Thursday, 6 January 2011

3rdRock Grid

Intrepid explorer Wizzy and I popped over to 3rdRock for our first visit.

No particular reason for choosing this grid, but it has a couple of interesting points..

Now, because I have a sort of Travel File, and with thanks to Imprudence it only took me about 15 mins to de-Ruth enough to get on with a bit of sight-seeing.

...always useful to have a minimap rezzed for new-comers I think...

Alia Soulstar was kind enough to give me a couple of LM's... this one to Dawn Harbour's shop, London Core...where, obviously you can buy stuff...with the local currency, Geodes. Geodes can be bought from Paypal, full instructions on the website where you register for an account.

3rdRock is an Open Sim version coded grid, but, as it has an economy, it is not connected to the Hypergrid for security reasons.

This pleasant garden is by Alia Soulstar...

...and the bridge is by Sunrise Tomorrow.

They had 699 residents who have logged in over the last 60 days, so it's still pretty small, but it was stable during my visit, and with such light loading that is probably normal, I would think.

Now, it has a community meeting, which Craft does as well, and for those that like to be involved with things, that is quite an asset. Certainly there are times when I would have liked to 'have my say' at an SL meeting, tho SL is probably too big for that to be feasible. Community involvement is something you either like or hate, I find.

So, the economy and the community are two plus points for this grid I think.

...and the costs are $60 a month, with a $25 setup fee for a 15,000 prim region, as far as I can make out.... so not too pricy.

A full report from Dec.

Hypergrid.... a full list of Hypergrid enabled regions is listed here at the invaluable Hyperica... and all the news at Hypergates..... and Pathfinders weekly explorations are not to be missed for those true grid

OK... that'll keep you busy for a while..:)) 307 destinations for your hypergate, if I read that right (I'm bad with figures).... to Blender...



  1. Its really interesting to read about your exploring!! I have to continue myself, and try som hypergrid jump AND host my own sim on my comp AND---- omg

  2. Yep, it's no joke keeping all these lives going...:))))

  3. @Kranfel

    If you're looking to set up your own private Opensim on your own machine, one way to do that is to install Opensim on a USB key. That way you can move your world to different computers easily.

    It's not that hard to do. Here's my experience: