Thursday, 12 August 2010

The borked dork and Yosemite Sam

Make no mistake I dislike Microsoft baseball caps not the lifeforms who live in them.

Someone just got far too much attention and his performance was kinda embarrassing. I found myself wondering about his life too dork a purely Brit word?

I personally think LL missed a trick when they clamped down on gambling (apart from the fact that I had shares in Las Vegas which became worthless overnight) because my TV is full of adverts for online gambling which is, a year on from the big clamp down, seen as fairly innocuous and mainstream.

...when it comes to sex, well, the porn guys, if they had been given their head (sorry, would have been criminal not to use that) may have fuelled the engine that drives change to a better graphic experience. Personally I believe in making love not war... that might make me a liberal hippy, but rather that than a repressed bigot.

Now the baseball cap has nothing to say on V 2.0 that hasn't already been said by someone far less annoying. I have it on good authority though that the 1.23 is out!
End of September and we'll all be on Emerald or will have packed our bags and fled along with the other refugees to a saner world, yes, InWorldz.
There was, apparently, a conversation with Jack Linden during his Office Hours (wish I worked such short hours)... during which it became obvious to my reporting colleague that by the end of September, Viewer 1.23 would no longer be supported. There are apparently workarounds for those who know how to refile it as 'old viewer'...far beyond me, and ....... why bother. Most of the builders I know use Emerald and Imprudence has been well spoken of too.

Another shot in the arm for IWz? as if they need one...

...Oh, and while I'm Sam.... well, Dusan feels like he should apologise to Philip because he took so much flak for not attending SLCC in person, then it turns out that The Shining Knight is in fact off to play Yosemite Sam with his family.

so... I thought about this... now I've never been a CEO (except once in a two person Company), so I guess a job is just a job and free time is important etc etc....being self-employed myself, I always make sure my free time doesn't interrupt business.....or I'd starve.
But, as usual with these things, my interest is immediately drawn to a basic question...namely...Why oh why, when he has had several opportunities, didn't he mention this before? It goes like this...more or less...on the blog which is now called a wiki..."Philip will be presenting at SLCC via Virtual Media.."BECAUSE HE WILL BE ON HOLIDAY AT THE TIME"..... So...9 words which, altho pressed for time, someone could have typed...none of them being hard words to spell.

...and why...stood on the platform at his not-very-public-meeting did he not say..."hey, guys (in his easy confident inspiring manner) it's a bummer I can't be at SLCC, I'll be with my family on those days"...

In case you think I am making too much of this, ask a psychiatrist about omissions. They are important.

So, I have to have a view on this, yes? Yes.

Community is us, the Boys like to tell us at every step that we are a community, even tho communities can't be built like a good bit of code. Now, if Philip was part of that community he would have mentioned something about holidays and no-one would have done anything but say .." great, bud, have a good one, shoots some of them pesky ground squirrels for me."

But, they are the Corporation. They "sell" ideas to us, they dictate changes and they are the bosses. They don't need to tell us about their holidays, why would they? They don't need to tell people why they get the sack. They don't tell us why they can't get search to work. They don't need anything from us except the money to pay wages and The Vultures.

Machines say to me "your call is important to us" ...(not important enough to employ enough people to answer the phones).. and the Boys say..."we are listening",....duh!!... so are the FBI...that doesn't make it a community. Conversation is a two way process...tell us stuff, explain, blog....anything....we want feed back. That's why so many go to IWz and they show a 30% growth in 6 weeks... WE LIKE TO BELONG, not as possessions, minions and serfs, but as a part of something exciting.

That is why I will not be apologising to Philip for giving him flak.

Tough love...


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