Monday, 31 January 2011

"Can't Find Your Favorite Hair?" Rant.

This is what SL asks me when I log in, as a pretext to getting me to go to Marketplace and buying an inventory organiser...but PLLEEAASSEE... I just want to complete the sentence like this.... "Can't find your favourite hair? then you must be a bit stupid.. after all it's most likely on your head, or in that bloody terrible folder that Viewer 2 gave you without asking, called Current Outfit, which for reasons only an idiot would understand is not in the Clothes folder where it should be. (If you are a semi intelligent person and haven't downloaded Viewer 2 then that folder will be empty for ever anyway).

If you can't find your favourite hair then any number of Inventory Organisers isn't going to help you because you will lose the organiser in your inventory before you get organised.

The other stupid invitation I have been getting from the marketing geniuses at the Lab is the suggestion, implied I know, that after Christmas my shape may need changing. I am supposed to infer that I have over-eaten over the festive season and a trip to Marketplace to get a new shape would be a good idea. Is this supposed to be amusing? If it is, it doesn't quite work ...I have only to click on Appearance anyway, so the joke, if it's meant to be one, is more than a little tame. I think they've been watching too much TV... they'll be suggesting I go to the Marketplace to book my holidays next...

Now.... it has always been my contention that most of Viewer 2's logic (that may be an oxymoron, I realise) is advertising based..... as seen above, my profile is alongside an advertising space which implies that I condone whatever is being advertised beside me... It could be weapons, porn, gambling, or other crumby stuff I hate, and I can do nothing about it.

Firestorm, released today, and not usable in other grids so far, has No Advertising on the splash screen and no banner ad on my profile which pleases me greatly.

Firestorm gets the thumbs up from Wizzy who has been running, I haven't yet... been busy...:))

So...tried it yet?

Will report more...



  1. if you have a "broken link" on your hair object, good luck in finding it. ain't gonna happen. missing in action. mine has been gone for about three months now, with no help from SL customer support.
    BTW, Firestorm is an awesome alternative to the other 2.X viewers i've tried.

  2. funny, soror, and so true. I'm still trying to find my favorite hair, though, and beginning to think it may never happen.. andy (warhol) took it with him when he left this world. or was it the other one...? :)

  3. Yes, Wizz, that bloody folder eats hair.

    Chrome......hhehehehe.....well my hair isn't what it used to be either...:))) but no organiser is gonna help me.


  4. <------ download link for Firestorm

  5. looking forward to the coming firestorm; thanks, guys. :)

  6. Yup ...just had a bunch of other stuff to do today...looking forward to experimenting with firestorm... Don't know if the "organiser" does what the free texture organiser did that one of my residents gave me.........WAY TOO MUCH SCRIPT TIME.

    As far as losing stuff?///heck, I'm missing stuff I've not even bothered to look for.
    on login [item missing from data base] lol

  7. "... any number of Inventory Organisers isn't going to help you because you will lose the organiser in your inventory before you get organised."

    YES, yes, a thousand times YES.

  8. @ Jesse...:)) see...and some people think I don't know what I'm talking about.... hehehehe