Thursday, 28 June 2007

Zentral Park, Zentrum, Zenergy and...The Grill thrill.

Oh My God
and as you know I'm normally quite mouthy...:).....well some of you do.. :)

I don't know where to start
Well, the teleporter, I suppose, if you go and ONLY use the teleporter, you will have had a great time.... it is more fun than is decent...hehehe

Then the All-Seeing-Eye,...I'm in love with the All-Seeing-Eye, lol, how COOL can one machine be....
Security and Philosophy from one machine...I want to hug it and have its babies..

Its a brand new hideously cool, evilly smart, soror-mouth-shuttingly-great set up....ok, so I ran out of adjectives, give a girl a break... jeez

Well, you can see its not just a club
theres a huge place for events downstairs, called the Zentrum
then theres a ladies only club...Zenergy on the next floor
and, my absolute fav... the Grill great is that..just loook at the photos....

Well it is the talented Zenna Slade, a gentleman to make any girl tend to loose concentration....
who is the mastermind behind all this, supported by the very lovely Lace Babii, his manager and, (must be) extremely compatent Manageress.

And they are OPENING ON SATURDAY, so forget the'll all crash anyway... put on your dancing shoes..( you can leave the anims at home the floors got 30 dances programmed in)....
I know where I'll be...dressed to kill, at the Grill thrill....hehe,sound like a

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Well, I've been very busy, firstly we have got our first tenant in Rent-a Paradise. Lileigh Cazalet has taken one of the little shacks and has been making it into a very cute little home. Welcome, Lileigh.

Then, I have blended and baked my first sculpted prim..... a big step for me although the realists might think it a little clumsy... I'm proud as a kid coming home from school with a dodgy drawing...hehehe

Then, at last I started work on my Profile, but have yet to take on my Inventory..... bean, of course, has hers in perfect order..but then she should...she's a PA after all

Still waiting for the crane to arrive to continue with the building work...

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Alienspeaking Nation, then Alec Paragon

This is me doing my one-legged dance...hehehe

God I love tp's
First off I was kicking my heels at Alienspeaking Nation... well, did find out who was DJ ing the room was full, I gave up trying to count how many people were there, but half of em seemed to be DJ's...
The chat on the floor is hysterical, I'm cracking up so bad i cant type.....a very witty bunch..

Then tp ed to Alec Paragon's gig at Happy Clam Island...
Excellent as usual
the rl dragged me out....:(

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Iz and the Dragon, Pierrot....

Well, nows theres something you dont see often
I thought I'd take Iz and show her the Isle of Wyrms... simple you would think, and normally it would be....
Well, when we got there, I couldnt find the dragons eggs and stuff, so we telepoted to the Cathedral and there was the most enormous and beautiful dragon you have ever seen...

As it would happen it was the dragon sale... only happens twice a before they crashed the whole sim. soror was stuck and so was Iz... anyway we had to relog and lo and behold a pleasant person called pierrot came to visit.. then he turned into a wyrmling and ..wel..Iz's eyes lit up.

She may be new to SL but she and the dragon were flirting like theres no tomorrow......hmmmm

Apart from this rather unusual event...well, I baked my first texture in the blender...and Popfuzz lady Kit was a new eyes, but not sure about them...they're probably fine, but you know what I'm like....

anyway, an eventful day...and late to bed as usual.....

Friday, 22 June 2007

civil engineer wanted

Well I've always been lousy at maths so I dont know if this is going to work.
Somebody should really do calculations and things... but I thought that if I made the chain really heavy'd probably hold.

And, NO, all you clever clogs out there, thinking I made the links out of gold...... I didn't. I know gold is soft... I'm not that dim! They're just gold plated cos I didnt like the colour of the steel.

The only thing really bugging me is that I had great luck with the shoes.
Wonderful lady at X2 sent me a new HUD for the shoes (sandal pumps) and I never want to take them off...... so a little worried about building in them....

but could do with the calculations really... oh well
here goes
this is the start of my new building
it'll be great
I been here about 50 days now
and only just started building...
at last


Thursday, 21 June 2007


well as I havent told you much about how bean is doing, bean i my cousin, and also my P.A., for those of you who havent been reading this from the beginning. I gave her a job so she could escape her rural existence and see a bit of the world. Well, luckily for me shes very efficient as well as being pleasant, cos I have been up to my eyeballs with work recently.

this is her with her new jacket which she is so chuffed about.

havent got time to chat much these days what with one thing and the other.....

we started terraforming the island...but still loads to do... even the groundworks take time, and we cant do much planning until we see what we got down there.
we hit bedrock higher than we thought we would so we cant go down too low, but looks like we're deep enough... we will see..


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Darth Juniper, Juniper Jewels

Well, hes a hero. I got very uptight the other day, bought something that didnt fit and IM ed a rant to him and he was sweet as a nut and very understanding and fixed me up. So I felt real bad about being so mean.

