Wednesday, 30 September 2009

University of Western Australia

Hmm...well, I am indebted to Isabella, who told me, cos my messages were capped by the Boys, ....THAT..... the opening of the University of Western Australia...(UWA)... is tomorrow.... I am loosing track which is, of course, not brilliant for a blogger...altho most of them have lost it already, I guess.....

Glyph Graves, myself and quadrapop Lane have pieces on display.....

"The hosts for the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge
would like to invite you to attend the launch of
The University of Western Australia in SL
by Professor Alan Robson, Vice Chancellor of Uinversity of western Australia

This will take place in RL and SL simultaneously.
In SL at midnight SLT 1st October 2009
(RL 3pm WAST/+8GMT 2nd October 2009 on the University of Western Australia, Crawley Campus)

Live video footage of the RL opening speeches and displays will be shown in SL.

Special effects, music and dancing will celebrate the opening in SL."

lol....sorry I published this under Koinup, maybe no-one noticed....


Orange .... au revoir...

Well, I, along with many others gathered last night on Orange Island to say goodbye to Orange. Dusan was in the chair and will probably give a far fuller account of the evening than I will.

My ponderings are purely subjective as Orange had quite a big effect on my SL. They instigated a "Create" program and allowed new artists to build on some spare land they didn't know what to do with. So, after signing a RL contract with French Telecom basically saying I wouldn't charge them or sue them, they gave me a blank canvas in March 2008.

Well, it didn't take me long to plant it all up....finished build ..and the rest is now history. I got two very good commissions from people seeing this build (which actually paid cash) and a lot of recognition.

Now, it could well be that this would have happened anyway, but the way that Orange, especially Fab Outlander, approached SL, and formed a 'presence' in SL is surely worth praising. As a large corporation they had a very astute "softly, softly" approach, interested in what they could learn, rather than what they could teach. They participated and created events and learning opportunities, and, in the end they managed that most difficult of Arts, the art of community building. I don't use the word community lightly, cos I hate it, well.. I hate how it's normally over-used.

The people there last night were there to say thank you and that Orange will be missed. There were virtual tears and real sadness.

...but.... Orange isn't disappearing, just tunnelling underground for a while like a mole, only to re-emerge, I think/hope, as a far more immediate platform. They have ideas of integrating 2D and 3D interaction far closer than SL permits. I had the distinct feeling that we will all meet up in the same virtual platform some time in the future.

The future is bright for the virtual pioneers.....



Monday, 28 September 2009

Magoo and I

Well, had such a hectic SL weekend that I didn't get to post anything yesterday, I was a bit burned out having spent too much time online for my sanity...:))).

I did get round to making a new headdress tho, but it's not on sale yet, unless you IM me.

I've been making the Boys a bit richer this weekend, apart from tier, I've uploaded far too many tex, and I've got another dozen to upload when my Human has had something to eat. ..... Oh well, it's cheaper than oil paint, but doesn't smell as good. hmmm....

The trouble is (with building stuff) that RL gets in the way, yes, my Human lets me down, eating, drinking, sleeping when I could be building. The Human is the weakest link in the chain, maybe I could hire a team...that would be good....they could do a shift system....

Had to turn down the Texas people, lol, what is their hurry?? Just a week in SL and they have to have an art opening on the 9th bet they took longer than 2 weeks to decide to come in..... anyway, I'm not gonna be hurried into reproducing fast crap..
As a free (gratis) labourer, which is how some people look at artists, I'm not gonna be exactly unemployed am I??

Maybe I should go for charitable status....


Saturday, 26 September 2009


Now, this is a word, and concept that I will be using a bit in the next few weeks, especially with reference to what I hope to build at :::soup Magoo::: so I thought it worth while trying to describe why......

It's fitting to do so this week as, for the first time, Jung's Red Book is being published and it was though reading Jung that I came across this concept.

Paracelsus was the first person to coin this word, using it to define the "uncreated" which is basically what it means.

"Prima materia", an Alchemical concept, is what everything is made of, literally the First Matter. Now, according to alchemists, the Prima materia is what you start The Work with, and through diligence, ritual, and devotion you turn base matter into gold.

