Thursday, 26 August 2010

Customer service and JIRA.

Ravin Draconia needs thanking for taking the time to list the frustrating steps it takes to propose a new feature, or, in her case return to the viewer a lost feature, lost when the new 2.0 viewer was intoduced as a far inferior product to the previous one.

She details her steps here.

I am still unable, and will be for eternity I think, to log on to the forums with Safari as very few browsers are compatible.

The list of things wrong with the forum is detailed by Ravin in her JIRA she has listed 20 items which should be fixed.

I can recommend that you take a little time to vote for this JIRA, you have to sign on first ...why would they make it simple??

Now, the whole JIRA system stinks in my opinion.

Any reasonable sized business has a support system. This normally involves sending an email to support @xxx.yyy .. In normal companies, there is then a person, an employee who files, defines, analyses the complaint or issue to make sure it arrives on the right desk of the right person.

This is not rocket science, this is good business practice.

Linden Lab, however, have decided that it is you or I who should do all the work, and, it is a lot of work, so that they don't have to employ so many people on customer service.

Running the JIRA gauntlet is, of course, enough to put most people off. It took me two years to get it together.

This is not, by any calculation, a successful outcome for the Boys. They do NOT gain by having fewer complaints, ideas and suggestions.

Feedback is an ASSET, not a pain in the neck, and making it easy to get feedback should be a priority for any company selling a service.

Philip can stand on any platform and smoothly reassure The Naive that this is a new era, where the Lab is really listening, interested in community.....etc ad nauseum...if JIRA is still a nightmare, if posting comments on the Forum is impossible without downloading a few browsers to see which one works, if SnowStorm is a lie.... well...he is a fool.

...and we are fools to believe anything we get told.

The current formula for success is....PR = SPIN = LIES, and that's a formula that will bury Second Life.

Sort it out Boys!!



  1. soror, I've often thought of "The Benevolent Monarchy" as the kid on the playground that covers her ears and screams lalalalalalalalalala.
    In our case it becomes so hard to just find another playmate (Inworldz anyone?)

  2. That's... just... so sad. After so many years in SL, it's hard to watch them just kill themselves like this. And yes Brinda, InWorldz. :)

  3. Well Kids it looks like inWorldz has appeared on someones Radar; it was the honored recipient of a botnet gift yesterday. As well, griefers showed up this week.

    Since I'm not a cynic, it was prolly some daft AssHat with too much money who contracted the attack rather than some business competitor or dissafected Client provider.

    On a not entirely unrelated note, the Emerald DDOS debacle has left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder if it has some other payloads we should be aware of?

    Meh, Nur Kitty.

  4. @ Brinda and Jim... well, I feel the same. ... but there is always hope (and InWorldz)...

    @ Nur..well, it is probably a good idea to change passwords if you feel nervous about it.