Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An Email Leak..

I had these meeting notes leaked to me by an employee and have no reason to doubt their veracity.....

LordOf Linden.. Welcome to this Monday’s Monetizing Meeting. Now I want some blue-sky out-of-the-box run-it-up-the-flagpole suck-the-suckers-dry thinking. Where can we get some more cash?

Yes Linden.. Yes Lord.

Cockup Linden.. Well, sir, it strikes me that the not-for-profits and educational discounts are a potential source of increased monetization.

LordOf Linden.. Excellent, bloody whining little Scroungers. We give them this huge discount, and what have the Scroungers ever done for us?

Sane Linden.. Well, they have provided us with more Credibility than any other user group.

LordOf Linden. Apart from Credibility what have the Scroungers ever done for us though?

Sane Linden.. They have introduced new users to SL who would not have come on the grid without them.

LordOf Linden.. Well, apart from Credibility and New Users, what have the Scroungers ever done for us?

Sane Linden.. They have sponsored the arts and some different Events.

LordOf Linden.. OK, so...apart from Credibility, New Users and Sponsorship... what have the Whining Scroungers ever done for us?

Sane Linden.. They are already paying about 1000% more than OpenSim would cost them.

LordOf Linden.. So.. apart from Credibility, New Users, Sponsorship, and Overpaying... (glares at Sane) what have the Whining Little Scroungers ever done for us?

Sane Linden.. They have provided unusual content that we wouldn’t have had otherwise... and they have provided entry level education, along with positive RL press.

CockUp Linden, Yeh, but apart from Credibility, New Users, Sponsorship, Overpaying, Content, Education and PR, what have they done for us...NOTHING.

Yes Linden.. Well, Lord, speaking for all the others....We agree.

LordOf Linden. Of course you do. So, that’s agreed then.

Sane Linden.. We might get some negative response to this move, Sir.

LordOf Linden.. Hmm...You are the PR vet, Fkem, what do you say?

FKem Linden. Lord, we could get FriendlyGreetings Linden to do a video.

LordOf Linden.. Excellent.
Oh, and Sane.. you’re fired. We don’t want that sort of Communistic, Revolutionistic, Gay, Liberalistic nonsense here at the Lab.

Time for lunch I think... good work.

The meeting was adjourned.



  1. this is just some more whiney jingoistic commie pinko fag anti-Linden propaganda from SL's most notorious source for such muck. keep it up!

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  3. (corrected spelling)
    I thought after all the surprises from LL they can't disappoint us any further...
    I thought they have done all they could to harm the art community and educators...
    I thought they've noticed how the content creators started moving out of SL...
    I thought they would finally do something right...
    I thought they listen to us, customers...
    I thought they cared that we cared...
    I thought trying to help was worth my time and effort.

    Then they announce this and show me that I was so wrong, about everything. I am tired of being wrong. I guess it is time to move on.

  4. HAHAHAHa - the LLs are SUCH a source of inspiration for you! what would you do without them??

  5. Yeah, all of us edu's and NPO's are so much more important and valuable than every other SL user we should get to pay half as much as they do! We're special! We're better! We're entitled! Wait, why should we have to pay anything at all? LL should pay us to be here!

    How dare LL take away our discount and make us pay exactly what everyone else does for the same services. That's not fair! How dare they tell us we are exactly as valuable as all their other customers! No more and no less.

    Give me a break, you whiny, self-important, elitists.

  6. *sappy indulgent smile*
    "I'm not a witch... I'm you!"

    Usually I would put a snarky (thx Wiz!)satirical comment here, but not only has Soror done and excellent job, but LL's own moves say more than I ever could.

    ps - now I know Soror is a Monty Python fan :D

  7. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

    Wonder what it is that will be equal and opposite reaction to Linden Lab price-gouging the educational community?