Friday, 15 October 2010

Second Inventory, exporting to InWorldz... and back..

So...these are some of the results of my two evenings work with Second Inventory, working on an old PC, importing from IWz and from Second Life.

The two trees above I removed the textures from as it wasn't working with the textures on them, and I removed the scripts with Phoenix (which has remove scripts as a very neat builders tool) and they came thro fine. The retexturing will be quite an easy process compared to aligning all those prims. These are quite the most complicated trees I moved.

This is the Candy Tree which I built IWz and imported into SL. Two or three of the sculptie maps didn't load, so there's a little work to do there, but not bad...

Like a lot of the simpler things the coconuts got thro to Iwz in perfect shape... did the newly retextured Daphne's demise, which I retextured with my latest textures at Maeve's prodding.

On this one the linking didnt work, but the prims and textures are all there....this will be a pain to fix, but probably still a lot faster than rebuilding from scratch.

Perfect pine trees for IWz just in time for Jeri's Christmas Bazaar

...and, although I have dropped the bark texture the very popular Oak has made it thro to IWz too.

The 67th, here as a bonsai did well, the grass being one prim that screwed up..

At first glance but the placement is there...

...and another....

Well, that's not the lot, because a few more trees and flowers were a success, and a few didnt load even, so failed. I did get the repeated message that the asset server hadnt responded in time, so it may well have been SL playing up...who knows. I would say, however that overall its been fairly fast, easy, fun.... but only about 60 to 70% success...which I am happy about anyway....

That's an enormous time saving for about 10 hours work, but not perfect if you are fussy...


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