Saturday 31 October 2009


Well, I got mugged by 5 year olds at my own front door for stuff.....accompanied by their Dad, but didnt really feel like giving them sweeties, didn't have any in the house anyway so put some cash in their mugging box. It's all foggy outside like autumn is really here, we've had quite mild weather this last week or so. Fireworks going off every night approaches and I am definitely not wearing warm clothes in SL. Think I'll wear my bikini all winter...(may have said that already brain, please...).

Oh, yes...thanks to Jeannie Nishi for my skin and Alpha for the BL cape ("Hermit")...went to UTSA for a while with Wizzy and just chilled.....working on a new tree which is reminding me of those pineapple chunks on cocktail sticks they used to have at parties many moons ago... not sure if it will pass the rigourous quality control officer (me) or end up composted, it's at that sort of in-between state at the moment...

Otherwise, heard that Inworldz are offering 5000 prims to builders for just 20US$ per month.... interesting.... and went to see Selavy's new project which I will blog when she gives me the nod, maybe next week. Also next week we expect to hear about the Nebraska deals.....these are stand-alone solutions for Companies who don't wanna get too near to afraid of infection from us natives...:)) I don't think they'll be a big thing. Not much going on in the world of blogs at the moment.....

This blog hit 1200 visits this month with approx. 1.5 pageturns per thats 1800 and Hi to whoever reads this blog in Russia...

...and... 38% of you are Mac users....hehehhehe....i like that...


Wednesday 28 October 2009

Careers advice to students.

Having an honours degree from a London university, a brain the size of a small planet, exceptional talent, the requisite average number of body parts and virtual fame, I spent today shoveling horse shit.

Now, earthworms may well have raised altars in underground temples in my name, so it is a long, long way from the stupidest things employers have asked me to do (the details of which are buried in the Freudian depths of a traumatised unconscious, my Ego screaming “you did THAT for money?”) it left 99.999999% of my brain free to ponder my career experience.

It may shock some of you to know that I am, in fact, not 2.5 years old and that I lie about my age on every website I visit, for two good reasons: a) my attitude is “I’m alive what more do you need to know” and b) I harbour a secret desire to find two pieces of junk mail on my doorstep on the same day, one offering me incontinence pants and the other a student loan (well, it’s good to have achievable goals in life).

So, being a little older than I look I feel it my duty and pleasure to give back to the community by sharing some careers advice.
Please stay with me, there is an inherent logic to this process. It starts with the supposition, based on observation, that all middle management bosses are David Brent, some disguise it better than others. Those of you who don’t know David Brent are lost.

Now, no boss wants an employee to be better dressed or more competent than they are, this is difficult to hide, but given practice it is achievable. It is difficult, however to hide your underlying intelligence....for example... if a car is thundering towards you at 100 m.p.h. and you jump out of the way you will be exposed. Your boss, in that situation, would expect you to call a meeting or write a memo. Spontaneous intelligence is frowned on in the work place.

So, while you are young and underpaid, it is possible to blend in with the furniture. Over the age of 40 (currently) or 30 (predicted) it will be more convenient for your boss to employ a 20 year old. I do know people who have kept their jobs longer than that by dressing very badly, but is it worth it? continue... after college or university you are likely to have a 10 year long career followed by 30 years of shoveling horse shit.

Bearing this in mind it is better to build up your strength at college than it is to get brainy, so make sure you spend all your time having sex rather than going to class. Do lots of arm exercises and strengthen your wrists, (wheelbarrows don’t drive themselves, you know). It will be better for you in the long run.


Tuesday 27 October 2009

Solid Silver Soror

I’m selling the family silver....:))

I first started making silver jewellery by casting shells and, using a lost wax technique, getting some help with the casting from Mr and Mrs Fung (honestly) who had a small and smelly casting company in a huge, run down building down a back alley in Kowloon, Hong Kong about an hour away from where I was living at the time. I risked life and limb everytime I used the lift there, but they did good work, leaving the filing, sanding and polishing to me.

