Friday, 30 May 2008

The 54th Ancient one

This is the latest tree to be nurtured to maturity for general public use...:)).... its a bright use of 5 prims I think, and am very pleased with it. Its available in the Treeworks shop, along with a Lace-Cap, a new flower...

Sunday, 25 May 2008

more trees, but not mine.....

These are by artoo Magneto

and these by the talented Strawberry Holiday
Strawberry's build is at Rezzable Create 166,105,22

Saturday, 24 May 2008

New products

so, this is the 52nd Ancient one,.... very elegant growth habit..... in a store near you....:))
(see TREEWORKS in my Picks)

and the magestic 53rd Ancient One.....also now available....

and the strangely strange Pod Lilly with very delicate flowers

come and buy some.....:)))

Friday, 23 May 2008

bean Nishi

Well, its beans rezz-day..... congratulations, well, it was yesterday, sorry...
anyway... all thanks and praises to bean, who, as some of you know from earlier blogs, is my cousin and my PA. Shes from the country (near Harajuku) and has put up with my neglect etc... for a long time now....

Here she is after having helped with the build at Rezzable

Shes a bit of a designer herself, but does show her stuff in SL...(yet)..

best wishes bean, for your next year...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Ravenelle Zugzwang

Ravenelle has put sculptures up throughout the garden, all stunning...... this one tickles me tho....... its called "growing rabbits"...its great, wirth a Rezzable Create 149,232,22 and keep your eye out as you go round.... Little Elements of Wonderfulness they are called, and certainly are...

Monday, 19 May 2008

Nonnatus Korhon

Another brilliant piece from the NPIRL Garden of Delights
I could spend hours messing with these creatures..... so much fun....

Well, its by Nonnatus and its called "as if the Fall never happened" and to read his Building Notes you would think he's avery serious man, but this was so much go look, its at......Rezzable Explore 109,179,22...

I have a free gardening t-shirt available at my Spookie patch...... if you are short on t-shirts....:))

Sunday, 18 May 2008

betty rogan

well, Betty and others have done some great shots of my Spookie patch and Orange Island.....see em here

One of the builds I liked a lot in the Garden is the sky is falling by Seifert Surface

Most of the artists, hopefully all, are listed in the garden build notes
I'm gonna blog a few, a bit at a time......

Victoire has blogged a few images of the spookie patch, and, kind as usual, Charlot has some nice words to say....:))

So...... Now that the Spookie patch is finished, Orange has had its photo comp, and The Rainbow Forest is ready to be handed over to the man who commissioned it...Jade Vandyke,.... I can get on with my other things......:)) ... but not til I've had a good look around the Garden of NPIRL Delights.... very recommended...

Friday, 16 May 2008

Charlot Dickins

Well, if you visit my piece at Rezzable Design, you haaavvve to see Charlots piece, the address is Rezzable Design, 165,125,30

Charlot is one of the most gifted of sculptors, her prims are well turned and exact, shes very skilled.

....and make sure you got the sound on your puter turned up as you go down the slide...... its spookie...... free BBQ....:))

It's called the Path to Hell........

spookie patch

OK, so if you want to see my new build its at:
Rezzable Design, 86,86,21
You can start off at the dump:
The Garden of NPIRL Delights Ent, the Dump Rezzable (22, 153, 26)
and probably get a HUD, dont know the details yet...

and the guest book works if you sign in first at the Dump, and, unlike some places, its reeaalllyy easy...:)) thank the gods, or I'd still be there trying to get it working....

Well, if all else fails its in my Profile, as Spookie patch........

and the details, about me and the build are here

Soror Nishi turned spookie....

well, the build at Npirl/rezzable Garden is now open......
will take you to the website....and if you can get a HUD, wear it, its fun...

will publish address when I have it written down properly....:))

Orange Photo

No, not this one..... I was crashing so much I didnt are the

Great photos!!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Timewave 2012 planer..........tonights hero

Well, Timewave stepped into action... we had a party and no DJ....omg
so tonight our hero is......TIMEWAVE......YAY!!!

and the music usual

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Orange Island Dance and Photo competition

Well, this is a competition arranged for tomorrow night on my build at Orange... starts 1pm SLT

Fab Outlander
"This Thursday, May 15th on Orange Island:
Within the virtual confines of Orange Island, a space dedicated to creativity and innovation
has been spawned. We call this special place "Create Programme."

