Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Slumming it.

Well, RL house sitting, this time in a huge mansion (from 1866) out in the country, used to be a vicarage, god those priests have a good life). [Must start my own religion sometime...best way of getting filthy rich v quick]. The owners are worried because of the scaffolding...so I'm gonna scare bandits away:))

..so, what do you do in a huge place like this?...I just spent far too long in a huge bath with expensive smellies, drinking white wine spritzer with dance music pumping out.. sounds like a good start to the evening...

The house computer stinks tho, an old Dell with not much in the way of a graphix card, and no sound, which is a shame because I had planned to go see Noam Chomsky at Metanomics, still, you can't have everything, I guess.

I'm sitting in the library with a chandelier, oak bookcases, Dell Boy and one of those old globes housing Jack Daniels and Capt. Morgan etc....

Now, if I had been on Max, my own computer, I would have bought you some photos of UTSA show which I went to last night. Luckily I had seen Igors stuff before the opening, my draw distance last night was a joke, reminded me of the old days (3 years) when I lived my SL v short-sighted.

...anyway.. in other news...Wizzy is now taking bets on how long it will take for her ticket to get a reply from the Boys. She used the Awful Viewer and lost her clothes... fast easy fun, if you are in the right company, I guess...What is the great lie on the opening page...'Viewer 2.2 will not replace ..bla, bla' .. just bugger your invent..

...and as I'm on a PC I'm gonna try Second Inventory to see if it works, or rather, if I can work it... seems no one believes that SL is not for sale even tho God Linden assures us it isn't... will report back tomorrow...ish...

Also intend going to Blue Mars to see how crap it is, but might not get round to it. I actually hate Blue Mars although I have never been there, just because it won't support Mac users, and, as I have said before, 38% of my readers are on a Mac. ...so F them (Blue Mars, not my readers..XXX).

Ah well, pretty mushed up post, but that's life...


  1. are those holes i see in the roof?

  2. OMG Wizzy - I am so sorry about your clothes! Same thing happened to Aino. Don't hope for much from the LLs - they have mislaid stuff from my inventory and dont respond to tickets about it. Customer service????

  3. Soror, Second Inventory has worked well for me, but beware: a lot of my oldest stuff (things before the Great Asset Server Borks of last Dec/Jan) have been re-marked "creator unknown" on things I know I made (sculpties, textures) so check the perms if SI refuses to backup.

  4. @ wizzy...yep, new roof being fitted..

    @Aliz, well Wizzy will no doubt report back..

    @ Miso...I will report back..

  5. HA! I used to quip that, had I a million, I'd head for Bora Bora and form a church there. Best BEST way to get richer, once you are modestly rich. Damn, forgot to do that...