Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Well, dear reader, in the quest to bring you all the latest in Metaverse news I have subjected myself to the ugliness that is Noob dom.

This is me in my full ugliness within minutes of arriving in Inworldz.

I had to do things with code...lol....quite a strange, but fairly simple (it would have to be, for me to manage it) procedure got me in and, amazingly enough, it all worked fine.

Now, within a fairly short period of time, inbetween lots of chatting, I got my self looking somewhat like me. Phew... just need to fix the hair and I'll be OK.

Now, you may be asking yourself...why??

Well, Scotsgraymouser Janus is a lady I admire a lot as a builder and friend and she has moved here, selling up her worldly goods in SL to move.
She, and you, can then get 35000 prims to play with on your own island for the low fee of 75US$ per month with no set-up fees and free uploads.
Whats not to like?

I went over because there are no tree builders there yet, and I wanted to see how stable it was. Well, having been severely disappointed with OpenLife, where bits of the terrain kept disappearing, frequently, I was fearing the worst. However, it was very stable and within the hour I had done stuff with my looks, uploaded tons of tex and built my mushrooms...not bad hey...seems very stable.
Also, because its still small, I got immediate help with technical support from the boss and was amazed that I was suddenly a valued customer (potential).

The 50L$ I was given is the first free money I have been given for ages..

Maybe worth checking out...lol...what I could do with 35000 prims...jeeez,...


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