Sunday, 16 January 2011

In No Particular Order...

Yes, just a sporadic assembly of bit and pieces of news from my miniverse.

I'm struggling a bit with the old 3 year/4 year itch that many of us get.. a sort of "where to next?" feeling. I have managed to get a hold on it as I have started on a new sim, well...a sim-wide build high in the sky at Iwz hovering over Rainbow Country. It's a big enough project that I am being challenged severely (by myself). I figure that this may be the root of my annoyance with the Boys... I am ready to make another step....and want some extra technology to fuel that...

Now, Phaylen, who I respect immensely, has had a sudden gush of enthusiasm and optimism (well, strictly speaking she is always positive..) after her long chat with a couple of Lindens ... and it is well worth a there are many of us that hope that she is right.... but I won't be selling up my InWorldz sim and moving back anytime soon.

The big Grid News, as I reported (you read it here first) is about Blue Moon/Mars and it is covered fully here with the best title for a blog going to Honour McMillan for "Dear Blue Mars - It's the community, stupid."

....and, believe it or was most obvious of my New Years predictions which I decided not to post in the end as everyone else was predicting and it looked lame.... Blue Mars received less blog coverage, less gossip and less interest than any other single grid I have heard of... almost, anyway.... more on Mobile Me (not the mac thingy...) later...

To finish off on grid topics....this report/research by Ayla Holt I thought might be of interest for those of you looking at some of the smaller grids... here.. (more on SpotOn later...)

My InWorldz news this week is the discovery of a coffee bar called Morning Coffee which seems to be masterminded by Rowland Larkham and populated 24/7 by a varied mix of people who are welcoming and chatty. It is certainly on my list as a great place to pop into to say hi and hang out inbetween building my prims off.

Also worth mentioning is a new website for singles to meet... its aimed at Iwz peeps and it is here... it's still early days, and I will be interested to see how it develops.

The Wild Swan Lotus is my latest new product in Iwz and had not been released for sale yet, but it is designed to compliment the Moth Orchid Lilly Set which, altho a classic, I was getting bored with and wanted a new take on it..

The InWorldz Jacaranda which grows happily on land or in the water is another forest tree like the very popular Oaks and, being of a similar shape and size would compliment the oaks in any forest of woodland.... again...not quite on sale yet..but v soon....

Now, I think that this photo of Nur in her new skin says a lot about InWorldz. You kinda can judge the maturity of a grid by how well some people can dress. It points to shopping possibilities which have developed beyond the freebie and cheap-but-cheerful to a sophisticated economy, or, the basis of one anyway.

This skin is by Roshina Opaline who I hope we will be hearing more of, the style is pure Nur... :))

In contrast I am having ongoing discussions about skins with Tessa from SpotO3D from back in October where I complained that I couldn't buy a skin as it was classed as mature content... and you need to pay membership first before you can see a skin.
(The default ones have glued on underwear....unhygienic??)... discussion and really it's not that interesting....except....

Mobile Me... i.e. me on a mobile phone, or you for that matter... how will that work with Mature Adult etc when you can just log on "from the cloud" (head-in-the-clouds more like) without any age authentication... it will all have to be PG. The only part of SL that will be available will be PG sims, and avatars will presumably be nippleless. Nipples and genitalia will be far too corrupting to be available to mobile phone users (not that they could see them on a 4 inch screen anyway...unless we see a new breed of enormous it soror!!)...

Anyway... I think the argument Tateru posits about downloads is very relevant...namely.. "Do you know what a mobile operator does when a user starts streaming a gigabyte per hour through their device from an Internet service – or even a half of that?
They cut it off. They block whichever end will make it stop most effectively, and they point at the terms of use and acceptable use policies if anyone should complain about it." ... read the full article here.

....and while I'm on the subject of hardware ...Kinect... now if God had wanted me to jump up and down in front of my computer screen like a loon he would never have invented the keyboard...

...just sayin'



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  2. don't bother soror right now, she's busy building her prims off. LMAO

  3. Hehehe.... I knew you'd like that...

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  5. OK...heh heh. I've learned over the years to {most of the tme} not blurt out silly qwestions.
    Angela Talamasca logged into SL last eve and IMed me for a few mins of gossip. Blue Mars etc. She sent me a link to a lil video about some tech thingy to do the Kinect thing.
    A bit later chatting with another friend she asked me to ask Angela if she had knocked over her keyboard yet.
    This from soror:
    "....and while I'm on the subject of hardware ...Kinect... now if God had wanted me to jump up and down in front of my computer screen like a loon he would never have invented the keyboard..."
    Now I think I understand way more than I need =^..^=

  6. Educational and inspirational.... I aim to please...:))))

  7. You are my morning newspaper soror, thanks! =)

    Yes Rochina is very talented, agree!

    About downloads and mobile operators, YES they would =)

    Morning Coffee sounds nice, if I werent at work irl =(