Tuesday, 24 August 2010

RL stuff ... a bit of my life

This is Little Cat and he/she is not very well, so a client of mine asked if I would house and cat sit for 10 days while they are in Cambodia, visiting Ankor Wat...

The place is a wildlife haven, deer, badgers, fox, moles all helping to keep me busy...

....unfortunately the broadband connection here is totally crap, so if I stand about like a moron for the next few days, it isn't cos my brain is fried, it's because I am totally lagged...

...just 8 more days and I'll be back to normal.



  1. Gosh I love the moth! Butterflys are beautiful, yes...But the moth always seemed to 'stand/sit' a lil apart. {guess that's why we don't say social moths =^..^= }

  2. Your broadband connection may be crap, but your "surrounded by beautiful nature" connection seems to be working just fine. Enjoy it! ;)


  3. Yes, if you can't have everything in life then a great garden is probably better than a great ISP....:)) at least for 10 days

  4. it's a tough job but someone's gotta get 'er done.

  5. Yep, Little Cat has developed a huge appetite, so that bodes well..