Wednesday, 26 January 2011


The time has come round to wander over to UWA and start looking round the entries for January as the possibility of entering anything is slowly drawing to a close. The above image is of me examining Aliz's entry... Ophion's Egg... you have to get pretty close to hear the sound track which Aliz has fitted...

I'll be wandering around later this week to spot a few choice bits and pieces to blog..

Roshina Opaline opened her new shop this week in IWz, check out her profile for LM...and more and more top quality shopping is appearing. I looked back to my first post on de-ruthing in Iwz.. this is quite amusing... Inworldz is nearing 30,000 users (just 4,000 in June) and 800 regions the economic possibilities are driving more and more content creators to set up shop... so I look nearly decent , at's been 6 months really.

I rebuilt my set of mushroom seats around a fire in IWz yesterday and I've dragged my butterflies over too... above photo of Nur sitting in the fire.... don't ask....

While we are on InWorldz.... Whiskey has a new blogger's challenge... here.....and it's a good blog to check out for fashion tips, and of course, the humour...:))

...and another good post by Bebe concerning skins and diversity..... here.

Book the 17th of February to go visiting InWorldz, if not before, as there is a major piece of work opening by one of our best artists. I am resisting the temptation to blog it before it is finished ... Gulliver's World, for those who are wondering. The genius that is Ub Yifu is doing staggering work here.... it is of such a quality that it's a game-changer. InWorldz will start to have better builds than SL... I say better, and that sounds like a subjective valuation, but, when you can easily have double the prims on an Iwz sim than in SL, the effect is of a richness devoid of bare patches of grass where the prims ran out, it's simply prim rich.

That possibility is one of the factors that is attracting the talented builders here... the other is the tools.

Have a good one....



  1. erm. why is nur sitting in the fire??

  2. I wish there were a way to show the scale of Ub's build well in photos. There just isn't. It's an incredible build, and even saying that doesn't do it justice.

  3. Nur is sitting in the fire because Wizzy likes to sit on things ...and...following suit, Nur thought she'd try it out. This is totally against Elf and Safety and, were I a stricter person, might have to warn you...or set up signs saying "do not sit on the fire'.. and stuff like that.

    Luckily my island is not a member of the EEC and I can forget it.

  4. I missed the fire yesterday :-( had to make rl dinner)pwoettt...will fly over one of these days,curious to see all of this :-)

  5. Nice post. Indeed Inworldz has grown by leaps and bounds. More and more creative types are finding their way there to join the already awesome "pioneer" creative folk. Ub Yifu's build is simple amazing, I saw part of it back in October, and can't wait to see it finished.Btw, Thanks for the mention of my plight, Soror. I am hoping to open the dialog on ethnic diversity in virtual worlds or at least the thought that human avatars can come in all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds. You know, some things are just under represented in VWs and if you are in the majority you just don't notice it. It reminds me of when I was a kid and the box of Crayola crayons had one called flesh. I never used it to color with, because it wasn't the color of my flesh.

  6. mrrrt! correction:
    The Gulliver event is Feb 17th :)

    @Bebe: yes, I am continuing in my modded Noob avatar until a decent Japanese/Asian skin and shape show up in IW

  7. @ Bebe...yes...a good talking point.

    @Miso ...thx for your eagle-eyed observation...I have edited the date...thx.