Thursday, 30 August 2007

the shop


Well, now, that things dont always go as they should is not anything to get upset about really but getting your customers dumped in the briney ocean, when they thought they were going to arrive in a woodland paradise where birds sing and all that stuff, is not good for business...

And the Linden Boys decided it would be interesting for me to examine a bluish sand at minus 180 meters, which, unlikely as it may seem, could have amused me for 10 seconds the first time they did it to me,(I was only trying to Sit), but by the 4th time the joke was wearing pretty thin.

But, the worst thing, and what has spurred me on to rant in such an unseemly manner is my jeans. The ones I normally wear, have been turned into cut-offs, without my consent and, totally 'no mod'. Now from what I've seen them wearing, the Lindens are not to trusted for fashion tips.....
and for them to suddenly start cutting up my makes my blood boil....

SORT IT OUT....theres more bugs than you can shake a stick at...

And you emptied everyones library except for some tat...e.g. Accessories folder.....a torch????? wanna get out more....

Monday, 27 August 2007

Now if you get time it would be great if you vote in the flower competition, there's good prize money which Kalt could use to get himself a decent
All you do is go to the website, and then email to;

and tell em which flowers are the best

and if you cant spell Kalts name, join the club....well, I think I got it now.....Kaltusaran Moonsoo

and he's got a blog at mrmoonsoo.blogspot


Saturday, 25 August 2007


Well, finally, but not completely finished in the shop, I mean, theres only so much a girl and a squirrel can

and its Saturday night, so, dancing shoes.........Wear...../ao off

Please come look, or eat your lunch there, its really chill

ADDRESS...... not usually very good with these's in my picks and should be in Kaltusaran Moonsoo's, if he's done it..... these squirrels, jeez....

The TREEWORKS cloud shop, Moldorf, 208,47,227......yep


Well, you all know that I have very strong views about who the most talent Squirrel in SL is.....

Theres a flower competition on........go to the website like that....and vote on the best flower builder in SL, well, you just gotta look and see which ones you like the best, and I'd be surprised if you didn't agree with me

Kaltusaran Moonsoo leaves the rest of them standing... well to be quite honest I could have done better than one or two of them.

Now, I ll give you all the proper SURL and address and things later

Friday, 24 August 2007

new shop for trees and flowers

Well, here we are Kalt and I getting the new shop ready

Its mainly trees and flowers and the like, we got some bonsai and beds and fire and other things

and thats why you haven't seen me for a while on the dance floor.....I have been working...
a shock to the system but the shop is gonna be great, you can visit me anytime

I 'll put the kettle on....heheehee


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Hmmm.... 12:35pm PDT



Thats enough Photoshop now,.....get on with

the Aging process

Well, I just found this old photo of me and I think I have aged dramatically in the few months I have been in World...........a bit scarey, actually

Strange things are happening on the Island too, Iz has noticed a real increase in the rate or erosion of the sand... is someone stealing it? are the Linden boys blowing it away.........very strange and slightly worrying...... where's my rebate....hehehe

Its all very well, the Linden boys closing us down so they can clean some windows and flush the pipes through, but we're left twiddling our thumbs....well, not really... got loads of Photoshop to do, and dont begin to talk about difficult can it be to make a Mac version???

Well, too difficult for me, thats for sure....

Got a folder on my desktop called sculptie nightmare........ well, I downloaded it from the net, great, and instructions on how to turn the PC version into a Mac version....omg.... the instructions dont work... so I got pages of little words and numbers to deal with and I have abolutely no idea what I'm doing.....

I have ben trying to do some rather different clothes......and I am sure that I have single-handedly kept the Lindens afloat, financially, 10L per file may not sound like much, but jeez, it soon mounts up, ...right, Kalt ?

Monday, 20 August 2007

Iz and Kalts tree

Well, first Kalt built the hugest tree, then Iz bought it and here the two of them are, happy as Larry, planting it out in Iz Space, in the bay, .............there will no doubt be a few complaints from the neighbours as autumn comes round and there nice garden fill up will old oak leaves, but there arent many neighbours

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Hair by Gilles

My new hair, by Gilles de Cuir

new eyes by me

new tree by Mr Moonsoo


Well, I dont believe it, it's just been ridiculously busy, and I've been up to all sorts but nothing really amazing.

I went dancing at Alienspeaking, but didn't stay very long... and I went to Irie, before I was insulted by a Spanish speaking fool, and, did a bit of shopping, but mainly, I've been building and nattering..

Made a sofa yesterday and made some new eyes for myself.......but mostly, I'm concentrating on clothes and the next tree

Kalt has put flowers and trees for sale at my place and has done well on the sales front recently, he's sold the Rights to "Treeman" (sculpture) and got two commissions...great

Kobe came by and fixed the skydiving platform.......... wheeeeeeeeee....:)))

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Lucky Irish

thx, again to Burton and Sapphire for putting bean in a taxi last night and sending her home, she was a little, its her oriental genetic makeup, I keep telling her, she cant hold her drink...

Burt is dressed like this to hide from all the ladies... :) so, I promised not to tell anyone.

well, anyway, did a few small things... not lots achieved today, but I did make a very nice leaf tex

mr moonsoo

The famous mr moonsoo, formally a type of wandering ent, turned ninja squirrel, has, after a brief flirtation with the spirit of Frankenstein...(he was trying to clone his squirrel self).. has gone back to doing what he is famous for......building trees.
Now that he is so small.... his sense of scale has gone a bit AWOL and he has a huge one on the go....

kalt in his new pod

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The hatching

Well, quite a lot of fuss, but in the end bean went off to hatch the was glad to be quit it but she was all ooooooo, and fussing over it.....anyway, she always makes a big thing of getting something done...
Well, she took a photo of her on the nest... not a very good photo, I think..

