time, they came to a sound; then the companion took the ball of yarn and threw it so hard against the rock on the other side of the stream, that it bounded back, and after he had thrown it backwards and forwards a few times it became a bridge. On that bridge they went over the sound, and when they reached the other side, the man bade the lad to be quick and wind up the yarn again as soon as he could, for, said he
"If we don't wind it up quick, all those witches will come after us, and tear us to bits."
So the lad wound and wound with all his might and main, and when there was no more to wind than the very last thread, up came the old witches on the wings of the wind. They flew to the water so that the spray rose before them, and snatched at the end of the thread. But they could not quite get hold of it, and so they were drowned in the sound.

When they had gone on a few days farther, the companion said, "Now we are soon coming to the castle where she is, the princess that you dreamt of. When we get there, you must go in and tell the king what you dreamt, and what it is you are seeking."
So when they reached it he did what the man told him, and was very heartily welcomed. He had a room for himself and another for his companion. They were to live in them, and when dinner-time drew near, he was bidden to dine at the king's own table. As soon as ever he set eyes on the princess he knew her at once, and saw it was the one he had dreamt to be his bride. Then he told her his business, and she answered that she liked him well enough, and would gladly have him, but first he must undergo three trials. So when they had dined she gave him a pair of golden scissors, and said
"The first test is that you must take these scissors and keep them, and give them to me at midday tomorrow. It is not so very great a trial, I fancy," she said, and made a face, "but if you can't stand it you lose your life; that is the law, and so you will be drawn and quartered, and your body will be stuck on stakes, and your head over the gate, just like those lovers of mine, whose skulls and skeletons you see outside the king's castle."
"That is no such great art," thought the lad.
But the princess was so merry and mad, and flirted so much with him that he forgot all about the scissors and himself, and while they played and sported, she stole the scissors away from him without his knowing it.
When he went up to his room at night, and told how he had fared, and what she had said to him, and about the scissors she gave him to keep, the companion said, "Of course you have the scissors safe and sure?"
Then he searched in all his pockets, but there were no scissors, and the lad was in a sad way when he found them wanting.
"Well, well!" said the companion; "I'll see if I can't get you the scissors again."
With that he went down into the stable, and there stood a big, fat billy goat that belonged to the princess, and it was of that breed that it could fly many times faster through the air than it could run on land. He took the Three-Sister Sword and gave it a stroke between the horns, and said, "When rides the princess to see her lover tonight?"
The billy goat baaed and said it dared not say, but when it had another stroke, it said the princess was coming at eleven o'clock. Then the companion put on the Three-Sister Hat, and all at once he became invisible, and so he waited for her. When she came, she took and rubbed the billy goat with an ointment that she had in a great horn, and said, "Away, away, over roof-tree and steeple, over land, over sea, over hill, over dale, to my true love who waits for me in the mountain tonight."
At the very moment that the goat set off, the companion threw himself on behind, and away they went like a blast through the air. They were not long on the way, and in a trice they came to a cross-mountain. There she knocked, and so the goat passed through the mountain to the troll, her lover.
"Now, my dear," she said, "a new lover is come, whose heart is set on having me. He is young and handsome, but I will have no other than you," and so she coaxed and petted the troll.
"So I set him a trial, and here are the scissors he was to watch and keep; now you keep them," she said.
So the two laughed heartily, just as though they had the lad already on wheel and stake.
"Yes, yes!" said the troll; "I'll keep them safe enough."
"And I shall sleep on the bride's white arm, while ravens round his skeleton swarm."
And so he laid the scissors in an iron chest with three locks. But just as he dropped them into the chest, the companion snapped them up. Neither of them could see him, for he had on the Three-Sister Hat. And so the troll locked up the chest for nothing, and he hid the keys he had in the hollow eye-tooth in which he had the toothache. There it would be hard work for anyone to find them, the troll thought.
When midnight was passed, she set off home again. The companion got up behind the goat, and they lost no time on the way back.
Next day, about noon, the lad was asked down to the king's board; but then the princess gave herself such airs, and was so high and mighty that she would scarce look towards the side where the lad sat. After they had dined, she dressed her face in holiday garb and said as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth,
"Maybe you have those scissors which I begged you to keep yesterday?"
"Oh, yes, I have," said the lad, "and here they are," and with that he pulled them out, and drove them into the board till it jumped again. The princess could not have been more vexed had he driven the scissors into her face. But for all that she made herself soft and gentle, and said,
"Since you have kept the scissors so well, it won't be any trouble to you to keep my golden ball of yarn. Take care you give it me tomorrow at noon. But if you have lost it, you shall lose your life on the scaffold. That is the law."
