Monday, 2 August 2010

BUM 2.0

In a recent interview by M2Danger Ranger tried to give an idea and a general 'up' feeling about the Not Burning Life which is struggling to get going. Like a captain on a sinking ship the confused and rather boring Ranger tried to explain what would happen this year.... basically he has no more idea than anyone else.

The Boys are providing NO SIMS and no sponsorship for BUM 2.0, its gonna be paid for by us if we want it, and organised by us too. He doesn't know if it will be free entry or not, nor how many sims they can scrape the tier together for..

Well, you'll excuse me for not rushing to get my credit card out, this is just further confirmation, if that was needed, that in spite of Philips wonderful words about how vital builders and content creators are to SL, LL has absolutely no intention of providing one dollar of Endowment For The want em... good move !!

I will not shed one sigh if I never go to another Burning Life, and Rangers idea that the participants at the burn will have to go naked to stop the whole thing crashing just shows how crap the infrastructure is.....and will make it a non PG event (and non Noob). He then waffled on about possible future god if this guy is in charge .....

On the whole tho, if all those sad burners can huddle together on a sim and leave the rest of us sane people alone, it will be progress.

Sorry, I have hated it for years...



  1. Heh... I remember the coinage of "Bum 2.0" at your party ;)

    Can't say that I hate it, though: never could be arsed to care, let alone go to one.

  2. I hate the land grab, the burners and the burning, otherwise I'm OK about it.

  3. oh...and the rules no water, no trees, no nipples, no megas....

  4. I think it's a shame about Burning life. I really enjoyed the shows, exhibits and of course the art. I wasn't too keen on the rules but at least lots of people got to see stuff that they might never get round to seeing if there hadn't of been some big event going on. I thought your camp was fantastic last year as I'd never seen your art before, apart from in pictures so that was a real treat.

  5. Yes, that is true. I met a few new friends thro BL, but other such events have been better.... the no-mega policy is particularly stupid in my opinion.

  6. Bum 2.0..naked avatars to stop the sim crashing..non pg...non noob..and an organiser called Danger Ranger.

    If this wasn't for real I'd swear it was a comedy script..

  7. Well...I'll hereby confess, The only burning life I ever went to was in 07. I was so new that I really got nothing from it. At that time I still thought I had to buy a folding screen to make an interior wall for my new house, everything in SL was magic.

    I can see that there's a push to save money...OK...fine. How much can the electricity cost to run a couple of servers and a/c cool them? *Cost cutting* at this level doesn't bode well for a company that's supposedly a money maker.

  8. Open up the SLurl location map webpage.

    Using your mousewheel, zoom out almost all the way (that is, one ratchet short of full zoom out), then drag the map due east from the Old First Continent. On the way, you'll pass the archipelago that is the Forbidden (to us) Zone of the Teen Grid, and you'll also see one of the Linden Home Continents south of that. Keep going.

    The next thing you'll see is some thin east-west lines of sims out by themselves in the Eastern Sea. Zoom up on them, and click any one to get its name. They're all labeled "Landstore Pool" with a number.

    I counted 118. Completely idle, and yet taking up server space, somewhere (maybe near me; one of the server farms is in/near Dallas, TX, and so am I.)

    Maybe the Lab has other reasons for distancing themselves from Bum 2.0 -- maybe they're just tired of dealing with the inevitable drama (of which, quite a bit was imposed by their own rules). I'm not buying the server-space argument, not for a nanosecond.

  9. Well, I can't believe that the electricity cost is gonna break the bank either. According to an 'inside source' it is the fool burn fanatics themselves that prevented change and caused most of the hassles. It was however mainly run by residents anyway.

    @AlexHayden, I agree and the guy running it looks like he's out of Toy Story...

  10. It was Miso who first called it BUN true Miso style...

  11. Bun2.0 lol... mmm... imagine all the bun logos...

    Sadly, I have to agree with your assessment of the current stage...

    However, Soror, you didn't really hate BL all those years, did you? It wasn't all bad :) If memory serves, Bettina discovered you at BL07. And after that each year you were making some of the most talked-about installations, making must-see-in-BL lists.
    It wasn't all bad..
    I am writing sort of a goodbye memoir to BL mixed with investigation of what had happened on my blog
    I think what we were creating there cumulatively deserves a good word. Regardless of...

  12. ehhh heh Soror i was being LINDEN-PG with "Bun 2.0" although BUM fits better... I also was severly disheartened/dismayed/deflated by M2Danger's interview. It sounded so vague, so unfocused, so "we have no idea what's going to happen but let's make it happen!"

    It gave me the impression of floundering and flapping around and a very sinking feeling.

    For those who wish, IM me inworld for your own "OFFICIAL BUN 2.0 HEADGEAR©!!!!" PG of course; perhaps Soror and i can collaborate on a BUM 2.0 skin and clothi... er... loincloth or something. Perhaps if some kind, generous soul feels like donating a few empty sims, Soror and I could be talked into actually putting on BUM 2.0. Prolly have to do it in Zindra though :D

  13. ahhh....Miso, loved BUN2.0 are my inspiration..but when Toy Storyman suggested nakkid avis to cut just had to be 2.0 BUM 2.0, two bums being better than one.

    will go for the head gear tho....sounds great....