Monday, 21 June 2010

"SL is a breeding ground for pedifiles"

Misprint Thursday has been ejected from SL7B.

SHAWN Masters, a volunteer policeman at SL7B, seeking to enforce the No Nipple Policy at SL7B, explained to Misprint Thursday, as Blondin Linden and Doctor Gascoigne stood by..... "SL is a breeding ground for pedifiles [sic]" and Blondin Linden demanded she remove the particle emitter which was churning out pictures of nude Barbie Dolls.

Misprint refused to do so and was ejected from the sim.

Botgirl has great piece on this here.

Now, it seems like there is one important fact I seem to have missed out on...and that is that paedophiles (english spelling) breed in SL. Now, I have been around a while and never caught them at it yet. I would have thought, not that I have a great deal of paedophile experience, that Google or some porn site might provide more interesting and immediate gratification than downloading the SL viewer, making an avatar and going to SL7B to look at nakkid Barbies...but, hey.....what do I know??

Now, these sick major corporations that have been responsible for the sale of, apparently, 1 billion Barbies, would probably disagree with LL on the degree of immorality connected to Barbie.... would they sue?...probably not.

Now, if this company, LL, were run by sexually repressed bigots from some sick religious cult, which it obviously is not.... I could understand their sexual obsession more...but as things stand, I am a bit at a loss.

So...a few questions....

Do they think major corporations will refuse to join SL if the Barbie scandal should be exposed?

...and how can Blondin Linden stand by while SHAWN tells Misprint that SL is a breeding ground for 'pedofiles'...

oh...and another many pedofiles are there in there a do they know??

...and...the most important question of them all.... HAVE YOU ALL COMPLETELY LOST ANY SENSE OF HOW RIDICULOUS YOU LOOK?

Again I am minded to be so grateful for the Linden Endowment for the Arts, it is so wonderful to know how committed LL is in fostering the Arts in our 'community'...or, in the words of the Linden blog...

"Provide a starting point for artists in Second Life and for those interested in art to make connections and display their work

Encourage and cultivate art and artists within Second Life

Foster community, creativity, and innovation among artists and all residents interested in art.

Provide a way for artists to not only sell and promote their art but also to choose to donate it for linden preservation (optional)

Collaborate with existing art regions, galleries, exhibits and performance spaces to help nuture their valuable participation in SL arts"

So that's in safe hands then, the future of the Arts in our 'community'...good.



  1. Bring back Woodbury and the PN! At least, when those "kids" were acting like assholes, you expected it.

    Self-righteous, self-appointed "volunteer policemen", on the other hand... oh, oops, I forgot "illiterate".

  2. beggers belief.

    It's like a collective suicide mission, a corporate death wish....

  3. *Paw to forehead*

    In otter news, good to see you at Inworldz Lalo.

  4. well, this was one of the things i wanted to tell you about. the other also had to do with the "volunteer policemen." i shall inform you about that amusing incident off-line.

  5. It's really absurd. I think the image was mild enough to be in a PBS or Discovery channel video about art. Does anyone know why the issue of pedophilia came up in connection with this?

  6. It came up because the 'Volunteer Policeman' is an ignorant, ill-informed knee-jerk do-gooder who basically doesn't know his ass from his elbow when it actually comes down to needing to use tact, knowledge etc., none of which he posesses.

    It's morons like him who keep all the 'God Hates Fags' idiots fuelled up with stuff to hate, because they have no lives...

  7. Am I missing something? If a Linden was standing there...why would a volunteer *policeman* be needed?

    OK..qwestion, I have an alt with an ambiguous first name. If I portray Leee as male and shirtless, does that sexally excite volunteer sexually repressed Puritans?

  8. Brinda-yeah that's what I was thinking when I was getting spanked and grilled by a volunteer and there was a Linden right there! -Misprint

  9. Hey soror.. since you mentioned LEA here... well... whats happens at sl7b is quite different from the LEA.

    I didnt actually see Misprints work, but I did spend some time woth Rose before hers was booted, and as far as I can tell, that would have been perfectly fine.

  10. Dear artists,

    Did you all ever heard from capitalism? The Linden have mortgages to pay, a swimming pool to keep clean and to keep an eye on the Philippine au-pair. So when a big conservative christian homophobic nipple hating investor puts his moneybag on the desk in front of a Linden, could he say no?
    And of course their cellars under their villa's are big enough to explore some nipples in private.
    Our only chance is when they are AFK to see some private porn, we can throw in quick some art, hoping they don't discover it.
    Misprint told me yesterday she could film her pussy all day at home without LINDEN ban or eject her for it. So dear artists, keep on using your tools of art so we will finally be able to educate censors, remove bosses and open up narrow minded rulers and turn them into fine people too in a world that will never be. But our path towards it is OH so rewarding.

  11. Oh SaveMe I knew that comment was going to come back to purr at me...IS NOTHING SACRED BETWEEN THE GIRLS?!! -Misprint

  12. @SaveMe-also to further contextualize that comment my point was as an artist I have far more freedom in the RL studio than I have in VR on other people's platforms...Just did not want that to be misconstrued and get IM's asking about my when my new video installation would be on exhibit:) -Misprint

  13. Misprint....there is nothing wrong with filming your cat....:))

  14. Oh yes, the art community will cry and piss and moan about this but when Linden Lab starts giving out free space for artists to place their work, they will all rush to kiss LL's ass. They won't give a damn that such a project will be detrimental to places like UWA.

    I have a great big old "Fuck You" to any artist that will place their creations in Linden Lab's Endowment For The Arts because it won't be any different and it certainly won't do a damn thing to bolster the arts in Second Life or anywhere else because it will be administered and policed by assholes that are just as arrogant and incompetent as were experienced in this incident and the years preceding.

  15. Yep, Dirk, that's my concern too. No matter how good the intentions of some of the committee, they have no say over how it is "policed". They are there, it could be argued simply to give LL some artistic credibility. These recent actions, however, show they have zero respect for anyone.

  16. If LL really wants to foster the arts they can start by making a public statement reagarding the comments made by the SL7B moderator that SL is a breeding ground for pedophiles. Until they get off their corporate office chairs and say that was wrong I have no interest to participate. Good luck to those involved. In the mean time we **all** swim in their silence to the statements made and the implications are far reaching and disturbing.

    LL runs this joint and if they can't stand up for their own corporation who the heck can?

    As a follow up here is a copy of my ticket I submitted to LL regarding this incident. Since the ticket was submitted I did have a response from Blondin Linden: my work was returned and my ban to SL7b would remain.

    I did not receive any communication regarding the other issues at hand. (an apology or explanation)

    Here is what I wrote in my ticket:

    "I would like a response from Linden Labs. Blondin Linden was silent while an SL7B moderator stated my art could incite pedophilia, interrogated me if I had children and then went on to claim SL is a breeding ground for pedophiles.

    Blondin Linden returned the "non-PG" art and banned and ejected me. The rest of my art remains at SL7b. (resolved)

    I would like the following:

    1. An apology from Blondin Linden or Linden Labs explaining that the volunteer statements are not Linden Labs statements.

    2. A response to my inquiry asking Blondin Linden 3 times to either lift my ban from sl7b or return the remainder of my work. (resolved)

    The silence of a Linden given these harsh statements is not right. Also-disconnecting me from my work with no recourse is not right either. (resolved)

    I would like to be contacted as soon as possible.

    Misprint Thursday"

    But what has touched me in this process is artists are coming along side me and Rose and making work that directly looks to LL for answers. This has been an encouragement. Here is one example:

    pixel Reanimator

    Thanks pixel for showing your sincere support and inquiry on this~!