Sunday, 23 January 2011

ColeMarie Soleil and her new album

ColeMarie i have written about more than a dozen times since April 2008 when I first met her...

The Koinup article I wrote about her started....

"I would quite like to be a great photographer;
and it would be nice to have a beautiful voice;
a talent for song writing would be pretty cool;
if, on top of all that I could make excellent machinima I would have to change my name because I would be ColeMarie Soleil.

Oh, yes, she makes great clothes and magnificent dance particles as well... hmmm...probably forgot something..."

Well, the obvious thing I forgot is that she is a very warm and generous person.

So...lots of praise for someone still relatively young (I think) who has still the possibility of rolling all these assets into a whole, repeated here because she has finished and released her first album on iTunes... called Soleil.

This is one of the tracks from the album.

Bryn Oh and Cole have been very close friends for a long while now and have collaborated on a number of projects, Cole having a special skill in interpreting Bryns builds as machinima.

“I have been tired of a lot of art in SL for a while now. I would see something that was beautiful and then I would ask the artist.... "What is the story behind this?" only to very often be let down when they reply "I wanted to make something beautiful." I just needed more than that.
As I got to know Bryn as a person I realized that we both essentially in our lives want the same thing. I think that is why I have dedicated so much of my time to documenting what she does."

I consider myself very lucky too that Cole did a video of Magoo before it disappeared into the aether ...

...which I make no excuse for showing here again..

She has an angle on Machinima, as I have said somewhere before, in that she understands that it is not a poor video but an art form in its own right, and I couldn't help thinking particularly of Cole when Peter Greenaway states that cinema died in 1983 with the invention of the remote control.
Greenaway has pointed out that since its first days cinema is linked to storytelling and he posits that the new direction for cinema/machinima is to present a purely visual rather than narrative experience.

Hence his latest machinima have no storyline., although ColeMarie has linked her music here to the work of an artist with a strong storyline (Bryn), she is never chained to that story. Her machinima takes off on it's own journey exploring forms, shapes and colours in a visual installation which, as I remarked earlier, I think Peter Greenaway would love.

As I was trained in architecture and the built environment I have a different attitude to art than some. Like architecture I see my art as a place where life can happen, it's a backdrop, a framework, and while I would very rarely impose a storyline on a viewer, I can fully appreciate that some like this .... after all, I like a film with a plot.....

...but a machinima like Cole's, a visual treat for the eyes as well as the ears... that's great work.

Congratulations, Colemarie, and we look forward to seeing the rest of the album set to visuals... can buy from iTunes.



  1. yay for Coley (and for Bryn) they did a machinima of my Burn 2.0 Temple and that is here:

  2. XD wow Soror... I am crap at leaving replies to articles, especially ones referring to things I am involved in or doing... because I always worry that it can come across a bit tacky but... this is probably the most lovely post you have put up about things Ive posted... I really appreciate the support and that you always pop in and check up even when Im running around quietly like a crazy person with not enough time in the day <3 you are a good friend and a talented person yourself and really supportive XD thanks..

    ( and glad you liked that machinima Wiz )

  3. also I would like to add I am a bit sad that Tasuku was not credited being that he is the COMPOSER of the genius music. (Arai Tasuku) and without him there would be no Soleil. The band is totally a 50/50 effort and he is one of my best friends. XD I just think it is important to not talk it up too much as just my thing. ;) I love my Tasu.