The resulting repetitive strain injuries made me desist in the end from a rather pleasant career, that and the hand-over of HK to the Chinese in 1997, and subsequent loss of rich Brits who went back to the UK.

I have more detailed photos of some of these pieces but haven’t thought to bore everyone with them....just email me if you want more info on any of the pieces. Sorry for the quality of some of these, my ‘macro’ on my camera is crap.

The cowrie is a little pendant in sterling silver weighing nearly 6 gms, with a jump ring to take a chain or leather (not provided). It’s about 22 mm long. It’s for sale for £35, exclusive of postage. Terrible photo, I know.....

...similarly the ‘blob 6’ is a shell with the top filed off to show the natural spiral. It’s slightly smaller, same price.

This pair of indian looking earrings is made in exactly the same way. They are 6.5 grms each, sterling silver and so a bit heavier than some people are used to wearing, and 50 mm, (2 inches) long overall. They are £55.

Fashioned from a smaller, flatter cowrie than the pendant this set of necklace and bracelet are produced in exactly the same manner from sterling silver. The necklace is 34 cms long (13.5 inches), and the bracelet 14.5 cms (5.5 inches). The set fits someone around a size 10 (english sizes) and for a larger person your local jeweller could add some more rings to the end to increase the length. There’s about 65 gms of silver in the set. It’s £320, and could be split although they do look best together.

I called this one The Funky Mushroom. It has a beaten and tarnished copper top, riveted to a wooden (teak) base with 4 x 24 ct gold rivets. The melted metals are layered, shaku-do, shibu-ishi, gold and silver which have been tarnished. The stone is a “swiss blue” topaz. The rough leather collar is 36.5 cms (14.5 inches) long, and again, it could be lengthened by your local jeweller. £395.

Another pendant in cast sterling silver, this one has a hard fossilized coral stone which shows the structure of corals very clearly. Dodgy photo again, sorry, the actual colour is coffee fading to white, the detail is more delicate than this picture shows. It’s nearly 20 gms. £125.

Carved freehand in wax, like the one above then cast in sterling silver, this was inspired, as you might have guessed, by an african mask. Its over 30 gms, around 1.3 ounces, it’s 4.5 cms by 3.8 cms. I thought it would look good on a man or woman, but then not many men wear jewellery. £155.

Blue glass (cobalt blue) set in sterling silver, a bit of japanese flair, maybe... this one is 25 gms, 5 cms (2 inches) long. £125.

This is quartz with needles of rutile in the stone, so, it’s called rutilated quartz..:)) about 20 gms, slightly smaller than the last piece. £145.

While I was in Victoria, Australia, I melted these pieces of glass together in a kiln, then went back to HK and carved and cast a solid silver pendant for it. It’s called Glacier, and it is a heavy piece, around 40 gms. It’s 3.5 cms by 2.5 and very chunky. £175.

Leaf, a simple carved and cast piece, it’s 8 gms, 4 cms long. The stone is an agate from India (if I remember rightly). £ 75.

This was an opal I picked out of hundreds at one of the regular Hk gem fairs I used to attend. It has a good range of colours and I have several photos of it. I set it in a 24 ct gold setting which brings out the blueish tinge of the opal matrix. the silver back I have left quite raw, its not a cast piece. 14.5 gms, 22 mm by 22 mm. It has a large enough fixing for it to slip onto a smallish rope chain, or thick leather. £245.

The Glyph is not a cast piece, its make from a range of metals. The ring part is shibu-ishi (a japanese alloy ...25% silver to 75% copper) and silver bands. One of the cross-pieces is 9ct gold, the other silver. The body of the piece is a silver coated copper. The round squiggles come from Burmese writing, tho I’m sure it doesn’t say anything...well...hopefully.
This piece either loops onto a leather thong or you could have a jump ring made to fit it to a chain. 19 gms, 8cms long. £95.

