Monday, 10 January 2011

Facebook approaches

Well, we all have new profiles on the web now.

The nice new format for my picture does nothing to compliment my looks of course, but that's no big deal...I can change that. Nothing else to do after all....

Just glad I'm not a member of some bondage group that work collegues or employers can find out about. (Prok

There is some annoyance that our rezz year is no longer shown, and a PJIRA ...well, just another stupid bit of meddling. How much does it save not writing the year? stupid.

The number of years someone has been in SL does make a difference to me, it's one of the primary pieces of information I look at...."am I dealing with someone who needs help in buying my trees and rezzing them...or not?" ...if someone has been here 4 years you don't ask them if they need help with that, after all.

...and it is a status thing too, anyone who has withstood 4 years of LL meddling deserves a medal or, at least, my respect.

Well....check it out....
find me here... and use a someone.someone for your name if you want to check yours out.

...oh....and change your photo while you are at it...



  1. ha ha this is one of your better blogs Grinds lol and so on!

  2. Linden Lab is cementing EXACTLY the reason why people keep 1L and SL separate.

  3. Yes, privacy will become such a rare commodity that those who previously promoted integrating 1L and SL will see that there are major flaws to their previous arguments.

  4. the most important thing to be aware of with this new development is on the second page where you now have the capability to link your SL account to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and presumably other social media. peeps, don't you see? this is why the Lindens added the Display Name. so that your account can be linked to your real identity. why is this important to them? so that your information may be data mined. this makes your account of some value (for possible buyers of Second Life?)