Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Party Photos by Nepherses.

Nepherses Amat took all the following photos at the party last night... including the new Wizzy av...

Which is just as well as my 1.23 viewer was playing tricks.... time for Firestorm methinks.

Thanks Neph.



  1. Great images!
    We are so blessed...

    I recently tried to log on with 1.23.5 and couldn't... is the end near?

  2. I think you can still still log on with it, but there is an issue with the bouncy boobs and Ruth hair... (sounds weird I know)... basically it is all starting to unravel ...

  3. Sure 'nuff, shoo button! Very welcome, was a very nice event! Yeah, you can log on with 1.23 but no physics and sometime I see invisable people! Just their prims. Neph

  4. the "new avatar" is Miku. Miso turned me on to Miku. Miku rules and rocks too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTXO7KGHtjI (captcha was "Inchil" ^^)

  5. Oh, I am definitely a Miku fan... ever since I first saw her.

  6. teehee we are both Miku now... it's the VAW Avatar of choice!

    I didn't have trouble loggin on with 1.2.3 but i DID have trouble with the website- bad XSS coding; blocked by noScript :(