Well, that will do for part one...I have bangles, a few, and a couple of more expensive pieces for those with rich Santas, and rings. The trouble with rings is that they are never gonna fit you, you would have to get them sized locally (I will reflect that inconvenience in the price).

Email me if you are interested in any of the pieces and we can talk further..


Impossible clothing

Impossible in real life, that is....

OK, so this is pretty self-explanitary, there are three layers to this top and you can choose hundreds of different colours for each layer, giving you thousands of different colour combinations....

It's for sale in the shop.... Frigg bought one 31 seconds after I posted it in Flickr, that's gotta be a record of some kind.......hehehehe

...any problems....just IM me... oh yes.....SLurl


Saturday 24 October 2009

Sam the dog...

Now, there's a new story that's grabbed the attention of more than one news report here in the UK, it's about a painting dog.

"Sam is a regular renaissance dog and his abstract paintings are all the rage with the hip New York galleries," says Mary Stadelbacher, Sam's owner.
"He loves his painting and would happily carry on for hours if I left him to it.
"He loves to work in a variety of colours and layers his paintings with darker shades first and then moves on to lighter ones later." Quote from the Telegraph... here

His paintings sell for more than £1000.

Now, the fact that the woman involved is totally deluded is only confirmed by the following statement...
"Using his specialised training as a house-help dog, combined with my amateur art background, Sam is a fully trained artist," explains Mary.
....and, worse.... "He is quite a unique abstract artist."

OK, so I am not even gonna discuss this, after all I have earthworms in my garden who could do a good imitation Pollock. My big question is, however, how did he get an SL account, I'm sure I've seen his work in a few galleries here...
...and who taught him to use Anim Smooth??


Thursday 22 October 2009

Stuff and the University of Delaware

Well, I'm totally Burning Life'd I have a few more things to check out, I'm not gonna be doing much more than kicking back and chilling the next few days, I hope.

ColeMarie has done a great video of my stuff at Magoo and thats on view at Koinup.

I did find the article that LL has been advertising in the NY Times quite amusing, but then I am easily amused (as has been claimed before, and easily bored too)....

So....this Friday will no doubt find me at the University of Delaware, where I have done a Sea Stack with my new tree on top.

...official blurb..."The University of Delaware invites you to join us Friday Oct. 23 2009, 11:30 SLT, for Outsider Art.
This event features a live in-world talk on Outsider Art, Lance Winn, Lance Winn, Associate Professor, Department of Art, University of Delaware.
For an overview of his real life art please visit: [I did and got bored]

"Outside of What?" will explore issues around both the historic status of "Outsider Art" and how artists working in Second Life conform or deviate from past ideas of what it meant to be outside of the mainstream art world. The talk will attempt to figure out how these definitions were developed in the first place, what the so-called insider "art world" is in our current time, and how we might think of things like self-taught at time when all artists working in the digital realm are essentially learning on their own as new software is continually developing. The discussion will attempt to define and develop the notion of aura as it relates to original experience and to question what this might mean in virtual worlds and will attempt to develop a set of questions concerning the internal versus external world as it relates to both vision and the "visionary."

In addition to the talk there will be an art exhibit spanning both islands from Oct. 23 - Nov.17, 2009.
The exhibit will feature the works of notable Second Life creators including:
AM Radio • Bryn Oh • Cheen Pitney • Cutea Benelli • DC Spensley • Filthy Fluno • Glyph Graves • Kilara Balnarring • Raskolnikow Roffo • Sabrinaa Nightfire • soror Nishi • Ub Yifu • with more to be announced soon!"

well, I know for a fact that Scotsgraymouser is showing too... so we'll see who else....

now......whether or not I can hold out long enough to hear the whole thing will depend on if its all in dodgy voice ...and how comfortable the seats are.
I also have a bit of an allergy to intellectual analysis of art, seems to me things like reading about food, talking about films and intellectualising about art are related in that they are all sofa-time-wasting. However, I am the first to admit when I am wrong, and would love it to be a great evening..... don't hold your breath, tho...

oh yes....the Slurl.... glad I didn't forget that...