Then, as her egg started showing signs of getting it together....the sim went down. So then, she went and sat in a lake cos i told her we wanted a blue one, and you have to sit in a lake and hold your breath for 30 mins or so...and while she was there, and the egg started flashing and stuff, well, someone dropped a nuclear bomb on her, which isn't very nice, I'll have to admit. So any way on her third attempt she gave birth(?) , well, mothered a little dragon-like reptile who she calls ooo, and is a nice shade of blue..

so well done there bean

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

motherhood.... hmmm...i dont think so...

Well, Pixi, bless her floral feet, has been very kind and given me an egg......
now, i dont mind eggs, in fact readers may have seen that I fried a couple on the beach a few days ago with kalt....
However,.........this one you have to traipse around this mall with, until you find a hotspot...and to be frank, that is not my idea of a good time.

And, lets face it, it's not really 'me'

So, I've given it to bean, after all what do I employ a PA for, if not for just these type of situations.
Now, although she says its not in her job description, shes taken to it very well...

good, cos i get easily bored...

take note...........................

the spice tree

Iz and I discovered a new type of tree on the island, it seems to be a spice tree, its bark has medicinal properties and is being investigated by Linden Labs as an anti-bug serum..... well, we can only hope it works better than clearing out their tunnels, which, in my opinion has been a spectacular cock-up.......heheheheehe

Lots happened today, what with my cat being very friendly and another Pixi story which i will relate later when i have more time.......its a bit of a

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Just another first.....

Well, after Kalt and I had fried eggs on the beach, merrily prepared by my own fair hands, I went off dancing at Calista's
Only in SL could you see a hot young lady dancing along side a fast food combo
I love it....

Gilles DeCuir

It was an eventful day, and, although according to the Linden Boys I only have 4 friends, a busy one.
First, Kalturasan, master tree maker and blender, and I tried to find our way round Samurai Island, again, (some nice shops but the WORST lag in SL, and terrible layout) and again I got lost and couldnt find anything. Kalt turned up later as a squirrel...... wearing a kimono, of course....what else...

He told me he'd met Gilles DeCuir and that she might help me do my hair.... I neeeed a she popped over and Iz and I were treated to an impromptu fashion show

Wow, Gilles certainly has some great stuff... just shows us all how boring our clothes are, well, me at gotta work on my wardrobe again....

Anyway, Gilles is gonna do my hair, which will be a great help.... so, I look forward to that.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

back at work..... not working......

Well, hadn't been back very long before Pixi tp'ed me to some prehistoric region where dinosaurs, who sometimes changed to helicopters were having a slight disagreement of opinion..... only in SL...i guess

Well, I was busting to make a tree... which i did, and lucky i did, cos then everything started to go wrong.......RL is pretty messed up today, and I'm told has been dodgy all the time I've been away

No rebate on tier tho, i guess......heheheheh

Friday, 10 August 2007

Longing for the island

Well, though it is true that I did spend some time looking out to sea, longing for Lifstaen, there was some good weather, and one afternoon when it was really hot, we sat in the shelter waiting for the sun to cool off, I was reminded of similar afternoons in southern climes where we spent weeks doing exactly the same thing, nothing.... that was nice...

One day I got soaked to the skin 3 times......hmmmm

Well, it seems like you have to pay for extreme discomfort to make you appreciate what you do have....... dont know if I'll go camping again...

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Going Camping

Well, cats have an instinct for these things and I got my neck licked, she knew I was going on hols and would miss her.

I'll have her on my lap most of the evening if shes around.... hehehee

Well, I'll miss you too, and look forward to getting back to the turquoise waters of my lovely island, and see you on saturday if the Linden boys keep it all cobbled together....hehehehe

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Tea with soror Nishi

Well, just sitting down to a nice cup of tea, after all the building I've been doing....phew!

sitting under my tree, what could be nicer

not much to report on the music front, havent been out yet, its still early...

might kick my heels up later............

I'm trying my best with this new HUD for "communication" but, as a few of you know, I hadn't mastered the last one, although I have to say that having the old IM HUD stretched MORE than half way across my screen was giving my bottom the ache .... so we'll see...

Voice? well lots of people talking about it but I dont know.... I suppose eventually we will all have it, but I love the quiet of SL as it is now...
I can hear the birds sing outside my window at the moment....hmmm


Friday, 3 August 2007


just sitting by the fire, went to go out but didnt really fancy it...

the sunset is so nice here


Dropped in at Calistas where Mintaka was playing a fine set, knew loads of people there.....
Min had to go to bed as dawn had broken.....and the lovely Indra took nice music

i had flowers to make so headed back to the beach where i could still hear her streaming on the beach...thx to calista

got on with building...although other things were disturbing me.....hmmm
wont go into that here

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Pixi Cosmos

Well, it started out as a better day than yesterday (which was not a good day) and got progressively better as Pixi Cosmos came to visit spreading light and cheer in her spangled wake...hehhehehe

And I noticed that she had grown a tail since last I saw her and she said it was the cat hair that got into her tea and that it was her karma and although it sounds difficult to believe, well, strange things happen in Sl and she had ears too.... but very cute....