Imagine yourself in a primeval forest, under the canopy of stunning, lifelike vegetation.
Feel the pulse of the deep electro vibes, resonating among the organic surroundings as
DoubleDown Tandino spins electro music.
As you wander deeper, you find yourself in the middle of... a Party!

Slip into something comfortable then dress up your av for a steamy night in the jungle. And there will be a great Photo Safari contest, so don't forget your camera!
Whether snapping pics of your friends dancing in the forest, or styling yourself as
a virtual artist in capturing images of the unique flora, this is an event to be remembered.

Send your snapshot from SL to before 3 PM on May 15th, and you'll have a chance to win the contest!
1st price is 2000 L$ and you'll have your picture published on
2nd price is 1000 L$
3rd price is 500 L$

So, tell your friends, and meet us at "Create Programme" on Orange Island this Thursday, May 15th!"

Well, now you know.....seeya there

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Npirl/Rezzable Garden of Delights.... soror Nishi trees

Got to plant some more trees at Npirl/Rezzable Garden, in between other builds, and places where it needed some extra visuals, in spite of SL being a bit of a bugger....:)) buggy, I mean..

Opens tomorrow for press and bloggers

my 52nd tree is showing at the garden for the first time, one version is inside my Build, which is called, by the way..."In My Head"... and the idea is that you walk into the build rather than fly past, but, of course its up to you.....

theres a pretty version (of 52nd Ancient) out near some excellent chicken/birds ... will post address, has to be one of the best builds, well, one that I like a lot anyway......

Then put out the DJ desk for Thursday...(dance in the forest at Orange)... there is gonna be a photo competition, (thousands of and DoubleDown is playing.. should be cool, his music fits well, the Ancient Ones approve....:))
Met a film maker, Chantel Harvey, who was filming, as they do, and gave me a link to her site, where it should appear.....we'll see....

Monday, 12 May 2008

Selavy Oh again.....

Well, Selavy popped over and I took this new, new profile....:))

Shes been working with invisprims, obviously.....
Gives a new meaning to the term empty headed!!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

New Photo

Well, I got a shock when I looked at my Profile and decided it was time for a new photo. The photographer Kean Kelly came round to take snaps of my build at The Garden of Delights, and had me standing on my head, literally, for ages while she got some fancy shot, well, the blood rushed to my head, i can tell you......

So this is the latest me.... with flowers in my hair, and, cos I couldn't find a good prim skirt to wear, I am wearing a prim prim,... .....easy....

Well, I've finished my new build , the rainbow forest, just need to pack it up and get paid.... great, my first sim-full of trees, will let you know when it opens...:))

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Rezzable Design and Npirl

OK, just to get the Dates right........ The Garden of NPIRL Delights is open to the public on the 16th May, so put it in your diary.... and you will truly need to spend several days/ visits, there are 4 sims packed with goodies, (and baddies)....
Press and Bloggers can get in before, on the speak to Bettina or Vint or someone.... if you blog...

If you are on my friends list I will remind you...:))

And....... Mr Rezzable may be asking me to do a little something by way of a commission, which is right as rain cos the Rainbow Forest should be finished next week, dont have an opening date for that yet.....

and my nautical build will soon be ready to start I think, (its not underwater, but by the sea).....

Saturday, 3 May 2008

npirl garden of delights

Well, very happy to say that I have finished my contribution to the build.... and I'm quite pleased with it, considering how little time I have available to do it....often the best way.....
It opens 14th May, or 15th, I think..... theres so much there tho, lol, its gonna take weeks to look round

On my commission build I have been planting hundreds of trees, in fact probably more than a hundred, will count em next time, in a huuuugggge forest, over a sim of trees, and now I start on the flowers..... will be quite a few of those too I expect....

Finished the geology for the most part, mountains, hills and lakes in place and I think I have enough trees rezzed now, so now I have to make it into an environment, and that will take a bit of time....

Still got tons of prims...:))) .........(thats a great sentence)

Friday, 2 May 2008

Selavy Oh at Angelgate, 126,71,280

Now, thats what I call Art....... " long, immense and deliberate derangement of the senses".... brilliant....

Hurry to see it.