Now, as this matter is "the root of itself" (radix ipsius) it bears a (projected) resemblance to the godhead in that it, like Uraborus, "fertilises and gives birth to itself".

It is the Uncreated Creation. A god.

Now....lets fast forward a few hundred years to Second Life..... The Prim.

The Prim is the Prima Materia of Second Life, everything is made of this "stuff", and like alchemy (often called The Art) we can, through diligence, ritual and devotion turn this humble prim into pure gold. "Everything is made by prim and without prim is nothing made that was made."

A slight digression here as a friend, newly arrived in SL, said of my flower-making skills.... "wow, it must be so difficult to make those flowers from a plywood box".

The Prim is an uncreated creation.

The prim "fertilises and gives birth to itself".

The prim is Increatum. ....and by projection.......... the Prim is also a god.

...and as every god deserves a temple and an altar, I hope to be able to build a Temple to the Prim at Magoo...


Thursday, 24 September 2009

::: soup Magoo :::

ooooo...what a great view, a primless sim......

Well, thanks to Mab MacMoragh, I get a chance to fill the sim with prim (wonder if prim is the plural of prim, sounds like it should be).

Watch this space..... and many thanks Mab...:))

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

University of Western Australia, and other stuff

Popped over to Aliz'z plaze and she has the builder in.....more later, when he's finished.... but we had to get a photo. This is the pair of us on a stair to nowhere...and....

talking of stairs... well, I went to Pirats, the Bunker, to see a show. OMG the lag was more than bad...anyway, after hanging around on the TP site I decided to try and guess where the entrance is....RANT WARNING>>>>>> why oh why oh why do people not make proper entrances on their buildings.

For Avatars In Lag....ALL entrances should be 10 to 20 meters wide....why not? you got a problem with that??? Bloody architects (poor Newbab got a bit of a rant when I finally arrived)....... here are a list of idiocies

1) spiral stairs.... words fail me when I want to describe how much I hate spiral stairs. Let's just say that I hate them more than.... more than the most hated things in any world.

2) floor to ceiling flat "glass" invisible prims on the front of malls.... the ones you walk into 5 times trying to get into the store.... Duh!!!! RL glass has reflections and frames, and theres no lag!!

3) doors you have to click to get in....WHY? just make em phantom so I can walk through them...

4) porta loos at Burning Life....this is the 3rd year that I have been at Burning Life and I want to know why, after all this time, people still find it SO amusing to build porta loos?? ..Toilet humour I use to enjoy before I reached 10 years old....what a total waste of prims.

...anyway, I digress (and I do it well, some think)... my story was about Pirats who have a very good show at the Bunker, I particulary liked Ling's stuff, altho quite cutsie.... Well, after I had aged, waiting for things to rezz...I thought that these stairs have to be the way in...and I started climbing them. Now although I stopped pressing any keys on my baby mac...SL continued my journey for me, as happens.... I climbed vertically up the doors that didnt open, over the roof and fell off into the sea on the other side....

...that's when I screamed for help and Merlina TPed me in....(why the tp point couldn't have been inside I have no they want visitors to enjoy the architectural marvels of the exterior first???) ... and I enjoyed the show.

So...this is a sight (site) that sort of gets the blood flowing... a prim free area waiting for plants etc.

Jayjay Zifanwe of the University of Western Australia got me over to have a look and asked me to do a bit...

So, sandwiched (artisically, not sexually) between Quadrapop Lane and Glyph Graves, I put out a few trees and flowers....will post a couple more photos when its finished and pukker, but it all seems to be going well....

Scotsgraymouser is entering the Building building competition, that should be good.... bit too much for me I think she does a good entrance......


Sunday, 20 September 2009


Erato of Caerleon, courtesy of Sabrinaa, has a group of works on show as a product of a sort of competition that she instigated a few weeks ago.

The idea was quite simple, using only a few textures that were given to us we had to texture one of our pieces. The results are on show here.

....and, its an interesting collection. At first you have to really look to realise that they all have used the same tex. It's surprising how the forms...well, also partly because of how things rezz.... how the forms are more immediately different than the realisation that the textures are all the same. Nice.

My bonsai, above, is entered.

The University of Western Australia also has a couple of competitions going, one to design a new campus building....and one.. just design...enter whatever you like.