He said that customer satisfaction was what he cared about, and I, for one, believe him cos he fixed the problem within 5 mins. so good on him.

so, Darth you're a hero

Junkyard Queen

Just had to show you my new outfit which I love so much its been hard to take off.
Gonna get a lot of wear out of this one.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Alec Paragon, Calista's beach 60,116,25

Another wicked set from the talented man at Calista's beach, the place was jammed and rocking...
no suprise there then

So the address is blogged before here, but that was the club. This set they had on the beach...get your little butts down there... its great. You can IM Alec or Calista to find out when its next going on, or join something or another....bla,.bla, bla..

This is a beautiful sculpture that Callista showed me while I was there
Its called LOVE, .... I suppose thats one way of looking at it, although rather a melancholic view, philosophically speaking....

Mr Moonso came out to look, you dont often see a 600 prim rose....

Saw a good friend and generally chilled, it's the weekend after all...

Thursday, 14 June 2007

evening on the beach

Well, this is, left to right, Ernesto, Kitty, Lucille and I just gassing as the sun goes down.

Had loads of visitors today, nice to meet new people, but busy.

The good news for me is that Lescow Treeworks, in the shape(s) of Mr. Moonso will set up his workshop on the island, which is great cos i love his work. Now we have to see if Malroy May will follow...

Laurens boat

Well, every picture tells a story. This is lauren and i, doing what you do if you live near the sea...
She's taken her hands off the wheel and...... yes we crashed!

Luckily my camera is waterproof so the photo, and us of course, survived to tell the tale..

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Twiddling thumbs again

Well, here we all are waiting to get back in the game
I got the blender out but lost interest so thought I should do myself some clothes
I went to the SL website and their blog is full of people complaining and I know that there are people who have lost out with both inventory and cash.... and probably those who should upgrade their puters...

Last night I had a shock because half the island had disappeared and poor bean got sucked into quicksand which is a bit traumatic for a girl, but she's pretty resilient. She went out shopping with Lauren today :) and got some hair, so she was well pleased.

Finally found some good jeans, 6 weeks its taken....

Looks like a photoshop afternoon

Monday, 11 June 2007

monday..... hmmm

Well, strange sort of a day really, put some doors on some of the huts, so they're ready to rent.

Saw Lucilles new house and chatted for a while with Sapph and later with Lauren, must get some photos of these good people.

Sapph was kind enough to give bean a new skin.... suits her... there'll be no stopping her now..

Met a new neighbour, Izabella Laval, she's planning to build a house next door, so that'll be nice

otherwise nothing much happened, slow sort of a day


Sunday, 10 June 2007

Mr Widget and some nice toons

Yeh, i loved it, dressed in my-walking-late-at-night in the graveyard look, well half of it anyway, couldn't colour change the other half........fool

Well, yes actually it was noticed and I felt stupid again, so no change there..

It got a bit laggy and Lauren and i talked land prices, yawn, I hear you say, no... lots to learn for a noob

This is my paradise

Saturday, 9 June 2007


Well, it looks like rent-a-paradise will soon be up and running!
I've built some shacks on the beach to rent out, not finished yet of course,too busy

Haven't been dancing for while except on Lucilles terrace. or shopping
Made a bit of a fool of myself today, as usual, got tongue-tied which is, for those of you who know me, not a common thing..
Some one landed on my head and knocked my brains out.


Kitty, next door, is a genius, she bought fish for the sea....fantastic! They look great

Otherwise, I did my accounts and, oh boy, have I spent some cash!
May have to go on the game....(joking)....

Sorry, my heads in a mess....

Friday, 8 June 2007

The lagoon

Well, I've started to put up some thai-style huts in the Lagoon
with a hope to rent some out, well, we'll see but i think they will look good when finished
try and get as much built as possible at the moment
in between socializing and practicing
the blender has been as neglected as my poor bloggers
will make it up to you all....

The Linden boys are having trouble, seems like, Lucilles boss lost thousands of L$'s worth of Inventory...

Ive crashed loads today...
My anims are all messed up, but I'm smiling a lot today........
spring is in the air
and the tropical climate suits me to a T
now we'll see if Soror is "a brilliant designer" or just full of hot air.....


Tuesday, 5 June 2007

soror's desire

yes, another photo of soror's desire, my lovely tree

well, got the blender going tonight, so who know what will come out.

met a v nice neighbour today, will tell more, later

on the beach

had to show you all this great tree made by the talented mr Moonso
who has threatened to leave SL but let me tell you that would be a great loss to us all, which is exactly what I told him.
got shot
went dancing
what else could i do ?

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Nishi gallery is open!

Well, the gallery is open and i sent invites to the people I have met in my travels.
Hope they enjoy it.
I think it went in the classified as soror's place, but I cant find anything in search. Anyway its on my profile so its easy to find like that.

other news is that the property I bought in Wahoo, probably because of the name, was bought out by a very nice man who wanted it more than I did.
So I went off and bought another piece!