Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First day at work for Noob of Noobs.

Yep, letters to the Boss are trending in the bloggosphere (not Springsteen...).... so mine follows...

Dear Rod,

Do it properly.

soror XXX

Ok...got that off my chest, more than enough has been said, especially by the lippy duo Toxic and Phaylen in their recent podcast which I couldn't stop listening to...tho they yakked on for an hour and twenty minutes...it was fantastic. Not exactly sure why, it just was. If you haven't taken time out to do so yet ...it's here.

Toxic is seriously considering doing another one or two, hopefully with Phaylen...(I am a fangirl), which I think would be great.

The thing is that nothing they are saying is really revolutionary but they are saying what everyone is thinking, they are spokespersons without being elected...v cool. I don't think there was one thing they said I wouldn't agree with, well...more or less. I do like disagreeing normally.

Anyway....whether or not any of this stuff happens only time will tell. ...but.... disappoint us all a Second Time and all hell will break loose I think.

Reported improvements in sim crossings... here... which I can neither verify or refute as I have no sim to cross currently.....

The servers in SL are still complaining, to me, at least ... stuff like...."oooo..that's too difficult...I'm getting a headache from that texture"...geez...... grow up servers!!

...but I can report that the latest V2.5 has not converted anyone I know...

Danielvoyager is doing a poll here... it looks like we all have 3 to 5 months before Viewer 1.XX dies and we all move to Iwz permanently..... or convert!!

Well, maybe Imprudence or Phoenix will have a suitable 2.XX viewer to match Kirstens by then.

Anyway....gonna forage in my cupboards....for life forms, or ex-life forms.