There are monthly cash prizes (not enough to drive you wild with lust) which sort of makes it fun.

Jayjay Zifanwe seems to be the man driving the Virtual Push, well done to him.

Burning Life site of a Freak of Nature is coming along nicely, Snowy, Pixi and I having done some v cool stuff already...and there's still a while to go before the gates open. Should be good.

I hope to be doing a regular blog of whats cool and whats not during the first weeks of BL along with Poid over on the Koinup blog...(check out my OMNIBUS posts). Lots of flying around looking at tat, no doubt....

...any 'heads up' on cool stuff will be much appreciated....especially "new" people....

Best blog post I have read this week is courtesy of Poid, an interview with Aren it here.. lots of boring stuff around, I'm afraid..

......but What the Fug usually amuses....seems like the Fashion Police are gonna be in business for a long time to come....

Botgirl is certainly one of the best reads around, either her blog or her Twit


Saturday, 19 September 2009

REN and Oberon Onmura

Well, because of my hurried entry yesterday I thought I should tell you about the show, REN, the DREAMS, NIGHTMARES & MEMORIES Art Festival.

Its, as I said at Virtual Holland and has a lot of artists showing, some well known and others less so. I didn't get to look round the whole thing, but here are a few images, hopefully to whet your appetites....

White Lebed had a great piece there showing her great compositional and prim bending skills.... the Piano Player..

There was a nice piece by Lollito Larkham, who I haven't met yet, but I loved the ant attack... lol...I've been camping...eeek...!!!

AuraKyo has a very competent installation in the show as well as doing the curating, so she's obviously been busy...:))

There are loads of others I didn't get to was full and a bit laggy so I'll have to go back.... well recommended.. oh, yes, I have a new piece in it too...

Oberon Onmura has a show, just opened, based on the Tunguska Event which was a huge explosion that flattened many square miles of trees in Siberia. You can see it here.

I am always in awe of people who script better than me (most everyone then) and Oberon has done some great stuff here.

It is, of course, difficult to give the degree of scale of an event like Tunguska, without 4 or 5 sims, but the inspiration is evident.

SL is in good hands all the time so much work can be shown on a monthly, well, almost weekly basis....


Friday, 18 September 2009

Show time....tonight

This painting by Vianne Udet, great frame too..... come see more...

Sorry for the late advance warning, I'm having trouble keeping up with the galleries I'm showing at this month....

"Hello everybody =) Is our pleasure to invite you to

A Festival that explores our human condition.

Friday 18th - 1 PM Second Life Time
at REN Vlaanderen Lands
Come to enjoy the works of differents creators that explored the dreams, nightmares and memories.

Creations by:
jackjohannes Allen, Evangeline Arcadia, Carabella Babii, Igor Ballyhoo, Massimo Blinker, Rose Borchovski, Schmonson Dalglish, Explorer Dastardly, Artistide Despres, Glyph Graves, AuraKyo Insoo, Arnold Jung, Kean Kelly, Lollito Larkham, White Lebed, Ludo Merit, Sabrinaa Nightfire, soror Nishi, Bryn Oh, RAG Randt, Betty Rogan, aRa Sheridan, Elizabeth Spieler, Jen Trute, Vianne Udet, Alexandar Vargas and Dan Yapungku.

* Curated by AuraKyo Insoo.


Also in this lands you can enjoy differents previous installations like:
(use the red teleporters to find each location)

*The Garden of Circles:
In the ground you will find the works of many friends:
Elizabeth Spieler, Penelope Parx, Franchella Milena, Rozamyndi Brimm and Crystam Flyer.

*Dan Yapungku Personal Creation:
Visit also Dan`s studios with his paintings and digital compositions.

*Kyo Moulin:
Outside and inside this mill you can find creations of another friends:
Roodvosje Rosse, SaveMe Oh, Bekas Takaaki, Carabella Babii, Artistide Despres, Violetta Biziou, Arnold Jung, Petta Hax & Teaseu Xeno, Looker Lumet, AuraKyo Insoo.

* Au Nest:
A place for dance and celebrate =)

Have a beautiful life!
AuraKyo Insoo & Dan Yapungku."

great show.....