The lad thought that an easy thing, so he took and put the golden ball into his pocket. But she started to play and flirt with him again, so that he forgot both himself and the golden ball, and while they were at the height of their games and pranks, she stole it from him, and sent him off to bed.
Then when he came up to his bedroom and told what they had said and done, his companion asked,
"Of course you have the golden ball she gave you?"
"Yes, yes," said the lad, and felt in his pocket where he had put it. But no, there was no ball to be found, and he fell again into such an ill mood, and knew not which way to turn.
"Well, well! Bear up a bit," said the companion. "I'll see if I can lay hands on it;" and with that he took the sword and hat and strode off to a smith and got twelve pounds of iron welded on to the back of the sword-blade. Then he went down to the stable and gave the billy goat a stroke between his horns so that the brute went head over heels, and he asked,
"When does the princess ride to see her lover tonight?"
"At twelve o'clock," baaed the billy goat.
So the companion put on the Three-Sister Hat again, and waited till she came, tearing along with her horn of ointment, and greased the billy goat. Then she said, as she had said the first time,
"Away, away, over roof-tree and steeple, over land, over sea, over hill, over dale, to my true love who waits for me in the mountain tonight."
In a trice they were off, and the companion threw himself on behind the billy goat, and away they went like a blast through the air. In the twinkling of an eye they came to the troll's hill, and, when she had knocked three times, they passed through the rock to the troll who was her lover.
"Where did you hide the golden scissors I gave you yesterday, my darling?" cried out the princess. "My wooer had it and gave it back to me."
"That was quite impossible," said the troll, for he had locked it up in a chest with three locks and hidden the keys in the hollow of his eye-tooth. But when they unlocked the chest and looked for it, the troll had no scissors in his chest.
So the princess told him how she had given her suitor her golden ball.
"And here it is," she said; "for I took it from him again without his knowing it. But what shall we hit on now, since he is master of such craft?"
Well, the troll hardly knew; but after they had thought a bit, they made up their minds to light a large fire and burn the golden ball; and so they would be cocksure that he could not get at it. But, just as she tossed it into the fire, the companion stood ready and caught it, and neither of them saw him, for he wore the Three-Sister Hat.
When the princess had been with the troll a little while and it began to grow towards dawn, she set off home again. The companion got up behind her on the goat, and they got back fast and safe.
Next day, when the lad was bidden down to dinner, the companion gave him the ball. The princess was even more high and haughty than the day before, and after they had dined, she perked up her mouth, and said in a dainty voice,
"Perhaps it is too much to look for that you should give me back my golden ball, which I gave you to keep yesterday?"
"Is it?" said the lad. "You shall soon have it. Here it is, safe enough;" and as he said that he threw it down on the table so hard that it shook again. And as for the king, he gave a jump high up into the air.
The princess got as pale as a corpse, but she soon came to herself again, and said in a sweet, small voice,
"Well done, well done!" Now he had only one more trial left, and it was this:
"If you are so clever as to bring me what I am now thinking of by dinner-time tomorrow, you shall win me, and have me to wife."
That was what she said.
The lad felt like one doomed to death, for he thought it quite impossible to know what she was thinking about, and still harder to bring it to her. And so, when he went up to his bedroom, it was hard work to comfort him at all. His companion told him to be easy; he would see if he could get the right end of the stick this time too, as he had done twice before. So the lad at last took heart, and lay down to sleep.
Meanwhile, the companion went to the smith and got twenty-four pounds of iron welded on to his sword. When that was done, he went down to the stable and let fly at the billy goat between the horns with such a blow that he went right head over heels against the wall.
"When does the princess ride to her lover tonight?" he asked.
"At one o'clock," baaed the billy goat.
So when the hour drew near, the companion stood in the stable with his Three-Sister Hat on; and, when she had greased the goat and uttered the same words that they were to fly through the air to her true love who was waiting for her in the mountain, off they went again on the wings of the wind. And all the while the companion sat behind.
But he was not light-handed this time; for every now and then he gave the princess a slap so that he almost beat the breath out of her body.
And when they came to the wall of rock, she knocked at the door. It opened, and they passed on into the mountain to her lover.
As soon as she got there, she fell to bewailing and was very cross, and said she never knew the air could deal such buffets; she almost thought that someone sat behind, someone who beat both the billy goat and herself. She was sure she was black and blue all over her body, such a hard flight had she had through the air.
Then she went on to tell how her lover had brought her the golden ball too. How it happened, neither she nor the troll could tell.
"But now do you know what I have hit on?"
No, the troll did not.
"Well," she went on, "I have told him to bring me what I was then thinking of by dinner-time tomorrow, and what I thought of was your head. Do you think he can get that, my darling?" said the princess, and began to fondle the troll.
