Monday, 3 January 2011

UWA.... a new year.. a new voting system

This new voting system makes it far easier to vote. Firstly you can stand infront of the piece, rather than try and find it again on the board, secondly you can grade your vote...3 is v good, 2 is medium good and 1 is good....and that makes it easier to express your 'degree' of appreciation...and, of course, not being restricted to just three pieces is a boon.

Well done for improving this, I like it a lot.

Strictly speaking it's the old year as this is the December Round... and, it's time to vote. Ginger Alsop has put together some images of some of the pieces on show... credits are at the end of the machinima.

Zola Zsun has made pieces previously which I have enjoyed a lot, and this one is v elegant too.

...and Nish Mip is a past winner, of course..

I have previously blogged a piece by Faery Sola, Sleeping Beauty... here.

As usual, a great selection of pieces showcasing what is possible in SL Art, and very worth a visit or two.

Pop along and vote, take a friend.



  1. the big thanks for the new voting system goes to GeeJann Blackadder who created it, and Freewee Ling who put it into action :)

  2. I am pleased that I have the opportunity to support UWA. I am awed by the quality of the UWA organization and the art they bring to us. Gee

  3. It's a wonderful show this month. Some of the strongest pieces ever, I think. The overall quality of submissions is really improving. And Gee's voting system is a real boon. Participation has been excellent. I don't think any piece has gotten fewer than 3 votes so far, which means people are looking and thinking.