Thursday, 11 December 2008

Real Weirdos

There are weirdos everywhere, not just here, but the weirdest of the weirdos in SL has to be Doreen, I think. She is probably a very nice person, don't get me wrong, but her profile says "If you know me in SL, and run into me on the street in RL, you would recognise me, at least that is my hope."
Now, I'm sorry, but that is Real Weirdness.
I came across her in a piece by NWN where she is complaining that avatars are too tall for her. She's only 5 foot 2 in RL and therefore has to be in SL too.... well, her logic, not mine. (soror immediately goes out to get some blue dye for her human.)

So.... why?? I was almost speechless. She belongs to a group... "Imitation of Life".... lol

Well, so we should move away from poor Doreen. Its not her, theres a fact, LL may well belong to this group, who knows, it certainly fits their philosophy. It may be a movement...... eeek

Some possibilities...

1) No imagination

2) So self-satisfied that she can't be improved on as a design.

3) Frightened of what might 'open-up' if creativity were to sneek in there somehow. It is common to resist the reality of our multiple personalities.

4) Like the old colonials, a new world has to have Old World culture imposed on it before the colonials feel comfortable.

5) The early innovators of SL were so intent on making things "life-like" that they imbued the whole experience (SL) with an underlying culture of Real, like a cultural ground water. The very idea of land, sea and sky, is confining enough without then adding the moon, clouds...etc.. The Real gets enhanced with every new innovation rather than the tools to alter it. Don't get me started on voice....lolol......thats enough to kill any VW.

6) Real is what people want, and I am the freek.

Well I have been thinking about the future.... and I hope the next (better) world that comes along is run by people who realise that those who sit in boardrooms making our SL lives hell.....have almost zero imagination compared to the artists who live and work In World.
We can only hope we get a second chance at a second life.



  1. I love you so much sometimes.
    I need to read your journal more often
    much love