Thursday, 17 September 2009

September shows

Well, there's quite a lot going on over the next few weeks for me after which I will probably feel like putting my feet up and getting drunk...:))

The show at PiRats is going well and my piece has had a few compliments which is very heartening.

Artistide is re launching her major piece later which now, once again (it moved locations) it incorporates a few of my trees and flowers, well, more mushrooms than flowers. my bits represent drug induces illusion, I think...:))

Then at the weekend, I have a piece in the Erato show/competition. The task was to use pre-given textures on one of my builds,.... will give LM and stuff later.

AuraKyo has a piece of mine, hitherto unseen, in her new show which, again, I will give details of soonish.

At the end of the month I will be showing at Deutche Info Welt and have reworked my alien tree very nicely, its improved since SL6B, and some other supporting vegetation.....

And, Burning Life,....the group (a Freak of Nature) has 3040 meters and 750 prims to play with . Pixi Cosmos and Snowy Hoobinoo will be contributing alongside me in a (hopefully) stunning build.... such a shame the Boys have a bee in their bonnets about Megas, tho....oh day...*sigh*.... (and why this fixation on desert.... just 10 meters down there's LOADS of water...)....

oh, yes, this is the island Boabab from Inworldz...

...and the Pink Fig is gonna be very good, not quite finished yet, tho....


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

PiRats Art Network the poster says, opens tonight Tuesday... at the Omega Art Gallery.


St Leo University ..... a warning...

Well, this all started with a call from Bryn Oh to do some tree planting at St Leo.

I was surprised when Bryn fell out with saintLEOlion zimer, after all, she's got the same number of fall-outs as me...3 over the last 2 years, which is a healthy sort of number.....

...soo...I continued on my own, I did 4 hours work...and I should have Googled them first....I will give a link later, dear reader, which shows why....

then I got an IM...

[13:51] SaintLEOlions Zimer: (Saved Mon Sep 14 21:05:48 2009) Hello :-)
[13:51] SaintLEOlions Zimer: (Saved Mon Sep 14 21:06:18 2009) we are terrafomring the island again
[13:51] SaintLEOlions Zimer: (Saved Mon Sep 14 21:06:31 2009) so a lot of your trees are floating in the air
[13:51] SaintLEOlions Zimer: (Saved Mon Sep 14 21:06:31 2009) lol
[13:51] SaintLEOlions Zimer: (Saved Mon Sep 14 21:06:33 2009) sorry about that
[13:51] SaintLEOlions Zimer: (Saved Mon Sep 14 21:07:04 2009) if you get a chance if you could grab all your art then once we have the land set and done iwth terrforming then you can come back in :-)
[13:51] SaintLEOlions Zimer: (Saved Mon Sep 14 21:07:10 2009) does that sound ok?
[13:58] SaintLEOlions Zimer is Offline

Well, I could take a poll of my readers to find out which of the following strategies I should use...

1) ....tell him (profile note *********** I'm the Boss man around here*****************) to put his job where I used to find my earrings in the old days after TPing,

2).... just never speak to the man who's university claims they are...."based on steadfast, moral consciousness that recognizes the dignity, value and gifts of all people."

3) ....send him my Tariff of Charges....

Well, I settled for the latter, thinking of 3 then 2 then 1 as a fairly sound strategy.

...then..... Artee told me she was pissed off and would never go there googled.....

and, it seems, as is so often the case, people are the same inworld as they are in RL.....

well worth a read before you get involved.


Selavy Oh at IBM

You TP in, and walk out across the water, as you do so the land rises up out of the sea at your footfall. Like a god/ess you create as you walk out to a small platform in the middle of the sea.

Sit down on one of Selavy's very recognisable seats and your camera is sent to examine the inside and outside of an avatar head. You are introspecting....

...around you banks of data are turning, mechanically, like a city of data, churning, changing.

This is a staggering piece of genius.

Selavy has captured the virtual world in one piece of art.

...and, to repeat myself from previous post, the lack of any mandatory back story allows me a mental free association......
I was at Annapurna base camp (RL Himalayas) a few years ago. A huge bowl of rock, the bottom at 4000 meters, the rim at 8000. Hundreds of acres of rubble and debris and the constant crashing of avalanches made me think I was at the centre of all land creation, these blocks of rock becoming, eventually, gravel and sand and silt, building deltas, supporting agriculture before again being washed to the sea.