Monday 19 October 2009

The Willow and the University of Delaware

The 82nd Ancient One .... the Willow Bean

Well, this is my latest tree, almost, I have finished one other since this, but some trees are a bit like milestones, like a good painting you've done. This one is a rather nice one and probably the most technically competent even if it's not the most outrageous design.

It's currently on show at the University of Delaware in preparation of a talk and show they are doing about Outsider Art....... (details to follow here later) Wikipedia has this to say about it:

"The term outsider art was coined by art critic Roger Cardinal in 1972 as an English synonym for art brut (French: [aʁ bʁyt], "raw art" or "rough art"), a label created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture; Dubuffet focused particularly on art by insane-asylum inmates. [hehehehehehe]

While Dubuffet's term is quite specific, the English term "outsider art" is often applied more broadly, to include certain self-taught or Naïve art makers who were never institutionalized. Typically, those labeled as outsider artists have little or no contact with the mainstream art world or art institutions. In many cases, their work is discovered only after their deaths. Often, outsider art illustrates extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds."

I guess the old adage..."you don't have to be crazy...." etc applies well...:))) Scotsgraymouser said...."well, they don't get more Outside than us..."

Detail of aligning of prims and tex...... a fiddley process... drives you mad...... makes you an Outsider I guess...hehehhehehe


Saturday 17 October 2009

Deutche Info Welt

Well, I know this is a bit bad, cos I have never done this before, but this is the second time I've used this image, for the observant among you.

Thing is, I have an opening tomorrow, here, The Space Convention Centre, at 2 PM SLT.

I have a new flower and a much improved Alien Tree (after SL6B) and a small planting of my stuff.... pop along if you have time and get bored of BL.


Friday 16 October 2009

Burning Life starts tomorrow.

Well, it's come round again, my third BL and this time I'm doing it with Pixi Cosmos and Snowy Hoobinoo, both members of a group called 'A Freak of Nature'.

I started this group with the idea of trying to get people together who were interested in flora that was not a poor copy of the beautiful nature which we enjoy so much in RL, but rather who were looking for the sort of 'true' flora that could be built here to compete with the Photo-on-Sticks trees which we have in our Libraries.

Hopefully, this little seed of an idea will grow over time, and this may be, for some, a first chance to see Pixi's and Snowy's work; their style and craft.

You are all very welcome, of course, our plot is here and the whole thing kicks off at 12 noon SLT (is noon AM or PM?....strikes me we should adopt the 24 hours clock, dear American friends) tomorrow, that's 8PM GMT and 9PM CET.

So...pop over when you have time....I did go to a "trial burn" the other day and about 20 people lagged out the sim, sooo.... don't expect anything different to the previous years when it comes to the final event....

Enjoy the imitation real regulated and organised ex-anarchy that is a 34 sim attempt at a poor copy of Burning Man. I hope to be blogging a few suggestions for the nuggets in the stream bed of rubble over the coming weeks.


Wednesday 14 October 2009

UTSA .....Mess and Megaprims .

Now, I know people get very annoyed when I start criticising. I have been thrown off sims and out of groups for speaking my mind, but that does little to stop me. If people can't take constructive criticism then, basically, they should see a shrink.

I have tried not to write this post, to no avail, someone has to say something, and although it may seem like I'm having a go at UTSA, that is not the case.

There is the common belief in SL that you can get 10 good artists and throw them a sim and everything will be fine. Now, I used to curate in RL, sometimes we had over a hundred artists showing at one time. NO-ONE in their right minds would let the artists hang their own work. Setting work next to each other is a skill, composing a show is a skill, and framing the show, both thematically and philosophically is a skill. We are lucky enough to have very skilled people in SL who do know how to curate shows, a few.

