Thursday, 27 January 2011

Marketplace and the Fiddlers...

You know how small children are? They just fiddle and fiddle and pick until it's broke....:))

Well, for those of you that sell stuff on Marketplace, something which I did try for a short period of time (during which I sold nothing and couldn't even find my own stuff in Search)... there's been a few changes... changes, as News From The Loft says, means...."“We have broken your shit. Again.”"

Now, apparently, "Your listings have been automatically updated with new maturity ratings, based on keywords and other algorithms." This actually means that stuff that was properly classified before as Adult, Mature, PG......are now all reclassified by a computer without a brain, an algorithm without a pulse. you have nothing better to do with your time....please go through your listings and mend the stuff we just broke..

...oh and don't use the word loli or lolita as it means an immediate delisting...

Have a nice day.

...and the Office Hours with Meta Linden and Brooke Linden went so well...well, that went well for a start. They hope to hold one next week too, at least Brooke wants too and then regularly every month. Which is better than nothing.

There are still big probs with non-delivery of goods and an 8 hour wait til customers get re-imbursed, and Search is still crap...and they are still advertising Christmas on the homepage...

Still... it is still winter, for some, tho my local RL stores are advertising Spring wear by now.

But, it is a start. There is no point in saying that all this crap should have been sorted out months ago, because it wasn't....but...this stuff should have been sorted out months ago. rants of November 2009 and here.....concerning XL(crap)Street were the last time I wrote about Marketplace, as, for me the place doesn't exist..........I never go, and have no interest in it either.

Altho hanging around Malls waiting for stuff to rezz is a is part of SL, and buying stuff off a dodgy website is second best from my point of view.... but obviously some people love it.

So, lets hope it all gets put right... the meantime fix your stuff...



  1. Yup... I really have no idea how to access Xstreet, or Market Place, or whatever it's called now. I guess ya just Google it.
    Actually there's nothing I want/need to buy if I can't find it in world.
    Search hasn't worked since 1.23.5 was the latest greatest LL viewer... I'm usually down to IMing friends and asking where to go. (Unless I just have and abundance of time.)