Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The tall one

Well, this is me taking a break on the top of the tall one that I'm building at the moment.....phew, lining up those prims is a real exhausting concentration exercise. I just sat around in the evening chewing the fat with Iz.
Missjulie dropped in, a friend of beans, and pirie stopped by... we just chilled...what a day, everything up the spout, nothing working til it was nearly bed time.... dont suppose we get a rebate from LL? Downtime? Probably not hey?

anyway... sighs*

Monday, 30 July 2007

Indra, we didn't know...

How could we.....we'd never heard Indra DJ before.....
wow, what a great set.... firstly some real India inspired stuff, which really reminded ma of my travels, could almost smell the place......
then she got down and funky....and ended up playing some of her live stuff from rl
Iz, Caro and bean (who were deep in philosophical conversation) and I were astounded....so cool

so this was her debut gig as shes just got her own stream....sure wont be the last

Sunday, 29 July 2007

more trees

I have loads more to do and I've just been logged out by the Linden Boys......don't know what they're playing at....
this last upgrade has been rubbish....


Friday, 27 July 2007

sorornishi at Flickr

some of you had trouble with photobucket so the best....maybe....photos are at flickr
just search sorornishi or soror nishi


ahhh... it may take a while for them to be uploaded, i just read......


The last man

What a cool set..... very nice... and some just eating breakfast....
thx Psyche, the last man to play at my cave-warming party, its been two days, with breaks in between and lots of people know the way now.....so if they want to come again to look at the sculpture and stufff....

Mr Widget

Ahh.... the man

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Avatar Blues

worth reading.... hehehe...... http://malroymay.blogspot.com/
about my favorite tree man....Kalt
cool skybox/workshop too..

Arianne Rickenbacker, after 3PM and Mr. Widget at 5PM


the stage is set

The Guru came

A very pleasant surprise.... The Guru.... with no big fuss or bother the Guru turned up for a spontaneous gig.

For some it was already very late and the set was cool and mellow and they floated off into the sunset...hehhehe.....(silly cow)hehhee

It was really great cos like alot of things that get too planned they lose a sort of freshness....thx Guru
you're always welcome at this beach...

Timewave on our beach

well, almost an historic occasion....hehehe.....our first party on the beach, and Timewave did a grand job in getting the party started.

weird and wonderful effects were soon buzzing and a lot of photos got taken......heheheh

cool as a cucumber, on the new Nishi decks, we had a really good set thanks a lot, Timewave.
I'm making custom made decks for him from the radical new Papaya extract and skins, to give that organic twist to the sounds.....watch this space...

Then the man ....Tyago Kidd.... 200 minutes he played.....absolute hero
and he looks so good girls.....suprised he hasnt been bagged yet....heheh
thx all who came

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Well, my first party, its on the beach on Thursday, tomorrow....12 til 130 SLT

Timewave will be DJ

drop in if you can, if not we'll do it all again on Friday.....hehehee

Sunday, 22 July 2007


Malroy May

Well, as you enjoy reading this blog, I can also recommend Malroy May's blog which can be found at


.... an old friend of mine (from day 1) and a person with a good head, and hat, on their shoulders...

good reading....


Saturday, 21 July 2007

Party at Amemura, 123,158,39, its a new SIM

Well, I couldn't go so I asked bean if shed go which, luckily she did
apparently there were 40 people there and the place was jumping
the DJ was Sagara Rau and RUKIA Pinion was helping him at the decks

Someone seems to have gotten into a lot of photos

Hmm, bean seems to have gone a bit overboard with this.

Although I have to admit that I would have thought she was on drugs, with tales of dancing with a huge hamster, if she hadn't taken this.

Anyway, best of luck to Amemura


what a tip!

its a mess... but you're still welcome to drop in

Arianne Rickenbaker

Really nice set from Arianne, mellow and punky, light and dark put together really well I thought.....not so crazy about the club......needs a designer...hehehhe

Dear Regulars,
Sorry theres been so many DJ photos....but
I've been invited to a lot of clubs recently which is great, although it gets in the way of the building......hehhe....well, dancing is important too
I will buck my ideas up
love soror

Friday, 20 July 2007

aaahhh....Alienspeaking (not doing ballet)

What is to be said except.....great

oh and go to the website.....


Thursday, 19 July 2007

MUZIK HAUS, Braunworth (199,221,666)

Mr Widget got me dancing today
and smiling, .... cool tunes, as usual, in spite of a few Linden crashes at the start of the day...come on boys!! get a grip!!

and I was smiling most of the day ..... lol ..... :)

Got to do more building, the place is a complete tip....

after the great mushroom success, I'm working on my flower....going well so far....
fingers crossed.....no sculpties in this one...

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

My Photos

well, as a few people have kindly commented on my photos
they are now available at



Timewave at Calistas beach

Well, bean has been raving about the DJ Timewave2012 Planer, and tho his name sounds more like a woodworking tool than a DJ, shes told me that anyone whos into Psychodelic trance, either melodica or philosophica will love it.
She asked me to mention Freizeit Planer, dont know if they're related, who really brightened up the show with his outfit.. .(no photo? bean).. and some stunning effects apparently
She took this photo herself, an being a little short, didnt manage to get much of Timewave in the frame...still, nevermind......
I was meanwhile building my little socks off on the island while she was larking around on the dance floor.