"No, I don't think he can," said the troll. He would take his oath he couldn't; and then the troll burst out laughing and roared worse than any wild sailor, and both the princess and the troll thought the lad would be drawn and quartered, and that the crows would peck out his eyes before he could get the troll's head.
When it turned towards dawn, she had to set off home again; but she was afraid, she said, for she thought there was someone behind her, and so she was afraid to ride home alone. The troll must go with her on the way. Yes, the troll would go with her, and he led out his billy goat (for he had one that matched the one of the princess), and smeared it and greased it between the horns. And when the troll got up, the companion crept on behind, and so off they set through the air to the king's grange. But all the way the companion thrashed the troll and his billy goat, and gave them cut and thrust and thrust and cut with his sword till they got weaker and weaker, and at last were well on the way to sink down into the sea that they passed over. Now the troll thought it was the weather that was wild, and went right home with the princess up to the king's grange and stood outside to see that she got home safe and well. But just as she shut the door behind her, the companion struck off the troll's head and ran up with it to the lad's bedroom.
"Here is what the princess thought of," said he.
Well, they were merry and joyful, one may think, and when the lad was bidden down to dinner and they had dined, the princess was as lively as a lark.
"No doubt you have got what I thought of?" said she.
"Aye, aye; I have it," said the lad, and he tore it out from under his coat and threw it down on the table with such a thump that the table, trestles and all, was upset. As for the princess, she was as though she had been dead and buried. But she could not say that this was not what she was thinking of, and so now he was to have her to wife, as she had given her word. So they made a bridal feast, and there was drinking and gladness all over the kingdom.
But the companion took the lad aside and told him that he must just shut his eyes and sham sleep on the bridal night; but if he held his life dear and would listen to him, he wouldn't let a wink come over them till he had stripped her of her troll-skin, which had been thrown over her. But he must flog it off her with a rod made of nine new birch twigs, and he must tear it off her in three tubs of milk: First he was to scrub her in a tub of year-old whey, and then he was to scour her in the tub of buttermilk, and lastly he was to rub her in a tub of new milk. The birch twigs lay under the bed, and the tubs he had set in the corner of the room. Everything was ready to his hand.
The lad gave his word to do as he was bid, and to listen to him. So when they got into the bridal bed at even, the lad shammed as though he had given himself up to sleep. Then the princess raised herself up on her elbow and looked at him to see if he slept, and tickled him under the nose; but the lad slept on still. Then she tugged his hair and his beard; but he lay like a log, as she thought. After that she drew out a big butcher's knife from under the bolster, and was just going to hack off his head when the lad jumped up, dashed the knife out of her hand, and caught her by the hair. Then he flogged her with the birch rods, and wore them out on her till there was not a twig left. When that was over he tumbled her into the tub of whey, and then he got to see what sort of beast she was: she was black as a raven all over her body. But when he scrubbed her well in the whey, and scoured her with buttermilk, and rubbed her well in new milk, her troll-skin dropped off her, and she was fair and lovely and gentle; so lovely she had never looked before.
Next day the companion said they must set off home. The lad was ready enough, and the princess too, for her dower had been long waiting. In the night the companion fetched to the king's grange all the gold and silver and precious things which the troll had left behind him in the fell, and when they were ready to start in the morning the whole grange was so full of silver, and gold, and jewels, there was no walking without treading on them. That dower was worth more than all the king's land and realm, and they were at their wits' end to know how to carry it with them.
But the companion knew a way out of every strait. The troll left behind him six billy goats who could all fly through the air. Those he so laded with silver and gold that they were forced to walk along the ground, and had no strength to mount aloft and fly, and what the billy goats could not carry had to stay behind in the king's grange. So they travelled far and farther than far, but at last the billy goats got so footsore and tired they could not go another step. The lad and the princess knew not what to do; but when the companion saw they could not get on, he took the whole dower on his back and the billy goats a-top of it, and bore it all so far on that there was only half a mile left to the lad's home.
Then the companion said, "Now we must part. I can't stay with you any longer."
But the lad would not part from him; he would not lose him for much or little. Well, he went with them a quarter of a mile more, but farther he could not go. And when the lad begged and prayed him to go home and stay with him altogether, or at least as long as they had drunk his home-coming ale in his father's house, the companion said no, he could not do that.
Then the boy asked how to repay him for keeping him company and helping him.
If it was to be anything, it would be half of everything he got during the next five years, said the companion.
Yes, he should have it.

