Wednesday, 2 February 2011


You know what it's like, that tricky old hand-eye-mouse co-ordination ....a bit of cerebral lag, and, before you know it you've deleted your floor, you plummet 600 meters to land spread eagled and grovelling on the floor of your own shop infront of some cool dude. You pick yourself up and fly back up to the platform to rebuild the chaos you created.

I've even done worse, returning thousands of prims to myself... doh!!

So, it's slightly worse if you are one of the Boys. Many people logged on today to find a whole bunch of megas had been deleted, shop walls, sky platform floors and a bunch of other stuff... had the Boys finally decided to get rid of Megas? Tateru, who may yet be proved right, certainly thought that the time was in....(here)... but, seemingly, it was a case of a visit from Mr. Cock-up Linden.

You can get the full (ish) blog panic here, apparently some black listed stuff had missed being deleted on an earlier purge and finally got it's eradication...but... according to Latif Khalita on the forum....

"So the story so far: someone at Linden Lab pressed the wrong button and deleted all prims where creator was Crowley Avro. Turns out that avatar created some of the most useful megaprims, like 50x50x1, and a lot of others x y with z of 1m.

All prims of said avatar that happen to be in world 1 hour ago got deleted. They were blacklisted from inventories and not able to rez. Linden Lab must've realized what huge mistake this was, and stopped blacklisting.

Unfortunately, this does not help many many builds that got destroyed by this." need to panic, yet... any ban on megas would be a gift to InWorldz anyway as there are already, in my mind a whole class of buildings which I call NPISL, Not Possible In Second Life, ...stuff I can build in Iwz but not in SL.

Don't expect any of the Boys to turn round and say.."Whoops, sorry, my bad" that only happens on smaller grids and in better run companies.

Good News, however, just breaking...a Tweet from our Most Famous Noob, the toga-clad Boss.. "Our customers often make the very best colleagues. Please check out the listings if you are interested!"...they are hiring at the Lab. Obviously not in Europe as all those offices have been closed as it isn't possible to work efficiently in more than one country at a time...... full list of

Now, IF this is the first visible sign of Rodvik's influence then I am very positively impressed. It seems that all the poor Boys left after The Big Purge were all working their little fingers to the bone, so, more staff has to be a good would think.

Better customer service, an improved viewer, more bug could be rosy.....or it may just be my medication, of course.

For the more technical geeks amongst us, it seems like Quicktime is on its way out... more here ... to be replaced by HTML5, seen generally, by those that know, as an improvement.

...and on a personal note to my readers who are being bombarded by the Weather Gods... keep safe/warm... XXXX



  1. Jeezzus christ! You are kidding??? no?? lol =))

  2. I hope that Teh Boyz have been following my blog and are ready for some PROFESSIONAL marketing help. I can see that they need it -_-

  3. Heh's the meds soror =^..^=

  4. if you lost your skybox floor, you can request a roll back. implies that the banned objects aren't permabanned.

  5. [14:48] Izzy (izzy.linden): Megaprim Objects

    We are aware that some megaprims were removed from the grid which have affected builds that contained the megaprims. While mega prims are not supported, we understand their value in builds. The issue has been resolved and the object can be re-rezzed from your inventories at this time.

  6. thats as near as you get to "my bad".