Now.... everyone showing at UTSA is a very nice person and have skills of various degrees....but..... the place looks like Caerleon or some other art ghetto, where one piece does nothing for the next piece. In a gallery there is a sort of framework.... walls, rooms, etc....and this gives a certain discipline to the pieces being shown. To simply dump pieces in a Not-Quite Landscape is just about the worst 'look' I can think of. I think the BL desert looks better than this. be constructive.... my recommendation is... if you want to show pieces in this way, have a proper landscape to show it in. A piece of land can be separated into rooms or areas, pieces can be used to enhance other pieces and a general, overall 'look' can be designed that hangs together as a show.

There are people who do this successfully already in SL ...please, please, please... stop dumping art in a sim and thinking it will work doesnt.

On a totally different track.... MEGAPRIMS, scalable, for the use of....... (hopefully, us). Bettina has for two years helped keep pressure on LL to give us scalable megas... her post here is proof that patience pays of. please, please, please (what, again??) take a few minutes to log on and vote for this jira.

Vote for megaprims.....pretty please.

Now, in true LL style it's by no means a straightforward solution.... why do something the easy way when you can annoy people by making it complicated.....but it's still worth voting for. Seems like every other grid has scalable prims and LL must be holding out for purely financial reasons, after all...prims if we get more for our money....they, by implication get less.


Sunday 11 October 2009

Weekend Stuff, I'm sure to blog this again with a few more precise details, but... Next Sunday there's an opening of my Alien Forest at the Space Convention Centre on Sunday the 18th. It's Deutche Info Welt.....and I will post a Slurl and stuff. Its gonna be at 1PM SLT I think....have yet to work out the time.....10PM CET anyway...... more about it here, though you might need to translate it....

Popped into Reaction Grid for the first time on Friday just to say hi to Snowy but he wasn't there....anyway got my clothes and skin on etc...met a few cool people, these small grids are very welcoming... all seemed quite stable...

AuraKyo is showing a lovely piece and there's a wishes board you can add you're thoughts too.... I got carried away with the lights and effects and didn't notice it, but I was trying to squeeze it in before heading off to Australia.....

University of Western Australia has been hosting, and will continue, a monthly design/build competition....

"Some exciting new developments that happened today. Thanks to, we have managed to raise the GRAND PRIZE for both the IMAGINE & FLAGSHIP Challenges to L$75,000 (& L$14,000 for the Second Prize. Monthly prizes, with immediate effect will increase to $L5,000 & $L1,250 respectively.

For the IMAGINE challenge, the Best Non-Scripted entry prize will also increase to L$1,250 and the winner of the 1st prize and best Non-Scripted prize will have RL custom T-Shirts made for them based on their favourite texture. This will be custom made in RL, and posted to them, wherever they are in the world! These special prizes come courtesy of

Also a special artists participation pool (donation) has been established thanks to the generosity of Sasun Steinbeck & Tranguloid Trefoil who have agreed to join me in contributing L$1000 monthly toward the pool, and Phillip Vought who has agreed to contribute for October. This will be reset at the start of every month. All artists who submit a genuine entry (not a block of plywood) and who do not receive one of the main prizes, will receive a share of what has been contributed to the donation jar for that month. Nothing is being kept for the land tier, 100% will go back to artists."

Now, this is exactly the sort of thing that should be encouraged in my view.... anyway...I won a RL T-shirt for the best textures...and... the other top prizes were.....