Selavy's piece had a direct link for me to this experience, manifesting the life blood of all virtual existence. Data churning, creating, bytes building.....

I think this is a truely classic piece, one that will be copied endlessly, but not by Selavy, she's an original genius.


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Back story

Now, I’ve been brewing a post on this for quite some while as it’s a popular tendency with artists to cook up a “back story” to flavour or spice up their dish.

I said, previously.. “If someone plants an ugly plant (there are ugly plants in SL) in front of an ugly wall and tells me that the cement for the mortar in the walls was mixed with the tears of angels, and the plant was taken from the garden of the Queen of Sheba, and the whole installation was to highlight the plight of prisoners being tortured by fascist regimes..... I trust I will say “thats hell of an ugly thing you have there”.

Now I should maybe have been a little clearer concerning my objections as I feel them to be valid, so, in a rather unusual move I have decided to be logical, hoping this unusual turn of mind doesn’t worry you, dear reader.

A back story, a narrative about the fictional history of a piece, instructs the viewer how they should look at the piece; it gives a particular perspective. It is the artist trying to control the viewer's experience.

My objections are as follows:

1) The proscriptive nature of a back story rules out any ambiguity and restricts the viewers possibility of finding meanings which were unseen by the artist.This tends to rule out the possibility of the viewer to relate the piece to subject matter which may be uppermost in their minds at the time of viewing. It restricts the layers of meaning of a piece to one, the artist’s, and the Zen like nature of some work to portray contradictions or multi-dimensional concepts is thereby limited.

2) As the manner in which a story is told is a product of the tellers culture, some cultures will find this an alienating factor. Visual art is more universal than story telling (which is culturally flavoured). As an example, just think of a film about love made in USA, Japan, Europe....the theme could be the same, the telling...very different

3) The story and the piece are only really connected in any permanent way in a film or a comic. 2D images of paintings, or photos of sculptures, or photos of “immersive” environments are separated from the back story, and must either stand on their own two feet or die.

It is obvious to me that a work of art is generally a product of the artists conscious mind and their unconscious. An artist may not be fully aware of what they have created, and a viewer can, sometimes, show the artist aspects of the work they had not consciously realised. However, in nailing the back story to the piece, any development of appreciation of the piece over time is ruled out.

The greatest pieces of work I saw as a child gave me an experience independent of the artist, their background, their stories; they spoke to me in spite of the fact I knew nothing of these things.

In my opinion good visual art speaks through form and colour in a universal language similar to music. Lyrics can be a red herring as is the “back story”.

I hate being told what I am looking at...


Saturday, 12 September 2009

St. Leo University Campus..... the Nishification.

Yep, just started so it's still a work in progress, I have been asked to do some landscaping. Funny though how people expect you to do all this stuff for free.

The idea is that because you are an artist you can live on no money and are just gagging to show your work at every opportunity...

Of course I am not talking about galleries, well not about well curated ones, or the blog I do which I get paid for..... I am thinking more of so-called commercial enterprises. I was approached a few months ago by a group who wanted me to make them the best night club on the grid, in return they said I could have a TP point to my shop. I tried to get 20US$ out of them (as a token)....I lost the job...:)))

Now it's easy to do the maths... my ISP costs 50US$ per month and the Lindens take 88US$ for tier and 12US$ for my two Premium Memberships. So.....if I spend two hours a day on the grid (60 per month)... each hour could be costing me 2.5 US$, which is around 750 lindens per hour. That may not be very accurate accounting, but, it just goes to show that my time isn't free.
I wouldn't work in RL for nothing (helping friends is obviously different) but, really, there should be a minimum wage discussed at some point. I know it couldn't be enforced but all the builders across the grid could do something similar to what our ancestors did with Labour Day (Labor day, I guess) and find a sort of common solidarity.
All the time people are willing to sell stuff for almost nothing the poor state of inworld economy will continue, it effects us all.

Well, people say, it's all good PR... hmm....

....well... PR doesn't butter no parsnips !!