When the companion was gone, the lad laid together all his wealth in a safe place and went home without any baggage. Then they drank his home-coming ale till the news spread far and wide over seven kingdoms, and when they had got to the end of the feast, they had carting and carrying all the winter both with the billy goats and the twelve horses which his father had, before they got all that gold and silver safely carted home.
Five years later the companion returned for his share. By then the man had divided everything into two equal parts.
"But there is one thing you have not divided," said the companion.
"What is that?" said the man. "I thought I had divided everything."
You have got a child," said the companion. "You must divide that also in two."
That was true enough, so the man grasped his sword, but just as he lifted it to cleave the child in two, the companion seized the point of the sword from behind, so that he could not strike.
"Are you not glad that I stopped you from striking that blow?" he said.
"Yes, I have never been so glad in my life," said the man.
"Well, I was just as glad when you set me free from the block of ice," said the companion. "Keep everything you have! I don't need anything of it, for I am a soaring spirit," he said.

He was the vintner who had stood in the block of ice outside the church door, the one all spat on; and he had been his companion and helped him because he had given all he had to get him peace and rest in Christian earth.
"I had leave," he said, "to follow you a year," and that year was out when they parted the last time. Then he was allowed to see him one more time. But now he must part for good, for he heard the bells of heaven ringing for him.

The End.


The Companion

Yes, well....

"The Companion will open tomorrow at 1st of december 11AM SLT.

The Companion is a region build based on a norwegian folktale. It is always winter there, and follows the narrative structure of the folktale.

It is build by Soror Nishi and Miskat Qinan, based on a idea by Frigg Ragu.

Tonight - Monday - there will be a preview of the place from 11 AM SLT. You are mostly welcome to see the place and maybe you find me doing my last work to finish the place.

With best greetings from Frigg Ragu."


pop over...



This is my latest flower to go on sale at the shop....

