Friday, 7 January 2011

Betty Tureaud at UWA

UWA has a sim it is going to use for the next 6 months to show the work of various artists in a sim-wide show.

Betty Tureaud is the first artist to show here throughout January. Called The Art Planet... Betty says...

"My art instalation is made like a oil painting that evolves during the work.
I use trasparent color surfaces as flip themselves whichever direction you look.
It allows you even to create your own paintings just turn and you see a new one.
It is you who decides what colors and patterns, your picture will serve.." you can see, flying or camming around through this huge build will help you/make you create scenes which are a colour feast.

She has some suggested SLurls, a copy of which will be given to you when you arrive... Platform Destruction Colour of lights Artificial life The Wall The box Dancing sticks

That is.... well worth a visit.


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