September round winner

1st Prize: Our Souls Collide by Snubnose Genopeak ($L5,000)
2nd Prize: Immersize Art: The Maze by Alizarin Goldflake ($L1,250)
Best Non-Scripted Entry: An Unknown Race by isaa Gelber ($L1,250)
Best New Artist (as selected by Art Philanthropist, Phillip Vought): isaa Gelber (7,000 prims for 1 month & $L1,000). This has been set up at Excalibur, Aquitain

Honourable Mention (Technique): Seahorse by Tweak Serpente ($L500)
Honourable Mention (Elegance & Movement): Peacocks by Ninka Darkstone ($L500)
Honourable Mention (Legacy): First Prim by Venom Silverfall ($L500)
Honourable Mention (Excellence in Texture Creation): The Wizard Fruit Tree by Soror Nishi

1st Prize : Arcapelus Sanctuary by Moth Rexen ($L5,000) see photo above.....

4 Honourable mention prizes have been awarded. The Honourable Mention prize of $L500 for Legacy is awarded to:

The Honourable mention prize of $L500 for Elegance & Movement is awarded to:

The Honourable Mention prize of $L500 for Technique, is awarded to:

The Honourable Mention Prize for Excellence in Texture Creation, which is a Custom Made RL T-Shirt for them based on any texture they would like, is awarded to:

Next we move to the 2nd overall prive for the IMAGINE Challenge. There were an incredible array of remarkable entries, and it was very difficult for the judges to seperate the top 6. After long consultation, the 2nd prize ($L1,250) was awarded to:

We also have for this month, a special prize for Best New Artist. This was judged 2 weeks ago, by Arts Philanthropist, Phillip Vought, who contributed 7,000 prims on his land at Excalibur, Aquitaine for use by the artist for the month of October. UWA have added L$1,000 to the prize. This award, was given not for a single artwork, but for the incredible range displayed by the artist. The prize goes to:

Please visit the Exhibition she has set up, and do let all your colleagues know about this:

Next is the prize for Best Non-Scripted Entry ($L1,250). What the judges were looking for, was the entire message the artwork gave, and the capacity of the artwork to make the viewer pause and ponder. This prize has been awarded to:

An amazing double truimph for isaa, from 2 different judging panels

Now for one of the overall winner prizes. Again,as mentioned, 6 artworks were shortlisted for the top 2 positions, and very little seperated them, but in the end, the judges decided that inaugural monthly winner of the L$5,000 IMAGINE Challenge prize is:

The final prize for the day, is the winner of the FLAGSHIP CHALLENGE for September. The judging panel, elected not to award a 2nd prize for this category, and hence we were able to award the Honourable Mention prizes. Inaugural monthly winer of the L$5,000 FLAGSHIP Challenge is:

so....if you haven't entered it's well worth doing so as some Linden's will be available to every entry.... now...that's what I call a good competition.

and....I have to say that Snubnose's very clever particles were well deserving of the prize....

All this, and I did manage to more-or-less finish my latest tree... my 82nd Ancient One, and, at last, I'm very happy with it. just need to wait for a good opportunity to show it now..... will post photos next week I hope.

Thursday 8 October 2009

more Magoo

Just a few snaps for those of you who haven't popped in yet. Though none of them match the ones by Lem Skall and Bettina Tizzy on her NPIRL blogpost.

In fact, Bettina has laid out very clearly my thoughts on the temple of the prim so clearly, it's hardly necessary for me to say anything more on the subject except to invite you to pop

In other news.... well, my build at Deutche Info Welt is finished and I'm just waiting for opening dates to post more details here, and I'm working on a new tree which is going very well for some future show. BL is more or less ready to rock and roll.... I will be blogging for Koinup during BL, trying to find my way through the 34 sims to some non-crap that I can recommend you visit. .... and hopefully blog something a little more substantial here at the weekend...hehehehe.


Sunday 4 October 2009

Sunday stuff after a busy week.

Well, this is how the last few days have gone.... I caught a show by nessuno Myoo at the Crypt (hope thats the right Slurl) which is open til the 10th. There were a number of pieces that I liked which is uncommon for me at a show as you may know, being a very critical person (of my own work too).

