Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Twice the Size of Hong Kong...

Now, as a caveat, I would just like to say I am not mad, or bitter. I just like to do a bit of straight talking when the BS gets stacked too high... that's all....


We've all watched enough adverts and seen enough politicians on TV to have developed a special gland for picking up the faint whiff of bullshit.

So, when, in the Q4 report someone tells me that SL is twice the size of Hong Kong, I wonder why...I'm like that. I have lived in Hong Kong for many years before the hand-over and even I have no real concept of what a land mass twice the size of HK with it's countless islands, would look like, and, seeing as how most of the readers of the report would be Americans, I wonder why one of the US States wasn't used as a comparison.

Obviously, clarity isn't really the ultimate goal in presenting a report like this and it is down to us to sift through the spin (as I believe it has been called since around 1991, before which it was called lies) to try a ascertain if any information of any relevance can be, or is worth being disseminated.

Basically SL has gone nowhere this last year.

That's not news, I guess, and the slide in concurrency, profitable businesses, and land rentals has been covered up quite simply by not providing the figures.

It makes no difference to me, I think. I would, however, be very glad if the Hong Kong model of hiding the truths was not applied to the reasons for the slide.

The reason is not exploding volcanoes in Iceland, Economic Downturns, oil spills or The Price of Pork Bellies... it is the cost of tier.... AND the Viewer From Hell.

Just as long as those facts aren't glossed over too quickly I am a happy bunny... well, not happy exactly, I think the Boys have blown a hole in the side of the company big enough to float an iceberg through. This has been done through inefficiency and thoughtlessness.

Good Luck in the New Year with the repairs.



  1. lol! What would I do without you to inform me of these hilarious pronouncements?

    I myself used to jump in and out of barrels of eggs thrice a week without cracking a shell. Really. No, I really mean it. It's true. What I tell you three times is true. True true true. True blue. Wave flag; rah rah rah.

    Second Life is bigger than life. Why, you say? Because in RL I am a gidget; a girl midget. And most people are taller than me. But most of them aren't 7+m tall either, like in Second Life. This fact tells me that Second Life is way bigger than life. In fact, I am thinking of recruiting a basketball team from Second Life to play in the NBA. Really. We would simply crush and run over all the other earthbound tiny players, because even The Shaq couldn't stand up to a whole team of 8m giant SL basketball players. So see me if you are a venture capitalist with an eye towards the future.

  2. this is the best blog ever. just sayin'.

  3. @ Miso... count me in

    @ Wizzy....thx XXX