Friday, 11 September 2009

Angelgate Celestia

The legendary Starax, a famous SL sculptor....

...and Lightwaves.... the work is on show in another brilliant show, curated by White Lebed at Angelgate, at their new location... here

"On Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 3:30 pm PDT/SLT, AngelGate Gallery launches the first in planned series of events entitled, "The History of SL Arts". At the inaugural event AngelGate proudly presents "Starax: The Legend". This exhibition features one hundred and forty sculptures of Starax and Light Wave, from the collection of second life resident Jeri Rahja. The series and this first event was organized by White Lebed, AngelGate Gallery Curator, working in conjunction with Ms Rahja. As part of the event, there will be an auction for several pieces with a portion of the proceeds raised going to support the gallery.
We hope you can join us for the event. If not, the sculpture will remain on display for one full week allowing second life residents to view the remarkable work of the legendary artist."

...and, it's worth a visit..... whether you like the very classic style of the work or not, the craftsmanship has to be admired. They are often talked about, and, its worth seeing what the fuss is all about.

...and....because the sponsors don't always get enough mention in these things, I'm including here the blurb from Angelgate.....

"AngelGate Mission:

1) AngelGate was established to create and provide therapeutic approaches to support mental health and well being. We enable creative, spiritual and therapeutic exploration for individuals and groups. AngelGate is a virtual space for real life community.

2) We are endorsed by the Sanctuary project based in East Anglia UK .This is a local project dedicated to initiatives to relieve the issues of homelessness. Sophiajane Alcott is a management member of this project. Sanctuary created AngelGate to explore the potential of virtual worlds as a medium for personal and community transformation.

3) AngelGate exists solely through in-world public support of our programmes and events. Donations and expressions of support are greatly appreciated. Our public space is available for initiatives reflecting our aims.

AngelGate Arts Mission:

AngelGate Arts embraces building a diverse community of people currently involved with and wanting to appreciate all aspects of art.

AngelGate Gallery exists to serve art, art appreciation and education in both SL and RL.

AngelGate Gallery fosters the knowledge of RL and SL artistic development, creative process and techniques.

AngelGate Gallery facilitates therapeutic creativity and exploration for artists and non-artists alike." you know...


Thursday, 10 September 2009

Moldovia Fashion Week...... you call that fashion??

Well, I was better off watching Treet TV's coverage of the fashion show below.....


Firstly, the darn TV didn't work....
when I logged on to the web to see the most aweful goddam excuse for clothing it has been my misfortune to see for a long while.....
These models were wearing the sort of stuff...well, let's put it this way.... if your friend in RL wore stuff like this you would take her to one side for a quiet word... lol...


Has the Virtual World gone completely mad?

The announcer said (more or less)..."now, this fashionable ensemble will keep you nice and warm this Autumn"...OMG... GET A LIFE...GET A VIRTUAL LIFE AS WELL !!

Pleeeeaaase... who are you talking to?? It is no wonder people don't take us seriously if we allow this sort of mindless, poorly considered garbage to go out to the world on the web..... it's not even funny, just very, very sad...


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Busy as an ant

Got a call from Bryn who needed some trees planted at St Leo University and so I popped over. The colour scheme, as you see is blue and green so I started on that after I'd finished the Graphix skin job. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out...

Will post a Slurl when its open for viewing...

Finished the Rainbow orchid and finally put it out for sale at the shop,
I have got a little plinth there where I am going to show my new stuff for sale, seems like a sensible idea..

Got some initial positive reactions from people, it has turned out well..


Graphix skin, male version

Well, after a request for the male version of the Graphix skin, I got Bean to pose for me so that I could get some photos taken.
He thought he looked pretty cool, but then he thinks he always does....:))

I haven't quite got it out for sale yet, but if anyone wants one... just IM me.


Sunday, 6 September 2009

life.... beta release

Well, the previous post was complete crap as it happens, this new blog composer has been resigned to the virtual trash and I have gone retro to my old way of doing things.

Now, it seems like everything is now beta release.

I have agreed to acres of small print that I haven’t read over the last three years, everything is licensed to me under conditions unknown (to me). pens, paper and paintbrushes will go beta and I’ll have to license beta release water to paint with.... oh, yes, it’s called Photoshop.

