Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Second Inventory

Now sculpties don't import/export well with the TPV and Mac... so I got SI, Second Inventory.

Well, after 4 or 5 hours I have had some partial success.

There are a number of things I should have known... like tho it says you need the multiple avatar version, you actually don't...and that Marketplace doesn't work.. ..

..but all in all, after 6 hours...I have 20 items which have copied well, 20 items half well...(SL messing with my textures) and about 20 that it says I didn't would say it's been a time saver so far...

I need to take some scripts (that I didn't write) out of stuff, and delete the odd mega to get some other things in. I would imagine I'll import 50 items into InWorldz, and maybe 10 things from Iwz into SL before I'm through with it.

It is fairly idiot proof, and easy to use...tho there's a little bit more to it than I have yet mastered, I'd say it doesn't take long to get into it...

I've backed up quite a few things from SL and tomorrow I'm gonna check out how it all 'restores'...

more tomorrow...



  1. oh the best part is that when you are logged into SL with Second Inventory, you are this weird looking male ruthy, and it's loads of fun for friends to poke you while you can't see them. hehe.

  2. Soror: the "Multiple Avatars" version, from what was explained to me by them, is that I can back up my SL avatar's inventory by my avatar key (we all know what that is). I can restore that inventory in Inworldz, but I canNOT copy my Inworldz "Miso Susanowa" work because my avatar key in IW is different from my avatar key in SL. See? So yes, if you are crossworlding, you need the Multiple Avatars version (which I upgraded to).

    A bonus also is it is a grid-hopping measure, and multiple avatars (even with the same name, because they have different keys) can be backed up from any practicing grid (even a portable one like Pathfinder's).

  3. oh, good, Miso, well...I will see tomorrow how well it has all gone...
    Wizzy... I hope you behave...