Sunday, 8 August 2010

omnibus of trivia

Sometimes there are bits and pieces of things you might find interesting that just don't fit in anywhere else, so, as is my habit now, I mash em all up in a sunday stew....

Imagine Magazine has a small article on me, heralding a more comprehensive piece next month. For those that like to kick back with a mag, I can send you a copy should you want one....

Wizzy, Miso and I were at the 6th rezz day party of Doctor Gascoigne last night. "It's been a strange sort of journey" he said... or words to that effect...and I thought...hmmm...that HAS to be the understatement of the week....:)) well done.

...and I popped over to see what Frigg Ragu had done with the skybox for bunnies I made....she has made a really nice place of the shell I provided....IM her if you are a bunny-nut....It's worth a look...

Last week saw me listening to some classic rock, old-school I would call it.. streaming from the wires of Anek Fuchs. It was Great.

...and then today I was at the UWA awards....full details here.....shortly, the boys and girls have to get some sleep first...

...suffice to say, Nish Mip and Bryn Oh were the joint winners of the Imagine (art) Challenge....and UWA CULTURAL PRECINCT GALLERY AND LABS by DB Bailey and Patch Thibaud won the Flagship (architectural) Challenge.

Pixi won an award on her first ever competition entry and was completely flummoxed...:)) cool

Loads of other awards were won, and I was kinda sad that August will be the last month of this event. Check out the UWinSL website (link above) because the UWA has made some amazing contributions to SL both in credibility as a teaching platform and as sponsors of this, the best art event in SL.

...and if anyone wonders why I get so irritated with the Boys over their attitude to the arts, it's simply because in ONE YEAR only, UWA has sponsored, financially, 200 plus artists with cash as well as with enthusiasm.... without any long list of rules, but with a smile and light touch that has made it a pleasure to take part.

Quad and Jayjay deserve an award too.

In other news.. InWorldz has topped 300 sims and 9500 residents......a 25 to 30% increase in 6 weeks...(old post)...and the shopping just gets better.

...and, tho the number of residents can mislead, those paying tier are real enough numbers, money in the, soon approaching a quarter of a million dollars in tier (per annum) has gotta help pay the electricity bill.... now...if they can just hold off the Vulture Capitalists...


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