Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Phoenix ... next move...

In a "shortly to be announced" move, Jessica Lyon of Phoenix and Firestorm fame is to link... whatever that means, to SpotOn3D. As yet no details have emerged but it seems more than just a rumour at this time...as it was announced above.... at the Phoenix Hour..

SpotOn is a grid I covered some months ago and which attracted (the blogpost that is) very comprehensive comments from the spokesperson Tessa ....here... it's a very closed grid which requires that you pay upfront fees before you can rezz, I believe, certainly before you can buy a skin (as that is mature content)...

This is defended with the old "protecting children" excuse, the idea being that griefers are not gonna register/pay, and therefore... if they can't rezz, they can't do any harm.

Well, I have said several times, both during the conversation and since, that the world is big enough for many types of grid.. and I really do wish them well.

Veesome is a part of SpotOn, which is a bit confusing but...hey...that's life.... and SpotOn offers 100 avatar Private Label Grids..... see below for pay/fee scales...

Now, it's pretty obvious what SpotOn needs Phoenix for, they need the traffic....the place is pretty quiet to say the least, well, it's still early days....less obvious is what Jessica and crew have to gain...that would just be speculation... and....I'm never afraid to speculate...I mean whats a blog for, this isn't WikiLeaks after all...

Well... a TPV has more or less no hope of making money, I would guess, so maybe a deal could be done that benefits all parties....well....it is sure to benefit all.

It is an interesting move, to see a grid and a TPV combine forces and we will all be fascinated to see what this is all about....

...more news as the mystery unfolds....



  1. Recall when the remnants of Emerald teamed up with Utherverse, and a land discount was involved if you logged in to that world with Emerald? I think this is an e-peen fight.

    And lo and behold -- as I was typing the above sentences, I got a spam notecard out of nowhere, containing another notecard from "Brandy Maltas (Kalli Birman in Virtual), Public Relations - public_relations@spoton3D.com" confirming the deal.

    Frankly, my dear Ms Maltas/Birman, I don't give a damn.

  2. Hmmm...all my posts, lives, and days run together. Seems somewhere recently I suggested that The Benevolent Monarchy simply outsource the viewer code. There must be a metric somewhere (likely secret) about how many daily log ins are with what viewer. My desktop has Phoenix, Emergence, Imprudence, Ascent, Kirstens, 1.23.5, SL Spewer beta, and SL Spewer 2.0 just for SL, because some work better than others on some days, and another (Ascent) has some features I don't find otherwise.

    No matter which viewer the Lab could choose, it would be and improvement. ahhh...never mind, reality is their mind is made up.