It's called the Cappuccino Vine and natives use the beans to make a wonderful drink...

In other news, (lots of small bits)..... Magoo..... last chance to see over the next two days, I think it's going on Wednesday.

AND a new sim with work by Muskat Qinan, Frigg Ragu and myself, opens on Tuesday....details to follow.....

Bettina Tizzy is gonna be blogging for NWN.... thats great news... we all look forward to that, although I could suggest to Hamlet, not that he necessarily reads this rag..... that sometimes it's better not to post...

Cole Marie Soleil, one of the most all-round talented artists in SL is now offering her services as a video maker and will be taking commissions from interested parties.... here

Isabella Alphaville had a rocking party on Saturday which was attended by the famous and trendy.... it was a social highlight.

Alizarin Goldflake.... I blogged her new piece for Koinup... check it out...

....and......UWA, voting begins for the November People's Choice award.....

" UWA 3D Art & Design November People's Choice: The November People's Choice board is up - so come on over and vote for your favourite of the 58 (yes 58!) entries we have had in the imagine Challenge this month. Make sure you have a good look at each and every one of the Imagine entries and check out the Flagship builds via the TPs on the platform next to the landing area."

You will arrive

............. the Pseudonymity discussions continue......with supreme clarity on Botgirl's blog and a good piece by Lalo Telling...

no wonder I'm frazzled....hehehhehe...


Friday, 27 November 2009


We all use slightly loaded words to help convey a message or, as Noam Chomsky calls it, “manufacture consent”, and I do need to explain more fully my concern over the use of the word integrity in connection with the question of whether or not one decides to disclose RL names and circumstances of SL avatars (other worlds are available).

Botgirl’s words “Public pseudonymity IS compatible with the quest to live with integrity” started me on this particular path as I posted previously and thank you for your comments.....

The implication that integrity is increased through disclosure (not only here but in other recent postings by others) is the lie disguised as truth that I want to disagree with the most strongly.

The logical extrapolation being.... that publishing my photo, address and details of my breakfast makes me a more moral being.

Integrity, whether in relation to the Self, or to a piece or art like me, Soror, is the same, viz.. “ Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome.”
If I decide to create an avatar in a VW I move into a new context. The integrity of that creation is compromised when my decisions and actions are taken out of context. That means, quite simply, that there is less integrity in an avatar that has been linked to a RL personality.

If the RL person is under the delusion that that increases their integrity, hmmm, well...interesting to ask why..

An anonymous commentator I thought to be particularly interesting in this discussion as it sort of justifies my concern. He (that may be a sexist assumption) demanded that I “come clean” and the assumption is obviously that pseudonymity is a dirty state of existence, transparency being morally commendable.

I think there is an underlying paranoia which has to do with the unknown. Jung was fascinated by the alchemists as he saw speculation about the unknown to be a near perfect state of ‘transference”., i.e. the individual transfers his fears and hopes onto the unknowable (for example, the future; in the case of the alchemists, matter) and in so doing reveals his/her psyche.

“We know what power you'd like too, but we're onto you now.;)” Well,this is pure transference. [My particular plans for world domination through the planting of flowers is not going so well that it warrants studying by a committee (unless “we” refers to the Royal pronoun and it is Prince Charles who is writing..)].... but this feeling of being watched by person or persons unknown, which is a short hop from religion and schizophrenia, is maybe a driving factor behind this particular persons fanaticism.

Now, it is not the fault of Islam that there are some fanatics who take extreme action, no more than it is any one particular person who is at fault for this disclosure fanaticism, but....I think it is time to stop spreading the idea that disclosure is more honourable.

...and I hope Lalo Telling won’t mind that I post these wise words as a ‘final word’....

“I think (to paraphrase Botgirl's blog post) we are ready to move past the navel-gazing stage of "Am I my avatar; is my avatar me?" and accept that the answer is "Yes." Names don't matter. Words and actions do, so let's look at how -- and why -- our presence in the Metaverse expresses us, how it changes us, how we change it, and what we want to do with that.”



