Friday, 8 July 2011

The Death of Mesh

This is a total reprinting of a poem by Lilleth Heart from the SL Forum which is probably against ToS as everything is, actually.

I hope that Lilleth understands my reason for doing so is that it is so closely related to my last post about Prim Equivalence (PE) and the Cost of Mesh... here.

A poem by Lilith Heart – The Death of Mesh

I am mesh’s number 1 fan.
Give me an M …. Give me an E … Give me an S …. Give an H …. What have you got ….
MESH !!!!! YAAAAAY MESH !! Go mesh Go !!

But …
For me mesh is already DEAD with the current PE
For me a prim count of 500 is no good for a pretty mesh tree
How I hate the horrid sculpty
I really want to make a gorgeous mesh tree

Nobody will pay money for a mesh tree that’s 500 PE
Nobody will want my beautiful mesh tree
OH NO! Mesh is dead for me
All because of the silly PE

Only 3 sculpty prims equal my 500 PE mesh tree
This seems very unfair to me
I’m begging on hands and knees, make mesh work for creators like me
And get rid of that cruel and restrictive PE

No need for physics on my lovely mesh tree
Damn the physics it’s killed mesh for me
All because I make a giant mesh tree!
Oh lovely mesh tree, why are you 500 PE ?

Oh Woe is me …. Curse the damn PE
Oh mesh I love you … you make a beautiful tree …
Much better than any sculpty !
Oh woe is me … curse the damn PE
The current mesh PE calculations are so expensive, prim-wise … MESH IS A NON STARTER… DOA .. Dead on Arrival !

Mesh as is, is only applicable for the avatar clothing and accessories market, which have no prim limits …. Crazy stuff !

For all land based products, all landscaping items …. plants trees, furniture, houses … anything you rez on land that has a prim limit … SL mesh is basically redundant, because it’s too expensive prim-wise compared to scultpy equivalents
We need mesh most for the LANDSCAPE and ARCHITECTURE of Secondlife, for the grid itself. How the world looks is most important for the next phase of SL
Unfortunately mesh is not going to make any difference to how the world looks, as we won’t be able to use it in the world, on the land. We will only be able to wear mesh items because the PE for landscape items is too restrictive and expensive prim wise
The look of the Secondlife world is often compared to the latest 3D games and it doesn’t compare well. .We desperately need mesh to improve the look of the SL world to excite and retain new users. 

Please, please Mesh Lindens …. take another look at mesh PE and find a more usable solution so we can all help to make the SL World more beautiful.

Summary .... PE outrageously high ..... mesh is dead … DOA ….. Dead on Arrival ""

I can't really add to that... I could never sell a 500 prim tree, not even in InWorldz I would think, so, Lilleth, you are right.

...and my concerns were well founded.... I said.. "This is surely not because LL will make more money from mesh uploads......
Is it because upgrading the servers or the server capacity would cost LL money and the same effect could be achieved by reducing the current 15,000 prims per sim in a poor exchange rate with mesh.? ...(poor for me, good for LL).

500 prims for a 3 sculptie tree is as poor as it gets, I guess....



  1. I'm totally with Mera... OMG! O_o

  2. Well, the funny thing was I was suspicious from the beginning and in September last year I got told in no uncertain terms that I didn't know what I was talking about when I said "it depends so much on HOW the Boys release mesh" ... the general view being that it could not go wrong... I think someone even said to me "What can go wrong?" (a recipe for disaster, of course).

    Then we found out mesh couldn't be flexi, or sized, that shut a few people up.... and now, the heavy weighting of PE in the Boys' favour is going to make the difference between success and failure, but....if they don't the grid will lag to a standstill..... in spite of everyone telling me that mesh would decrease lag.

    Experience, however, shows that anything can be messed up when the goals of the customer are not the same as the goals of the service provider.

  3. They killed it before it even got started. Really well thought out plan by the execs of LL...NOT!

  4. They keep re-evaluating the cost of mesh. Careful what we wish for, it's possible they'll raise prim cost on sculpts and twisted prims to compensate for mesh cost (as opposed to lowering one, raising everything).

  5. OK...I love Lilleths creations. Best damn Palms in world. OK, theyre 6 and 7 prim...but beautiful. Quality act, just like her!

    My qwestion is... today we have 50,000 on line.
    A couple years ago we saw 80,000 on line.
    didnt seem like anything worked worse then than now.

    And... just seen in passing.
    Last evening I looked at my island script times.
    I saw nearly 900 scripts running with a cumulative time under 12ms.
    I certainly dont get a "special" server.
    I can live with that!

    Many of you understand a lot more than I about... well, most everything.
    How much can servers possibly cost? Considering the companay would buy thousands?
    And... according to recent info... Linden Lab is making a lot of money.

  6. Well, we don't know the exact details, Brinda, but one thing is for sure...they load the servers up too much. Making us pay for it even more than we do (thro a high PE) would be a great way for them to avoid updating their servers or paying to rent better ones.

    @Johnny... that would be a great way of sponsoring IWz, for LL to increase sculptie PE.

  7. This is the problem with surface-skimming idea boys who don't take into account the rich and long history of gamers discussiong the technical aspects of all these solutions. As my little illustration of before about FACES vs prims, this mesh idea wasn't even up on all the previous years of research and commentary by gamers on these exact issues.

    Someone at LL isn't doing their homework, and trotting out nice-sounding smoke of an idea they really don't technically grasp or understand.

    And heck, I only know about these things because they've affected game performance forever, and when you want your game to work you read Forums...

  8. Well, I have seen it hundreds of times before in different situations.... namely, someone with money or power has a "great idea" and absolutely no clue as to how much effort that will cost in realising.... or the consequences... then the Yes Men say..."great idea, Boss" and the circus starts. ... often with people like you and me left to pick up the pieces.