Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lazy saturday with prims

While the toffs drink Pimms at Queens, I've been working pims at Primworks...

I had this idea to do a huge tree for SL but it isn't possible because I need to be able to scale the megas, which, in spite of literally years of asking for them (NPIRL and Bettina had a fruitless campaign going...) is still NPISL, not possible in second life...

...luckily....there is a grid where you can do this...well, several. I popped over to Inworldz and got the trunk going...that's me in the little yellow circle...oh...and how wonderful not to be told "you can't link these prims cos they are too far apart, tough luck schmuck" by the Boys. They all linked wonderfully... your heart out.

Meanwhile I get an offer to morph my hate voice anyway..people just talk drivel. The great thing about IM is that you have to be a little economical with words....which some people are not when they talk...they just drone on and on, often not speaking clearly and with no idea that no one can hear them....but...I would be interested to hear from anyone who's tried it. I was too busy messing...



  1. =^..^= Just in case! I've decided to follow your lead...(the same suggestion was made prolly over a month ago by Lalo). I'm starting to set up a presence on another grid. I've looked at several...and Inworldz so far has my vote. Kinda hard to not be impressed when you see the creator greeting nooblets at first log in...and then personally leading them to the freebie shop to de-Ruth them.
    Inworldz seems to be what SL was in those first couple of years.
    Hmmm....{what's that smell? Smoke?} never mind, just me thinking...I know, "IT WON"T SCALE"...imagine M and other top Lindens actually coming in-world and being *a part of*.
    Gosh Mark...why not? I doesn't hurt at all. Even I'm smart enough not orbit your butt! :-)

  2. was great to see you Inworldz yesterday....:))