Saturday, 22 January 2011

Imprudence and other stuff.

A first ever interview with McCabe Maxstead, the guy behind Imprudence, on Treet TV with Paisley Beeb in the chair...

...particularly interesting in view of my last post on Kirsten's Viewer S21, in that.. at about 15 minutes into the interview there is a small break in the recording...then, in response to Paisley's question about what will happen when 1.23 is no longer usable in SL, Mc Cabe says that Imprudence will have a viewer out there that we can use "you are not gonna notice at all".... this I take to mean that the UI will remain exactly the same, which I think is great news.

The Imprudence blog, with status updates is here.....and the release notes for the new release are here.

...and Phoenix is going to release a viewer based on V2XX with, I understand, the same 'old style' UI. It is after all not that anyone has an objection to change in code, tools and features, it is simply that the UI is a crap design.

People have claimed that those objecting to V2XX are reluctant to change, (even been called Luddites), which is totally ridiculous ... we have simply been objecting to a poor UI...

Blender, a well known, world-wide tool, has one of the most feature-intense UI's around... but, like any UI...the UI itself takes a back seat to the main image.. that HAS to be number one rule in UI design, surely...

...and on this one rule alone, V2XX fails. It fails also on ergonomics as we know which is why we will (most of us) welcome the Imprudence and Phoenix versions of the new viewer if they manage to keep the same or similar UI to the one that was developed over 6 years, the 1.23.

Wizzy bought up the question of the people who have older machines, and what will happen when 1.23 gets scrapped... .. well, good news there... Kirsten says...

"I also have initial plans for a ultra lightweight Viewer 2.0 client to try and cover the gap between the top end and the very lowest spec machines."... full blog here.....( failed to link from the last post...doh!!)

So, it seems that in spite of LL we may still be able to use SL as before...and because of LL, other VWs (in that they made the code Open Source)...

In conversation the other day someone was surprised that I commended LL on their work in establishing SL. It's easy to forget, with all my criticism of the Boys, that I love them really, and have great respect for what they have already achieved..

.... now, if they would just get on with it and do it properly....



  1. as has been commented on elsewhere, we love to bitch about the Lindens and argue amongst ourselves, but if someone outside says SL is just sex and gambling, we all jump on the bandwagon to say how wrong they are and how wonderful SL is.

  2. ah, if only it were all sex and gambling!!! How wonderful SL wd be!!!

    Isabella Alphaville

  3. Yay for a viewer that has the obvious good stuff that I hear is in spewer 2.ought oh with a UI that even a dumb bunni like me can figure out.

    And I have to tell you... when I stand on a homestead and simply watch my main region restart, I am in total awe of what The Benevolent Monarchy has created.