Friday, 31 December 2010

Vitriolic posts of 2010...

This just had to be blogged..... I was mistakenly thought to have been angry when writing my last post, I have often called Facebook crap, so nothing new there, really, and so I got to thinking about my 2010 posts, 301 in number and how many of them where written in a red mist...

Now, normally, I have my tongue in my cheek to such a degree that I am somewhat amused by the various nefarious moves of our beloved leaders... with one exception...

I am Absolutely Furious was by far my angriest post of 2010 and heralded a bit of a change which you may or may not have noticed. It was this messing about with my wardrobe by creating folders to hold clothes outside my clothes folder that really got me thinking about withdrawing my financial support of the Lab, which I did two days later.

It was, however, the proposed introduction of Display Names that irritated me most. Nothing I could do, no point in complaining (tho that never stopped me) and no-one to turn to with my frustration, and I still see it as the worst move of 2010. To a certain extent, everything the Boys have done since then has failed to irritate me much, I do feel somewhat distanced from it having two new homes, both InWorldz and my Local OS, NishiLand..... more of that in a future post.

The post that attracted the most irritation from my dear readers, by far, was my Mystified Musings on Madame Mesh which was taken by some to be an anti-mesh post, but was genuinely born out of a certain bewilderment on my part..

The most read post of last year was however my simple Second Life vs. InWorldz posting of building tools with almost twice as many hits as the second most popular post about Wizard Gynoid breaking the world record for space travel.

Other contenders were... Third Life Syndrome and RL Relationships to SL Addiction... all in all it's been a good year for this blog, with returning visitors more than doubling.

Thank You for your support, even tho I do get it wrong a lot of the time.... I said before... I'm not writing a PhD here...

Have a great evening.... will write more next year.



  1. guess is some mistake candor and honesty for anger. From what I've read you follow something I have preached for a long time.
    Say what you mean...
    Mean what you say...
    And don't say it mean...

    You have...
    Happy New Year.

  2. i think soror has been very mean to the boys. she needs to take a break and do some RP on a vampire sim. it's amazing what sucking a little life force from noobs will do for your morale.

  3. Ok ok I will confess... it was me who made that last post as a practical joke with soror. She made me do it to get back at me for my Fake soror Nishi Tree. That's why it made people think it was angry. They are always confusing my passion for anger. Of course when I say something like "Mongolian rapeage" it's hard for some people to understand. But I mean well.

    Everyone knows that soror is a gentle garden gnome, kinda like a short Obi-wan Kenobi.

  4. OK...well, for my New Years resolution I'll endeavour to ..... nah..... making promises always is a mistake, especially to myself..:)))