Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Acquarella by Alizarin Goldflake

There are many of you who are familiar with Aliz's work I'm sure.

Aliz is an artist in both worlds and has that dedication that lifts her out of the Casual Doodler category into that of a professional as can be seen on her website if you haven't caught her shows in SL yet.

So, after an initial machinima which she took herself of her build "Acquarella", she determined to make an offering for the World Trade Fair in Shanghai.

I was involved as one of the nymphs along with BridgetMarlene McDonnell and Yman Juran , all credited on the machinima below. Chantal Harvey filmed it and cut and edited it to a suitable length for showing in China.

We rehearsed, Aliz rewrote, we rehearsed, Aliz tweaked, etc.... until we knew what we were doing, and Aliz was happy...see the result below.

Colour, No Colour was one of the themes which organiser Aino Baar from OPEN THIS END wanted for the show, and so this little fable fits well within that category.

Direction was by Corcosman Voom and the smooth voice and narration by Alfred Ajami ....all in all a huge amount of work, well done to all involved.


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