Thursday, 25 September 2008

a flower display

does what it says on the box... flower display....

and, in the background, The Island Jacaranda, my latest tree... for sale, of course, on the beach...


Monday, 22 September 2008

the beach in september

this is my 60th ancient one.... 2 nice prims, even if I do say so myself...

looking a bit emptier than before, but I shouldnt think that will last...:))

freed up a few prims..:))

Sunday, 21 September 2008

botgirls identity crisis ...a must see

well, thats it really, i have seen so many dodgy shows recently, it is sooo refreshing to see a good one....and this is.

its the comic strips that were important, ...these are real issues... stuff that we need to think about... i loved it.

its at....New Caerleon, (49,226,220


Saturday, 20 September 2008


Well, the most ancient one has been sold too. photo for those who wonder "which one was that".... hehehe, its the one at Orange Island, the big one.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Soror Nishi, better than Lehman Brothers.

The Orchid House has been sold.

Better than most major banks?? Well, I am in profit.

The new proud owners are Alexandar Vargas and his lovely partner, Hunter.

Both saintly patrons of the arts.:))

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

and now ... the news

The Mortgage Gods are awakened, hungry for blooooddddd...... hehhehehe, .... hey ho !!

... ah well, here everything is beautiful, Life is beautiful.. .....

The news is like the old 50"s horror movies...."be afraid, be VERY afraid." hehheheehe.....

well far more importantly I have been thinking of changing my shoe colour and nail varnish, and have finally gotten round to doing it... now that is breaking news...:))

also, sold some trees...thank you to all my benefactors...:))

I went to Tibet today too and visited the Potola which is still under construction, Wizard Gynoid and Tenzin working to bring a HUGE build to SL....well done you two..!!

otherwise ....hmmmm, counted my ears (to keep busy) rather than watch more news...:))
funny how the repetition of superlatives is so obviously counter-productive but the inflation (of superlatives) is institutionalised, and destined to self destruct.... super...!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Burning Life Update

Hmmm, sorry no snaps...:))

Well, the land grab was all very tacky.
You know I exaggerate in order to emphasise a point sometimes, well, this is one of them....:))
It felt like when you see in movies someone throwing a handful of coins to the peasants, and they all fight each other in the mud, and its all rather disgusting.....
Now, obviously, theres no mud, but, I got a plot, beat everyone to it, etc, etc...... and felt rather bad about it. After all, I have the beach, why was I grubbing for more?
Maybe someone didnt have anywhere to build..... and it was small...:)) ... so I gave it back.

and, then, Rezago Kokorin offered his plot to the Virtual Artists Alliance, and I was asked to participate....and that seems a much better attitude than land-grabbing... so I shall be putting up a new build with the VAA with 14 others....:))

Its at Burning Life (Babel) (204,63,24) but you have to be a member of Burning Life to get in before the opening... I will of course tell you all about when that will be... and the other details.... eventually.

Friday, 12 September 2008

the super tree

Well, this one which is on the beach, well, above the entrance to the fish shop (the well), is about 40 meters tall, so thats 3 big prims, the smaller version is only 2 prims...:)) and i'll find a home for it in the shop.... eventually....

a slow week

yes, its been a slow week; last week was slow too....:)) spent far tooo much time this week trying to get a plot at Burning Life, yawn, this land grab thingy may be fine for people who have nothing better to do, but for me it is a real royal pain. Even last year when i got a plot thro the lottery I hated trying to go out and select one, ....all the plots are totally one piece of parched (dodgy tex) desert is exactly the same as any other. Why on earth they dont just give plots out is totally beyond me. Like anyone cares.....
It may be because they do that in RL, but Burning Man is totally different to Burning Life, from what i have understood. Building regulations (no mega prims), theme considerations (no houses), and PG considerations (no nipples),..... it reminds me of one of those beaches you can go to in "the civilized world" which have a list of stuff you cant do, greeting you as you get onto the beach.
Anyway, why fight for a piece of land big enough to put three trees on?? hmmmm, well, it all sounds a bit negative, I know, but I have not been enjoying the grab, as you may have guessed; so..... I am hoping to build with the Virtual Artist Alliance, on a communal plot.... could be lots of fun, even if it turns out to be Smouldering Life...:))
Will keep you informed...
on a positive note..... I have a new tree nearly finished and will upload a snap next time i write.


Sunday, 7 September 2008

beach visitors

This is the lovely Sapphire, modelling my Health and Safety equipment down in the fish shop.
She and Burton came over to have a look at the beach. i have spoken about them before in these pages, they were very kind to me when I first arrived here...

Thought a few shots would be nice for those who cant make it... but it is open for whoever, whenever...:))))

...then, I crashed..... cant say things are exactly hunky dory at the moment with the Boys wiring..... come on !! sort it out !! probably just a fuse...
how difficult can it be to run a parallel universe??


Friday, 5 September 2008

Soror Nishi fish shop

fish shop SLURL

jump in the well

find the door

and walk down the stairs

well, its not very finished as I write, but its on its way, need some more species, but they will float in on the tide, I guess...

don't worry about the fish, they are all vegetarian.... I have Health and Safety Equipment I will issue to you if you IM me....havent quite got it together with one of those thingies that give you a freebie when you tp in..... but it will all come together in the end...:)))

Mr Widget and Alienspeaking

Well, you know how it is when you settle down to do some work and the offer of a good distraction comes your way....

so, i dropped my hammer and chain saw, chisel and plane....( I was making a new door) and tp'ed over to the Blood Box where I managed to catch some very cool toons before RL copped hold of me and spirited me off to my second life.....

Mr Widget and Alien always get me going, and my little puter was vibrating cos I had the noise up as high as its little speakers could manage....

still managed to get some sea anemones made, and the door....wellll....its a bit funky..... :)))) heheheheee

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Jaynine Scarborough plays Orange Island

Well, sorry, I didnt get time to post this event here....I think my IM's are being capped....

anyway, it was a great concert, Jaynine has an amazing voice, very easy to listen to, and a full interview with her is available on the Orange blog

there were over thirty people there, all dressed in grey....very co-ordinated..:))

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Greater Angel Iris

Ah.... now as I was merrily hanging about in the Orchid House, Builder Weatherwax was good enough to explain another little button on Blender. and... because of this the Iris has turned out very well. So thanks to you Builder...:))

I needed at least one more flower for the collection..:)) now I really will get down to doing those corals I keep talking about.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Orchid House

Well, its more of a pavillion really, but, anyway its open to the public, i.e. anyone who wants to take a look. I sent out invites, so if you didnt get one you are not on my friends list, which is easy to change....(send me friendship).... makes life easier.

the address is... Lifstaen 15,16,77

Tried to put the best of my recent tex and sculpties together in one place....:))

hope you enjoy it.