Friday, 18 June 2010

New Tombstone needed....

Well, it's so interesting how very real this virtual world is, in spite of some peoples continued ignorance of that fact.

It was, it seems, just a short while ago that the Government in this sceptred isle made sure, through all public communication means available, that the ignorant public who didn't understand the economy be told, clearly, that the Royal Bank of Scotland was a good, solid, financially sound institution. People queued around the block for hours to get their money out.....

The ignorant unsophisticated financially-naive public didn't believe the Big Boys and, as it happens, they were right because the bank went under, and the public got robbed later by the Government to bail out the bank.

Now, as Lalo points M Linden, or rather his totally inept PR dept. (who are, honestly, the imbeciles in this whole saga) have, every day for the last week, reassured us that SL is in a financially wonderful state and all is well and blooming in the economic garden.

110,000,000 L$ got sold yesterday at a very low price. There was a run on the Linden.

The similarities are pretty obvious, though the scale may differ and the economics behind the two events may be different. The thing that is striking is the psychology behind the two events.

Credibility dies.

In the UK it was because the government lies to us so often that no-one with any brain cells believes anything they are told..... how has it come to this with the CEO of Linden Lab, M Linden??

This is where I lay the blame 100% on the shoulders of the PR dept of LL, or.....(they could be innocent...) the person who instructs the PR dept...(they could have just been doing what they were told.)

(This is why the boys need a Client Representative or two on the Board.....and a better, client-orientated PR dept.)

So...the newest tombstone.... Credibility Linden, RIP wasted by bullshit scripts and continued repetition.....


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