It seems like we have ghosts on the island which is a little worrying for Iz and I as they seem to have taken up residency on the hill top. We know they are there cos they show up on the Map, but when we go to check it out..... nothing, invisible people......... spooky

otherwise the weather continues to be fine, sunshine with a light breeze, and perfect for building.

After a staggering 20 attempts I finally manage to blend and bake a good branch, the previous ones all looked like the beetle had been at them and hollowed out the insides...so, a small success :)

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Calista's beach and Ligaya

Well, Ligaya Hax got me jumping again on the beach at Calistas...... you can download his DJMIX from http://ligaya.org

miumiu Morica, as lovely as a goddess and clever too, was lighting up the sky and mixing colours with the talented Shiruiana relph........ thats where beaches are so great....so much space....

You can see Calista's new dance Orbitron in the background...the new club rising from the ashes of the old one

bring it on


Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Mr. Widget again, and twiddling thumbs

Another great set from the amazing Mr. Widget
who is playing tomorrow at the CIM, the french cemetery, le CIMETRIE or maybe CIMITRIE....something like that, from 2-530, got the time right at least

and as the lights go out...and compulsory sleep was taken,...the sun sets on my building frenzy

hope this is an up grade....the others have me wondering....

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Well, I have been so busy, you wouldn't believe it, I've been in a building frenzy, only really taking time off to go out on Carmen's new bike....
We flew over the island and surrounding sims
It was dead cool

I'll bring you some photos of the work in progress, the crane finally arrived to cart off that huge prim...
so it's all systems..GO


Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Forbidden Man ... Ligaya Hax

Well, this is the Man With The Plan...
Mr. Ligaya Hax

and, girls, he's cute...great host, good manners and a great hair style....what more could a girl want...hehehe
But he's also the mastermind behind Forbidden Island

Well, after Skusaku got us hopping around, Ligaya took the decks... and it rocked...big time

And when you thought thats really kicking.......hey......BOXY1717MAY took the other decks for a back to back to back gig
by this time the place was crowded
Pixi tp ed in and Izabella was a non-stop dance machine...hehe...barefoot as usual


Skusaku Rhode

Skusaku Rhode played the first set...starting well chilled and trancie...and before the end he was kickin......

Great set.. warming us up for the Man

some really nice toons

Forbidden Rave

Well, by the time Shiruviana Relph really started letting off steam, I was too lagged out to do justice to the amazing light show we were treated too...

just one spectacular light show after another

Sylkan Dagger burst into flames she was so hot

and I was there til the birds started singing

tooooooo gooooood !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Forbidden Island

Well yes. This is where its happening tonight

the forbidden rave... with the very dapper Ligaya Hax

its so nice to be with well mannered young men...hehehe.... makes a change.....

will tell u how it was later....in the morning, i should think.....( sorry about the photo...its crap...lol)

will try harder next time...heehehe

Friday, 6 July 2007

Pixi Cosmos

The beautiful Pixi and her fellow helpers work at the bottom of peoples garden to create the most lovely, breath-taking gardens in nooks, dells and froody places.

Her skin is so fair she needs the dark and secret places, with droplets filling the air with sparkles.....and I was lucky enough to be given a guided tour, ate tea and cake with her and the lovely Pixi Juice. She moves so fast, being naturally fleet of foot, that i got left behind several times despite the trail of blossom she leaves in her wake.

As our island has an underlying bedrock of turquoise, which is a magic stone for pixies, it seems as if they will come and help us with our island.....all the planting and nurturing and especially the particles....

This is not my best shot..... I will get another of the spectacular lady of the flowers

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Mintaka Murakami and the destruction party

Well, the talented Mintaka Murakami dragged me to the dance floor today, and all as an era came to an end for the lovely Calista, and as i turned out, for me....
The club at Calisata's was being Taken as we danced and we were all a little blue for the passing of an era. the floor was full and it was kicking when Jara Cortes took over and speeded us up. Theres a man who knows how to dress....and Burton turned a few heads, looking hot...hehe
i had to leave as ligyara Hax took the decks...i had stuff to do...but I'll catch him later at the Forbidden Island....sure to.

Well, I had to go to the Gallery and Take it as Burton had bought the land for his new project and I was quite surprised at how tearful I got.... it was my first home in SL after Lescrow Fields ....and my little 512 was my pride and joy....
Like Calista I will have to rise again from the ashes...

A building I can be proud of...

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

An ancient race of trees

One of the many amazing things that we are gradually discovering about the island which has a sort of native magic about it is the size of the ancient trees that once covered the land with a dense and rich canopy.

the shifting sands after the last storm revealed the stumps, giving us a fair idea of how huge they were..

We've got a very nasty bit of quicksand as well that catches us all unaware......

anyway, not much happening apart from me doing some graphics for Zennas club and hanging out on the beach.... nearly went shopping the other day, but the lag bored me senseless.. so i gave up....hehehe......sod it!

Have met a very nice pussy cat who adopted me for the day....but like all cats wandered off ....I like that in a cat.

Still waiting for the crane before I can start building....

And I may be getting new eyes.... we'll see!!!