Thursday, 26 November 2009

Pseudonymity AKA privacy.

When people all start agreeing with each other too much I get a bit nervous..... and that’s why I try to disagree with everyone, where at all possible...

I have been a keen follower of Botgirl’s blog since I first saw her work in September last year at New Caerleon. Her work on multiple identities and the psychology of virtual existence has been inspirational and helped me formulate my own thoughts on the subject.

Recently Botgirl has announced her RL name and status and caused a fair few post centered around the anonymity question. That is fair enough, that’s her privilege. To me it was a bit like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings turning to camera and saying..”My real name is actually Ian.” It did nothing for me.

I am very bored of blogs where articles about SL people add their AKA’s. Like.... “Baggins Frogspawn, AKA Maria Rabinowitz, is now...bla bla bla....” (both names are fictional before you run to Search, tho Maria will probably sue...).

There are two main reasons for this... firstly I have enough trouble remembering one set of names (my bio-RAM is overloaded and no implant/upgrade available..) let alone two. I have friends on Facebook (which is really boring the pants off me at the Wars and Stupid Farms are not what I want to spent my time doing or how I want my personal info spread in hyperspace...) yes...friends on Facebook who I don’t know...too many names, too much info...

Secondly... the suspension of disbelief is fully respected in film, theatre, puppet shows (big in some cultures) and fiction, why is it not as accepted in SL?

The loss of belief in Santa is a passing of innocence which doesn’t happen instantly, there are years where children accept that Santa/daddy is a dual identity like when I go the the theatre and accept Hamlet/actor as an entity. I’m a grown up, I can accept that the person standing in front of me may not be 7 foot tall in RL, may not have two heads, Duh!! but they have in SL and I enjoy it.

Now, having ‘come out’, as indeed Dusan Writer has, Botgirl has had a rather positive spin on her new dual status reminding me of a convert’s enthusiasm.... and when people all start agreeing....

Her most recent post however conceding that “ Public pseudonymity IS compatible with the quest to live with integrity” altho she implies that full disclosure is necessary for a meaningful friendship.

Integrity is the best reason I know for NOT messing up SL with the trivia of RL. “ Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome.” (wickidpedia)

...and I seem to remember that a common comment in Dusan’s discussion of the subject centered around the idea that ‘transparency’ (giving your real name) would be great for VW as more honesty would prevail.

Well, I think that both of these points are rubbish.

Revealing my identity, which I now see as a mistake, to a couple of friends has done absolutely nothing to improve my relationships with these people, they would have been just as good had I not done so, and one, I feel, has suffered because of it. As for honesty ...duh! ...Bernard Madoff......that was his real name.

Like the example I gave above with Gandalf it disturbs the flow of the action and it takes 6 months or so before things return to normal and the RL “facts” fade into the muddied waters of my memory banks. I lose interest, luckily....

Far worse than these individual foibles is that ‘realism’ is a geek ideal that has seeped into the very culture of VW’s. the beginning a load of geeks got together to try and make a 3D avatar that looked as human as possible, they refined and refined. Their measure of success was... how life-like, how ‘real’ could they make this world. This aim has now infested the Boys philosophy. Their aim is now to make SL a copy of the Real World and have Real Meetings in Real Boardrooms..... and probably Real Names......but I digress (as usual) and my view that NPIRL is not an option but the ONLY option for VWs will have to be the subject of another post.

For several hundred years it was accepted that society had a dual nature, every person/household had a public face and a private realm. The division of labour was such that the wife was queen of the private realm (which included finance) and the man would go into the public realm and talk philosophy, war and other BS in gentlemen’s clubs and stuff. It worked, not perfectly, nothing ever does.

SL is a public realm, every word you say, every thing you do, etc. is recorded, and I think that my pseudonymity is a healthy privacy.