He doesn't have such a distinctive style as AuraKyo or White Lebed, but his prim-bending skills are pretty obvious. His piece "Wind Emotion" is very Futuristic (that's a style not an emotion) while his piece called "The Old Guitarist" is reminiscent of Russian Constructivism. The piece "Crazy jazz Sound OK" is a very complicated and well composed piece.

I look forward to seeing where he is gonna take his skills. Worth checking out.

The University of Western Australia had me online before breakfast on Friday to witness the launch of their SL campus where I have built a little bit of garden squeezed in between Glyph Graves and Quadrapop Lane.

It was a well organised and atmospheric event, the people involved (Jayjay Zifanwe at their head) were obviously keen and excited about this new facility which was very nice to see as we (oldies) can get a bit "w h a t e v e r" about this new frontier. I have a very good feeling about this place because the people involved seem so genuinely pleasant.

They are hosting regular monthly competitions, amongst other things, and I recommend all builders to enter something.

Then.....Friday night had be back at Magoo and the Temple of the Prim for a preview for the NPIRL friends thanks to the continued interest Bettina has shown in my blossoming skills.

Squiffy Rogozarski entered into the spirit of it all, having arrived as a furry, and nearly drowning, she adapted well, in true Darwinian style, and morphed into a croc. Don't you love it when people use SL for pure performance art.

More performance from the hysterically funny Ichabod Cealach. Though his papermache Help Desk finally dissolved in the acid waters of Magoo, he had me in fits of laughter.

Magoo's lovely sponsor and I found we had a lot in common, particularly in regard to Art In SL and just, well, common sense...:))

So....Doubledown Tandino played a great set at the opening, thats him on the right (Miso on the left..looking bright and cheerful, and very amusing) hovering over the waters to keep his electrics dry. There was a steady stream of people popping in and saying nice things and it just worked out fine with the Av limit, seems like no-one got shut out.

The Forest of Light got blogged by Ziki, thank you....hehehhe...
....and Mab blogged Magoo, as did astrid....thank you all for your kind words.

so..... the Day of Rest will be spent at the Space Convention Centre where I am doing a little something for Deutche Info Welt....... more on that later when I know when it's opening. You may recognise a piece from SL6B, but it is much improved....its grown...hehehhhehee...


Friday 2 October 2009

The Temple of the Prim, Beta v 1.0

Now, as I explained earlier in my post "Increatum" I consider the Prim to be on the same level as a god and therefore worthy of respect and devotion. So that's the main reason for my having wanted for a long time to create a Temple of the Prim.

I should maybe give a little biographical stuff as to why....... although this is not back story, simply a description of my path .

When I was very very little I had the innate desire to arrange things, objects. This was not taught or understood by people around me, it was simply, for me, that objects, through their volume and colour, stood in a relationship to each other which could be enhanced by their relative positions.

I have heard people tell of how their lives/heads were full of music, all their lives.... for me it has always been form and colour. There is not a single scene, manmade or natural, that I don't subconsciously analyse for relative forms, colours and positions. A piece of 2D graphics or 3D form immediately manifests a harmony, or lack thereof.

Anything that doesn't 'work' to my eye gets analysed until I see how it 'should' have been composed.

Now, bear with me....... my love of matter, that great and mystifying substance which is still so little understood, manifests most when I am touching, feeling and forming it in RL. So... that respect has been transformed in SL into an amazing respect for the Prim. The Uncreated Creation.

The Prim is totally neutral, even more neutral than matter which has imbued feeling depending on whether it is wood, silver, etc. The Prim ONLY manifests its creator's psyche, nothing else.

It is the blankest of blank canvases.

It is, actually, nothing. Matter is actually an illusion too. Atomic physics teaches us that electrons are energy defined by their general relative positions, there's no 'stuff'. Solid is illusion.

So...the Prim is worthy of your respect and devotion..

The Temple opens tomorrow, Saturday at 1PM SLT at ::: soup Magoo ::: Doubledown will DJ...