I am looking forward to the day when I slam my foot on my cars brake pedal and the car asks me (as I plough into a brick wall) “Are you sure that you want to stop your car?”


Analogue was developed over thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of years, and it’s main problem is that its perfect, mostly, and cheap (e.g. paintbrush and paper) so it’s very difficult to make loads of money off selling pencils... this is a disaster for big business, and so... time to re-invent the wheel into a beta release licensed product.

Now, I’m obviously not saying that all development is bad, or useless, but...

....there is an increasing speed of upgrades, an upgrade acceleration, which is not only fueled by altruism (there’s a surprise!!) but by a desire (by others) to make everything you own obsolete, as soon as possible.

The upgrade is enforced evolution, virtual Darwinism, a software fascism of the elite.


Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Mountain Bean


Ok, so....I am just trying out my new blog making thingy so you'll have to bear with me if it all turns out crap....

This is the new Mountain Bean and its on this little island in Inworldz that Scotsgraymouser is making for tinies and furries to generally enjoy, run around, laugh,  breed, whatever they do....

It's a bit of a dodgy pair of photos cos I've messed around with them too live and learn.

In other news... well, I've been watching the US Open, of course, dear reader, you know I'm a fan. ....and Jankovich has beaten Serena Williams to the title of Worst Dressed Tennis Player by sporting a dress you would most likely see on a 12 year old Amish girl who is colour blind. Not very impressed as you may gather..... and Sofie won Big Brother...(this is good news; for those of you who are not followers of the Best TV Has To Offer)... 


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Oberon Onmura

Oberon is the latest in a line of people who have harnessed the power of LL's atmosphere to create art that is purely NPIRL. You can get there here.

Selavy was the first person I know of to do something similar. Well over a year ago, maybe 18 months, she gave me a "curtain" (more like an abstract cloud) that changed shape and moved with the wind etc. She showed it at BiW.

Comet has recently done a huge piece, 4 sims I believe, (nice to know the right people) which similarly turns the atmospheric dynamics into an art piece.

Now, I can't help thinking that under other circumstances LL could have given us all the facility to change our environment more substantially. In the beginning LL decided that heaven and earth, up and down, with sea was the way forward. I think the geeks were all so keen to show how "realistic" they could make this VW that they bypassed other opportunities, but, hey, that's the way it is.

Imagine tho if you could change your terrain and sky/clouds without having to own a whole sim...that would be v cool. You can do a certain amount with mega prims, but its not the same...

Anyway.... in other news,......

Burning Life seems to be grinding slowly into first are the new dates, my previous info has been changed... these are the latest tentative times/dates....

Staffing— Volunteer positions open Sept 1 - 10

Theme Camp Application period Sept 4 - 14

LAND RUSH - Sept 14 - 21

Ranger Training - Sept 14 - Oct 15

Tech Rehearsal - Oct 15 - 16

Gate Opens - Noon SLT, Oct 17

Man Burns - Saturday, Oct 24 - Times TBA

Temple Burn - Sunday Oct 25 - Time TBA

Leave No Trace - November 1

So..... we will see... I, for one, will NOT be going for the land grab, an event so banal and mindnumbingly stupid that I have trouble believing that anyone who is not terminally insane could decide to continue such a ridiculous imitation of a RL event in SL.
If I can get group land, "theme camp", I will hope, as I said before, to gather some tree builders together for an alternative floral display that rocks!!!

It will still be as laggy as hell tho, I guess......and most of it will resemble an art ghetto, but I don't mind that too's just trying to find the good stuff thats a bore...

Still.... luckily there are bloggers recommendations .......


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Inworldz again

Well, it's quite a lot of fun being in a very empty world. For one thing, when you do bump into someone, you stop and have a good chat, which is very nice. It's like living in one of those tiny country villages where everyone knows someone you know.

Anyway, as you can see I've started to populate Scotsgraymouser's land with strange trees and other flora. It's very fast, building something second time round.

Guess I will get a copybot at some point, but it's nice having to make old stuff new.. if you know what I mean. I end up with different textures on stuff for a start.

Oh, yes, and I have my first few things on XLstreet....I will let you know if I sell anything or if it's just a waste of time....