As a full and fairly rounded individual I have to agree with Bryn who said... “I do not want to become just another AKA.”

soror Nishi AKA soror Nishi


Monday, 23 November 2009

Madcow and Wizzy

Now, I always like to have a dragon visit, there's something about a dragon that takes me back to my noob days (so many moons ago...:))) and that fantastic feeling you have when you first take to the dance floor with a pizza who does the salsa or speak to a Danish horse (begging money as it happened) in the mall. Magic.

Even better then when your visitor is your sister (Wizzy) and the dragon is a piece of craftmanship from the workshop of the famous Madcow....(no.... they are different people.).

I was delighted when it turned out to be a truffle seeking dragon, tho I don't think there's any on my platform....

Well, I've been busy as anyone can be, with a new little commission from a very nice lady called Maeve Eiren who is sororifying her little island and generally being very creative with my stuff. The Norwegian fairy tale sim is coming along with a fair few things to do before the opening, like a 300 prim tree (estimated) have bitten off more than I can chew..being perfectionist with 300 prims could take years...still it's a very different tree...Yggdrasil.

I have agreed to show a little something at Pirats in January and we hope to have an official opening of my little build at UWA in December...I'll keep you posted, of course..... oh, yes....and Magoo will close at the end of get your last fix....

Got some new clothes from GothiCatz and am looking fairly punky this week...will post a pic later.

Everyone's asking about the's OK where I am, thanks for asking.... hehehehe...


Saturday, 21 November 2009

Marko Seurat

Well, you know how many times, dear reader, I have bored you with my rants about Architecture in SL... ...well.. (breathes sign of relief)... no rant is necessary. I will quite simply say, about poor architecture...."well, it should have been built by Marko."

It was a couple of weeks ago that Marko invited me over to his place, after being very kind about my stuff. I was soo pleased... I flew around inside his beautiful house, free as a bird. No stairs, narrow doors or other was a building designed for avatars, not people.

Now....this is why houses are like they are in RL.....

1) gravity
2) rain and climate
3) building materials
4) humans can't fly

Architecture that makes no allowance for the species of being that lives in it (i.e. avatars) is quite simply like digging a tunnel for a golden eagle....... Insane............and there is an amazing quantity of insanity out there.

If you would like to see a simple example of how its done.....check out Markos place......(you have to walk a bit cos of forced tp point).

Now there's a lot more to Marko than one building and it will be nice to see what else he has in store for us..

He had this astute observation about creativity, that it needs good manners, grace and a little devilishness, like good sex.

No arguing with that.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Told you.....

Well, now it's easy to think...."oh...soror's off on another" but, as I have shown before, I do have my moments.

In my recent post...Economic Stupidity at the Lab I said...."Obviously there is a thriving economy between avis that the Boys want a bigger share of. Now, I think this is short-sighted and stupid. Sucking blood regularly ends up killing the host."

In a recent announcement the Boys have decided, in spite of my blog ! to go ahead with a little blood sucking......well..more.... "biting the hand" actually. XLstreet, a poor sort of shopping experience at the best of times is now gonna cost a commission. Yes, it's gonna cost to put stuff on XLstreet.

"Monthly Listing Fee for Freebies of L$99:
Monthly Listing Fee of L$10 for all items L$1 or greater:
Minimum Commission of L$3 on all items priced L$1 or greater: "

......and that's no's here..

So...well, now it doesn't take much of a genius to realise what would happen.... 20,000 items taken off in the first 24 hours...huge protests and....well...I'm just about to remove a few more...mine...

My stuff has been on there for months and I have sold it's not much of a shop is it. I thought it was doing well before the Boys bought it.....

Thanks to that roving reporter Wizzy who gave NWN and I the heads up on this story....

It is exactly what I meant tho...who, o who, o who.....thinks that increasing taxation stimulates an economy.... haven't the Boys heard about The Depression, surely some history is taught, even to geeks??

This is the time when they should be putting their hands in their pockets and doing some stimulating, financial stimulating rather than pocket billiards (pool)...

The stupidity worries me.