Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pure Genius ... Miso Susanowa .... For Sale

Very occasionally I come across art in SL, or any other world, that I can safely class as genius.

Altho I like a few superlatives when it comes to criticising the Boys, I am careful when it comes to Art. I take Art seriously (and with a pinch of salt) and would never say stuff I didn't mean....

...so trust me when I say that this latest piece by Miso is pure genius.... details are better explained by her on the posts here...


The ability to subvert a system to provide a substantial, insightful critique of itself, is surely both memorable and meaningful. When words so often fall short of any 'awakening' objective it's great to see an artist like Miso demonstrating rather than talking about the short comings of, in this case, the Cash/Art World.

UWA has again scored a great hit in both hosting and inspiring this piece, which I hope will be shown again and again.... in various forms maybe...or as a museum piece.

...and lots of other stuff to see at UWA too, of course...more of that later...



  1. You only want your share of Miso become more valuable so you can buy more space in CRAFT and InWorldz to build your Mylittepony trees, you greedy creature.

  2. As far as I can read Misos blog soror wasn´t among the speculative buyers Save..

  3. saveme....I Looove the MyLittlePony Trees....definitely one for the future....I will dedicate it to you....XXXXX


    but srsly... ty soror *blushblush* very kind :)

    Iggy O made a great point on his blog - with the withdrawl of the educational discounts, is this the wave of the future for nonprofits?

    As far as "shown again in various forms..." I remain true to the Contract between MisoCo and the Speculators: the only piece that will ever be shown is the Final Report... unless, as some have suggested, there is a ReAssemble Miso Day, which would take the desire and cooperation of all the Speculators (and a sim where we can all rez)

    It is true that soror is NOT a Speculator... nor is SaveMe. I can only hope that no dubious black market surfaces in speculation of Body Parts (which would be too close to RL "organleggers")

  5. ps - @SaveMe - soror's "my little pony" trees were good enough for James Cameron to rip off for 'Avatar' :P

  6. as an official Miso Susanowa speculator, i can honestly say that i want a Sparkle Pony tree.

  7. hehhehe.... blackmarket in MisoCo body parts and MLP Trees.....that's v entrepreneurial of us....

  8. Is her brain also for sale or is it nonexistent?

  9. SaveMe, now......what sort of comment is that? ....bit of a brainless comment??
    Miso's brain is well and living a self-contained life somewhere in virtual space. I would imagine she might entertain financial offers of large sums of money under certain circumstances.... how much are you thinking of offering?
    I could act as an agent.
    Usual percentages would apply.

  10. *rolls eyes*
    It's a SaveMe Oh comment, of course, soror!

    Eh heh "brainless comment" snortgiggle
    perhaps dis is why SMO is asking about a replacement? But it's ok, it's ok, really. I mean, a person who cannot admit a Sparkle Pony into her life... it makes me sad :(

  11. I want a Sparkle Pony for sure!