Thursday, 13 January 2011

Slow start to the year...

Well, nothing much going on, just boring work and very boring weather, tho, obviously I have no reason to complain about the weather.... would seem churlish.

The Big News is The Noob i.e Noob of Noobs who has gained a fair degree of coverage before he has even started. Now, call me a pain in the butt, but.... when our last Messiah started there was an enormous amount of ecstatic bloggage (like roughage but less weight loss) and I, who knew nothing of our previous CEO's past kept fairly quiet, for once.

The point is, as has been commented before in these pages, that the bean counters rather than the CEO may be in charge.

...and the second Big News is 42 Groups... now, much has been made of the Douglas Adamine correlation, but what about Level 42? is a bit of a tidbit to keep you you would be stupid to hold your breath waiting for mesh....

Mesh... how soon??... well...

Nyx Linden (nyx.linden): we're not at a point where we can publicly offer a rough eta. [that's ETA, not eta the terrorist group.]

..and pressed further.... "what is still to be completed?"

Nyx Linden (nyx.linden): we're fairly good technically, but we need more work on import UI, stability, bugfixing, and tweaks and implementation for cost functions (render, streaming, physics, and upload) time soon then.

Never mind...we will manage fine with prims in the meantime....

So, as Sarah Palin continues to make her bid for the world's stupidest woman, and I continue hatching out a new idea for my sim.....

Nothing Much is going on...



  1. and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

  2. It's been tough running for her ever since Snooki appeared on the scene, but yesterday's speech was a bold move to retake the lead...

  3. w00t! +10 to Wizzy for cultural reference!

  4. ah...such cultured readers...wonderful.

  5. Heh Heh... great story for you Wizzy.
    Many years ago a very, very old man was seen at Franco's tomb spilling a few drops of a liquid from a tiny glass vial there..... When asked about his act he reportedly smiled and said, "I told him I'd piss on his grave".

    I hope you guys never put me in neither Snooki or ms Sarahs group (even in # 42)